Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sunday Favourites #349

Hi guys,

I'm sorry it's been another quiet week on the blog; I've been full of cold all week, and have spent most of it curled up under my blanket like a burrito with a box of Kleenex. I've been feeling like death, so I just haven't had the energy or brain power to write anything- and believe me, I've tried. My brain fog has been so bad this week, you'd think I'd forgotten the English language! Hopefully in a day or two I'll have kicked this cold and my brain fog will have lifted, so I'll be able to blog more this week. I'm feeling hopeful, so let's hope for the best and kick things off with this week's Sunday Favourites. 

I love this colourful Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' sign from Truffle Shuffle.

These DIY bat felt ball drink stirrers by A Kailo Chic Life are so darn cute.

I need this amazing Moomin book cross body bag from House of Disaster! I loved the Moomins cartoons when I was growing up.

I rarely seem to get my eyeliner even on both eyelids, so this uneven eyeliner acceptance club patch by Krystan Saint Cat is right up my street. Anyone with me?

These DIY mid-century geometric pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life are so pretty. Who says pumpkins have to look creepy for Halloween?

If you're not a fan of carving pumpkins in to Jack o' lanterns, how about having a go at these awesome DIY no-carve cactus pumpkins from Aww Sam?

This t-rex planter from Truffle Shuffle is so tacky and I love it.

I've never painted a pumpkin before, but I really want to have a go at creating some colourful abstract designs like these abstract pumpkins from Oh Joy.

I'm loving The Salty Canary's home office desk makeover. This space would sure inspire me to get to work.

Studio DIY's croissant clutch is too cute!

This punch needle rainbow is so pretty, and you can even learn to make one at Fall For DIY's workshop next Sunday in London. (More info via the link).

I love this sea of colourful DIY rainbow pumpkins from The House That Lars Built. I'd definitely recreate it if I had the budget, and so much space by my front door.

I wish I knew how to use a sewing machine because this festive bat dress DIY from A Beautiful Mess is amazing.

These DIY monstera leaf pumpkins from Sarah Hearts would sure brighten up your home for Autumn.

A Kailo Chic Life's Halloween mantle has got to be the prettiest Halloween mantle I've ever seen.

How cute are these DIY mini playhouse pumpkins from A Beautiful Mess? They're so creative!

And Heidi Annalise's Altoid tin art is incredibly beautiful.

Lovely Links

♥ A woman has to explain menstruation to a middle-aged married man when he wouldn't let her go to the bathroom when she got caught out during her period. He thought women could just turn their periods 'off', and believed tampons and pads were 'sex toys'. I have no words.

♥ Jasmin Charlotte's latest embroidery creations are all so beautiful. I wish I had her skills.

♥ Aycan from Little White Socks shared her unrealistic 30 before 30 list, and her goals are so inspiring.

♥ It was interesting to read how Megan from Lazy Thoughts promotes her blog posts. I know I don't promote mine enough, but I've never been good at self-promotion.

♥ Kaylah's photos from Hug Point on the Oregon coast are breath-taking. I'd love to visit it one day.

♥ Char from T Rexes and Tiaras has launched her annual bloggers secret Santa, and if you'd like to take part, you have until the 8th of November to sign up. Head on over for more information!

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Any favourites this week?

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wednesday Wish List

Here are some of the fashion and beauty pieces I've been coveting this week...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17

Erstwilder released another Fan Favourites collection on Tuesday morning, with sixteen classic brooches and a necklace from past collections redesigned in brand new colours and textures, and you'd better believe I'm going crazy for them. I can't afford to buy any this time, but I'd particularly love to get my hands on the toadstools, fox, sugar glider, rainbow lorikeet, and chameleon. 

I've linked to my favourite UK stockist, but you can also find the collection on Erstwilder's website, and from their stockists around the world, which you'll find a list of here.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Acrylic jewellery brand Little Moose have created an armadillo collection, and OMG I'm obsessed! I mean, seriously, look at these amazing designs! Armadillos are one of my favourite animals, and this collection is .perfect. Oh so perfect. I'm definitely going to be needing the brooch in my life, and I'd love to own the statement necklace- if only it wasn't way out of my budget. Gah, I love it when unusual animals inspire jewellery collections.

Skinny Dip Mystic Narwhal Phone Case

Speaking of cute unusual animals, this narwhal iPhone case from Skinny Dip is utterly adorable.

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

After weeks of searching, I've finally found an image of this year's Ciaté nail polish Advent calendar, and I'm in love with what I see; the nail shades look amazing. I actually treated myself to the OPI Advent calendar on the weekend, as I preferred the nail colours, and thought some of Ciaté's looked too similar to the ones in last year's calendar (which I still have), but I admit I'm still tempted to snap this calendar up, too. I might treat myself to it nearer Christmas if I've got enough left over after I've finished my Christmas shopping or if I make enough from taking surveys, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. 

The calendar hasn't been released yet but it's coming very soon, and should be available from Ciaté, ASOS, Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, Sephora, and all the usual places. It features twenty mini paint pots, one full sized paint pot, a mini nail treatment, mini nail top coat, and a set of nail transfers. 

I love the sound of The Body Shop's new Peppermint Candy Cane collection, which is a brand new collection for Christmas 2018. I haven't sampled it yet, but I'm imagining that it has a strong, sweet smell of real candy canes, and would be perfect for the festive season. I'm tempted to treat myself to this set to enjoy over Christmas so I can smell like a candy cane  through 'til the new year.

1 // 2

I can never resist a good tartan print, and this tartan dress and skirt from Collectif are both stunning. I'd wear them to death all autumn and winter, and right through 'til spring.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I Love Crafty have created the cutest range of Mickey-Mouse-style jewellery in the shape of pumpkins for Halloween, and the designs are adorable. They'd be perfect for any Disney fan, especially if you're spending Halloween at Disney World / Land.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

And I'm smitten with Micheline Pitt's selection of Halloween-themed dresses and skirts, which cater to sizes XS to 4X. The designs are all fantastic, and are ideal for embracing the Halloween spirit without donning a costume.

If you'd like to see more of the fashion and beauty pieces on my wish list, check out my style and beauty wish list boards on Pinterest. You can also find all previous Wednesday Wish List posts here.

Any favourites this week?

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sunday Favourites #348

Hey guys,

I'm sorry it's been so quiet on the blog lately. I've been having a particularly bad patch with my heart over the last couple of weeks, and it got so bad I ended up in A&E again on Wednesday night with horrible chest pain, and tachycardia. Long story. I'm going to explain more about it in a couple of days with a proper health update, but don't worry, I'm feeling a lot better than I was. (At least for now). Well, apart from the sore throat, cold, and blinding headache I've now inherited. I've not had a cold in ages, so I'm guessing I picked it up while I was at the hospital. Hopefully it won't hang around long; sore throats are the worst.

Anyway, I've managed to put together a Sunday Favourites post for you, so let's move on to what you're here for...

These shark girl gang pins from Krystan Saint Cat are bizarre but also utterly amazing.

Make up artist Annie Thomas of Creative Cliche uses her make up skills to transform herself in to cartoon characters, and the results are incredible. She has some fantastic Halloween looks on her Instagram right now, too.

Club Crafted can show you how to make this ingenious DIY interchangeable letterbox costume for Halloween.

I love these fun DIY 90's patterned pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life.

These DIY happy pumpkins from The Crafted Life are so simple but oh so cute!

This DIY eye patterned wall art from Maritza Lisa would make a fun statement on any wall.

Kate from Scathingly Brilliant showed us how to make this DIY embroidered vote sweater, and now I really want to give her tutorial a try (just maybe with a different word / phrase).

I love this pretty pastel rose pin from Krystan Saint Cat.

I love the look of Oh Joy's corner gallery wall. Head on over if you want some tips on how to style one.

This DIY rainbow spider web wreath by A Kailo Chic Life is a great alternative to all the black, purple, and orange Halloween decorations that are everywhere this time of year.

I need some of The Crafted Life's DIY rainbow poster hangers in my life. They'd be perfect for displaying the art prints I still haven't got framed.

This DIY paper table runner from Oh Joy would be the perfect way to brighten up your table decor for Autumn.

I love a good 'Bookstagram' account, and book-lover Elizabeth Sagan has one of the most beautiful book accounts on Instagram. Her photos are so creative! They must take hours to put together.

Lovely Links

♥ Rebecca from Of Roses shared 7 money lessons she learnt as an ex-emotional shopper. It's well worth a read if your emotions feed your shopping habit. 

♥ Amie from The Curvaceous Vegan explained why kindness is everything in life, and I have to agree. Being an asshole to people gets you nowhere.

♥ Erica from Being Erica shared five reasons to take a day trip to Coney Island, and she makes it sound so amazing, I want to visit it more than ever!

♥ If you're looking for Halloween beauty inspiration, The Curvy Fashionista compiled ten plus size Halloween beauty tutorials to inspire you this October.

♥ Jemma from Dorkface gave us a peek at this year's Latest in Beauty Advent calendar and it looks amazing.

♥ Sarah of From Sarah Lex shared her 13 favourite shops for dog accessories, and the shops are so good, I now want to buy Rosie all the bandannas and dog toys on the Internet.

♥ Char from T Rexes and Tiaras recently took a trip to Paris, and her photos from Notre Dame are so beautiful. I've always wanted to see it for myself. Maybe one day...

If you'd like to see more like this, check out my Pinterest and Tumblr. You can also find all previous Sunday Favourites posts here.

Any favourites this week?

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday Wish List

Here are a few things I've been lusting after this week...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Acrylic jewellery brand La Vidriola have the most amazing collection of statement Halloween jewellery this year, and these are just a handful of my favourites. I'm particularly loving all the pumpkin / Jack o' lantern designs. There are another thirty pieces to choose from, and you can find the entire collection here.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Tatty Devine also have a fantastic Halloween collection this year, including acrylic necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings in festive Halloween designs. My favourite has got to be the amazing statement bat necklace (#9)!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I'm also loving Sugar and Vice's new Halloween collection, which features acrylic brooches and necklaces inspired by classic horror movies. They're perfect for any horror movie fan with a love of quirky jewellery, and anybody who wants to get in to the Halloween spirit without dressing up in a costume.

I don't need any more eyeshadow palettes as my dressing table is overflowing with them, but Ciaté's new Glitter Storm eyeshadow palette looks absolutely dreamy. Perhaps I could fit in one more?

Beauty Advent calendars are already filling the shops, and I love the look of this year's offering from OPI, which is designed around the upcoming Disney movie 'The Nutcracker'. It features twenty five mini OPI nail polishes, including twelve new shades from The Nutcracker collection, and thirteen OPI classics, and looks like it's filled with pretty shades. I like to buy a beauty Advent calendar every year, and I'm very tempted to treat myself to it. I'm just waiting to see what's inside this year's Ciaté nail polish calendar, so I can see which of the two has the best shades before I decide. I haven't been able to find a preview image of it anywhere, so they're keeping it very hush hush this year, which is unusual for them, but I'm told it's being released very soon 

The OPI calendar retails for £59.95, but I've managed to find it for £47.95 from Candy Shop Cosmetics here.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

And I love these beautiful dresses and skirts from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, especially the black Frenchie swing dress (#5)- it's so gorgeous! These pieces all cater to sizes XS to 4X.

If you'd like to see more of the fashion and beauty pieces on my wish list this week, check out my wish list boards on Pinterest. You can also find all previous Wednesday Wish List posts here.

Any favourites this week?
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