Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener Review

It's no secret that I'm ever so slightly addicted to polka dots, but lately I've taken my love of all things spotted and dotted to a whole new level.

I recently adopted a pair of polka dot hair straighteners! 

Yes, hair straighteners, of all things! Black and white polka dot hair straighteners with a pretty floral print to boot. They are without a doubt the prettiest straighteners I've ever laid eyes on. 

I came across the Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener on ASDA Direct when my old straighteners stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I needed a replacement but I only had a small budget, and naturally the polka dots drew me in like a moth to a flame. 

As a hair-styling appliance they sounded very basic, but with enough features to do the job they were intended for. That's all I needed. Better still, they were just £15, but with an original RRP of £49.99!

I can't afford expensive tools like GHDs; instead I'll usually look for something which was originally moderately expensive but on promotion for much less, in the hope of getting the best quality gadget for my money. I've always used Babyliss straighteners but the pretty design urged me to give a new brand a try.

So, the Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener is a beautiful-looking gizmo with the floral polka dot print covering the full length and sides of the straighteners. It's light-weight but sturdy, and about average in size for a full-sized straightener. It features two ceramic-coated plates, which are designed to offer a smooth glide and even heat-distribution over the hair, which they do, and I've found that they can easily straighten a couple of inches (in width) of hair at a time.

The plates heat up to a scorching 210'C within 30 seconds, although the temperature cannot be adjusted, which is unusual for straighteners these days. I've never bothered changing heat settings with any of my previous straighteners, so for me, one temperature isn't an issue. 210'C is super hot (I can confirm this because I burnt my neck on it last week- it hurt, A LOT!), and it ensures hair is straightened quickly in just one or two swipes of the plates. It leaves me with perfectly straightened, shiny looking hair every time with very little effort, and that's basically all I ask.

This straightener has been given 1.8m of cord, which provides some freedom to move about with it. It also features a swivel cord, which is not only kinder to the wiring but it makes it ideal for anybody who wants to use the straightener to curl their hair as well as straighten it. 

The straighteners come with a glossy hot-pink heat-proof case, which isn't anything special, but because it's heat proof, the straighteners can be stored inside as soon as you've finished using them- yes, even when they're still hot! I think this case will come in really handy when you're in a rush to pack a bag or leave the house. There's also enough room left over inside to fit a few hair-styling clips, which I like to do for convenience. 

Also included in the set is a small make up bag in the same vintage polka dot design as the straighteners. It's made from cheap materials (PVC?), but it's very cute, and fully functioning.

There was also a nasty, cheap cream corsage in the box, but it was so cheaply made that I threw it straight in the bin. It would've been a nice addition had it been on decent quality, and I don't quite understand why anybody would have included such a tacky accessory to an otherwise lovely set. I don't think anybody would want to wear it and it really cheapens the look of the set.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this Remington hair straightener, and I think it's excellent value for money. I'm not sure I would have parted with £50 for it, but  for £15 I'm one happy, satisfied customer. It straightens my hair beautifully and that's all I ever ask.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to be available with ASDA online at the moment, but it is available on Amazon here for just £21.95, which is still a great bargain.

Have you got a pair of Remington polka dot hair straighteners?

Which hair straighteners do you swear by?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 1 September 2014

My 10 Favourite Body Shop Beauty Products Part 2

Hey lovelies,

I hope you're all having a great day so far.

Last Monday I talked about five of my favourite Body Shop beauty products, and because I love the Body Shop just that much, I'm going to share another five of my favourites today. I've been using all of today's picks for years, some for over a decade, and I thought it was time I started sharing more of my established favourites alongside the new products I review for you.

So, in no particular order, here are five of my most used beauty products...

Vitamin E moisture cream

I've been using the Vitamin E moisture cream daily ever since my best friend introduced me to it about a decade ago. I was so impressed with the results the moisture cream gave that I continued to use it once that first pot was used up- and I just never stopped. I saw no reason to move on to another; it's the best face cream I've ever used! 

This moisturiser is light and non-greasy, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and super soft, and looking bright and healthy not just after every use but for days afterwards. The more I use it, the better my skin looks. You only need to use a little at a time, so this light pink lotion goes a long way. At £11 for a 50ml pot it's a little pricey, but I have been known to get six months use from one pot, so it's actually a smart little buy. I try to take good care of my skin, and don't begrudge spending a little more on skincare to invest in it. I personally think this cream is worth its price tag, but the great thing about The Body Shop is that they regularly have fantastic offers and promotions online, so I rarely pay the RRP. I saved 40% on the pot I'm using now, and offers like the one I took advantage of run all the time!

Satsuma shower gel

In my opinion, The Body Shop make the best shower gels around. You only need to use a little to get a decent lather, and little effort is needed to make skin feel clean and refreshed by using them. My skin always feels soft and revitalised after a quick buff with some Body Shop shower gel on a flannel or bath lily. Most of the scents are absolutely divine, but my absolute favourite is satsuma, which contains zesty satsuma essential oils and smells like sunshine. It has the sweetest, fruitiest citrus scent, and every time I use it the fragrance never fails to make me happy. At £4 for a 250ml bottle, it's a shower gel I can  afford to indulge in, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of using it.

Satsuma body lotion

I'm a little obsessed with the satsuma body lotion at the moment; it smells so good! Like the shower gel, it has the most amazing orange citrus scent and I can't get enough of it; I've been using it religiously all summer and one whiff of it still makes me happy. It also does a brilliant job as a body lotion, in case you were wondering! Haha!

The body lotion is light and non-greasy, so it sinks in quickly after application and instantly gives me soft, healthy-looking skin without that horrible sticky texture some lotions leave behind. It may be a light body lotion, but it works wonders on softening even the driest, toughest areas of skin, like my elbows. I usually massage the body lotion in to my skin after a shower because I feel it gives the best results when applied to damp skin, but it works beautifully on dry skin, too.

Satsuma body polish

Another satsuma scented product I love to use is the satsuma body polish, which is a zesty-scented exfoliating foaming gel that gently buffs away dead skin and leaves skin looking soft and healthy. This exfoliating scrub is neither too gentle or two rough. It's gentle enough to use on delicate skin like the decolletage, and gritty enough to tackle harder skin like the knees and elbows. I love to use this alongside the satsuma shower gel and body lotion, although I don't use it religiously as it's a little expensive at £5 for 75ml or £10 for 200ml; I probably treat myself to a tube two or three times a year. 

I've just used up the last of my satsuma polish, but I took a photo of a tube of the Cranberry Joy body polish, to give you an idea of what the polishes look like. It doesn't matter which scent you choose, they all do the same job. it's all down to preference. The Cranberry Joy is another of my favourite scents, but they only sell it during the festive season. It probably won't be long until it hits the shops again! (Scary!) I was given a Cranberry gift tin last Christmas, and used up everything else, but somehow squirrelled the polish away and forgot about it. Now I've found it, I'll have it used up in no time! It smells so good!

Seaweed ionic clay mask

I've long been a fan of a good clay mask, and the Body Shop's seaweed ionic clay mask is one of the best I've ever tried. This mask is brilliant because it draws out all the impurities in the skin, and helps to control excess oils, so it's great for people with combination and oily skin types. My nose is often quite oily and it's dotted with badly clogged pores, but after using this mask, the pores are cleaner and less noticeable, and my nose is almost oil free for a couple of days! My skin also feels refreshed and revitalised after every use, and you really can't beat that fresh-faced feeling.

All you need to do is apply a thin layer of the cool grey clay to your face, and wait five to ten minutes for it to set. (You'll know it's time to wash it off when you can barely move your facial muscles). Once it's dry, wash it off with some warm water and a face cloth, and voila, say "hello" to gorgeous skin!

So, that sums up my ten favourite Body Shop beauty products. If you'd like to read about my other five favourites, you can do so here: My 10 Favourite Body Shop Products Part 1.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Serendipity Sunday

Hi guys!

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far.

Are you ready for this week's favourites?

I love the colour of this lady's hair.

Gorgeous make up.

This bird is so beautiful.

Nature is amazing!

Beautifully-coloured chameleon.

This floral crown is so pretty.

I'm in love with this eye make up look. I may need to recreate it with my Urban Decay Electric palette!

Sasha Unisex's penguin water colour is amazing. This will be some lucky person's tattoo!


Love this.

This photo of a cathedral in Moscow is so beautiful.

Adorable sloths in buckets!

This made me laugh!

In Tokyo there is a small shop where customers are greeted by this shiba inu dog called Suzuki! 

This is how I try to live these days.

So true!

I love Autumn!

This looks delicious.

And for no reason whatsoever, here's a surfing pig!

Louise's Lovely Links

 Becky wrote an interesting and helpful post about a plus size girl's guide to shrewd shopping.

 Chastity wrote a helpful and enlightening post about what she's learnt from blogging.

 I enjoyed having a look in to Kaylah's home full of curiosities 

 A man was kicked out of his parents home when he came out as gay. He secretly filmed the conversation, and posted it on the Internet. The reaction from the public has been incredible.

 This video showing the impromptu rescue of more than thirty dolphins that came too close to shore on a Cornish beach really restores my faith in people.

 I love this quote from Jennifer Lawrence.

 The wonders of being a girl in the late 90s and early 00s. I laughed so hard at this post because this is exactly what my life was like in the late 90s! Adidas Poppers; hair mascaras; butterfly hair clips; hair tied back except for two strands; hand written notes; roll on glitter; skirt-trousers; Byker Grove; Nutty Tart / Bang on The Door everything; and dancing to B*Witched at the disco... Cringe!

 5 plot holes you never noticed in Friends. I thought I knew the series backwards, but I sure didn't notice most of these inconsistencies. 

 These 15 facts about outer space completely blew my mind. Yes, I'm such a geek!

 20 places where nightmares are born, aka some slightly creepy abandoned places.

 27 reasons why we should all aspire to be Ralph Wiggum. Me fail English? That's unpossible!

 28 people who are too dumb for their own good. I don't even know how to respond to what I read in this post... 

and finally,

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Zatchels Polka Dot Satchel Review

I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to my bag collection, this rather gorgeous polka dot Zatchels satchel!

Isn't it a beauty? It was a birthday present from my older sister, which I convinced her to buy after I spotted it in the Zatchels sale back in June. It was just £31 instead of £110, which was a complete steal, and we both agreed it was too great a bargain to pass up. She paid for the bag, and I paid for shipping, (fair deal, I think!), and it finally arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago after a very long six week wait.

While I was not at all happy about the very long wait- more on that in a minute- I'm pleased to say the satchel didn't disappoint. I've wanted a polka dot satchel for years, and this bag is far more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. It's absolutely beautiful in both design and craftsmanship.

Like all of Zatchels' bags, the satchel was handmade in Britain by a team of skilled crafts-people using high quality leather and fastenings. You can really see the skill used to make this satchel; the stitching is uniformly straight, and there's not a single stitch out of line. It's clear by how perfectly every piece has been put together that it was made carefully and with precision by highly-skilled people. I can also feel the quality of the materials used; the leather is wonderfully thick, and the nickel buckles are so sturdy. You really do get what you pay for with a Zatchels satchel and in this case that means quality!

The satchel features a large main compartment at the back of the bag, and a smaller pocket to the front, which is the perfect place to keep the items you want to grab quickly, like your phone or keys. This satchel is the 13", and while it looks like a big bag, it doesn't have a huge amount of space... but it does have enough room for the essentials. I can fit my purse, keys, phone, iPod, lip balm, Kindle, and some make up in it with a little room to spare. I can't carry around a heavy bag anymore, anyway, so it definitely meets my needs most days.

The bag is fastened by two straps at the front, which need to be buckled and unbuckled by hand. It can be slightly inconvenient when you're in a rush, but it doesn't take too long to do. If you don't like the idea of dealing with buckles whenever you want access to your belongings, Zatchels now offer the option of adding magnetic claps to their bags- although it wasn't an option when I purchased this one, or I probably would've added them.

The satchel also has an adjustable shoulder strap, which has a silver nickle buckle fastening and eleven notches so you can adjust it to the desired length. I love my bags long, and on the longest notch it sits on my upper thigh, or on the hip when worn across the body, which is perfect for me. It doesn't matter how short or tall you are, or what size you are, the shoulder straps on Zatchels satchels will adjust to accommodate most people's needs.

I absolutely adore this satchel, and I would recommend Zatchels satchels to anybody who loves high-quality leather satchels. This bag is my third Zatchels bag- I also have a classic red satchel and a red heart print barrel bag- and I've yet to find a fault with any of them.

However, I will say, I've not been impressed with the length of time I've had to wait for the two bags I purchased (during two different transactions a year apart). Last year, I had to wait a ridiculous ten weeks for my barrel bag to be delivered, and this year I was left waiting for this satchel for six long weeks. Not cool! I started getting annoyed after a month had passed. 

I ordered my satchel within the first half an hour of their sale, yet people who had placed their orders later were getting their bags before me. So frustrating! I personally think they need to be conscious of working on orders by date and not just by design, even if they feel it's more efficient to work from one leather at a time. Their service is extremely slow during sale time and I don't think I'll be in a hurry to shop with them online again, even for a beautiful bargain. I understand that they get flooded with orders during sales and they're only human, but I haven't got the patience for service that slow, even if their bags are so beautifully crafted.

This polka dot satchel was definitely worth the long wait, though, and I absolutely love it! Sadly this design is no longer available, but there are different colours to choose from here which are currently on sale. I think there's only one day left of their sale, so get in fast if you want to snag a bargain!

Do you own a Zatchels satchel?

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