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What I'd Save If My Home Was On Fire

I've been wanting to put this post together since Christmas when I first discovered a blog and book called The Burning House by Foster Huntington. Both the blog and the book are made up of photos of the items people from all over the world would rescue from their homes in the event of a fire. 

I was immediately fascinated by the blog, and found myself ordering the book soon after discovering it as I've always been fascinated by other people's possessions; seeing the little things which mean something to someone, and make them who they are. I don't know why; I just am. I guess I'm just naturally curious.

It got me thinking about what I would try to grab if my house was on fire, and I've finally managed to document the answers.

Accessorize travel bag.
Ankle boots in black and purple.
Polka dot scarf.
Bird print maxi dress.
Cropped military jacket.
A cloth bound copy of The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
Family photos.
Memory box (mementos).
Inglot eyeshadow palette.
Warehouse metallic quilted chain bag.
Blackberry and iPod touch.
Striped River Island satchel.
Signed Boyzone programme from 2009.
Flamingo locket.
Giraffe necklace.
Frog prince ring.
The Tree of Seasons by Stephen Gately (1st edition).

I would most likely grab my laptop first, not because I care about a gadget, but because most of my music collection, and most of my photos from the last decade are stored in it. I would stand no chance of saving my entire music collection and all my printed photos before being engulfed in flames, but the laptop would save a lot of precious memories with little effort.

I usually have my phone and iPod to hand, and find it hard to function without either, so I'd probably take them both, too. I'd at least hope to grab my phone so I could phone for help.

I'd try to retrieve my memory box, which is filled with about seventeen years worth of mementos. It holds almost every personal letter I've ever been given; cards; postcards; ticket stubs from concerts, musicals, movies, and attractions; a few photos, a couple of things from my older sister's hen night; and lots of other sentimental keepsakes. I'd be sad to lose it all.

Grabbing photos would definitely be a priority in the event of a fire, but a major hurdle is that we have so many, and they're scattered around the house. I would try to rescue as many as possible, but especially my parents wedding albums, childhood photos, photos from my sister's wedding, and ones of our pets. The photos we don't have backed up on digital files. Please excuse the blurred shot; I did this to respect the privacy of my family and friends.

I would definitely grab my framed Boyzone tour programme, signed by all five members of Boyzone (two autographs are on the inside) in 2009. It means a lot to me, and could never be replaced; especially as one of the members of the band died a few months later. I have other signed BZ memorabilia, but this has the most sentimental value.

The book is a first edition, and as a big Boyzone geek, has quite a lot of emotional value. It's so beautifully written, too.

The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is my favourite book, and my sister bought me this beautiful cloth bound edition. I would be sad to lose it.

I would try to grab some of my medication. I'm on five or six different medications at the moment for my back injuries, and after suffering withdrawal symptoms last year from a doctor's negligence, I never want to risk going through that again. I've never been so ill in my life. I'd at least grab the Tramadol (the green box), which was the culprit last time.

From the Wardrobe

These are three bags I really love. My Accessorize travel bag, my River Island striped satchel, and my Warehouse quilted chain bag. I'd be lost without them. The satchel is my favourite bag. I'd also hope to grab my current handbag full of life's necessities.

I'd be devastated to be without my ankle boots, especially the purple pair. These are the best boots I've ever owned; they're so cute and comfortable.

These are my favourite pieces of jewellery, which I'd be upset to lose. They're all perfect; they're so quirky and exactly my style. The flamingo locket would be near impossible to replace, and I'm emotionally attached to all three.

My favourite polka dot scarf, cropped military jacket, and bird print maxi dress. I would be lost without them, and especially distraught to lose my favourite jacket and dress.

And here's a few other garments I'd want to save, that I couldn't fit in to the original photo...

I'd want to save half the clothes in my wardrobe, including my favourite dresses, my hummingbird print skirt, cobalt blue cardigan, and a couple of other cardigans, as shown above. They may not have the same value as say photographs, and sentimental mementos, but my favourite clothes still mean a lot to me. My beautiful dress collection is one of my most favourite things, and my clothes have helped me so much with my self-confidence, and as a painkiller of sorts. I'm sure all you fashion bloggers will understand what I'm trying to say, and why I value my wardrobe so much.

And finally, I doubt I'd risk my life to save a make up palette, but I would be sad to lose my colourful Inglot eye shadow palette. This set which I customised, is some of the best make up I've ever used. I'd certainly bend over backwards to replace it if it was lost to a fire.

I didn't think of it at the time, but I'd hope to save my passport, and birth certificates, and some of my old notebooks, too.

I know I'd have absolutely no chance of saving all of this if my home was really on fire, and I wouldn't risk my life to save it all, but I would grab as much as I could. In reality, I'd be more concerned about the lives of myself and my family, and making sure we all get out alive. Either way, I'd be saddened to lose any of these possessions.

You can check out the blog for The Burning House here, and find the book on Amazon here. Check them out!
What would you save if your home was on fire?



  1. The book sounds fascinating ! I like to have a nosey at other people's choices xx

    1. I find it really fascinating. I think you'd enjoy it. It's like hundreds of What's in my Bag? posts all in one big book! xx

  2. That Inglot palette looks amazing! x x

    1. Leah, it really is! It's the best make up I have ever owned. You buy the palettes separately and then fill them with the colours you like- and they have the biggest range of colours you've ever seen. Check them out! xx

    2. I will do! Ooh, choices! :) x x


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