Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Good Morning all,

Here's some of the weird and wonderful things I have my eye on at the moment...

I've been periodically admiring this dress in green for a while, but after discovering it in red, I've forgotten about the green, and desperately want the red in my wardrobe. It's a classic shape and style, and so reasonably priced, too. Can anyone tell me how much a dress would typically cost in custom charges when being shipped from the US to the UK?

Another beautiful polka dot dress, and one that hits the monochrome trend right on the head. I'd wear it with a cobalt blue pieces to really make the colours pop.

I recently bought this dress is red, which I love, and now Dorothy Perkins have added cobalt blue to the selection, I naturally want that one, too! It's a lovely, simple but chic day dress.

Isn't this tribal print dress gorgeous? I forget who I saw modelling it on their blog, but it looks beautiful, and would be perfect for wearing on a hot sunny day with a pair of flat sandals.

Yes, another polka dot piece! This jumpsuit is stunning, and so versatile. It could be dressed down for day, dressed up for night, or even worn in the work place. 

How cute is this whale print t-shirt?! It would look so cute tucked in to a skirt, or dressed down with a pair of denim shorts or jeans.

Have you seen the print to this skater skirt? It's a cartoon print, and has so much detail I would never be bored when wearing it. At just £16.99, I'm sure this one's going to sell out fast.

Modcloth have the best selection of dresses I think I've ever seen. The fabrics, patterns, and prints are incredible, and quite simply, I want them all. This lemon and cornflower blue dress has a bird cage print all over it, and needs to be mine.

9. Snorkmaiden and 10. Moomintroll and Moomin Necklaces £17.99.

I've just found a website called Art Box, who have the most amazing selection of Moomin gifts- stationary, mugs, clothes, and even necklaces, like these. I can't decide which I love best, but I hope to collect them both soon. I've loved The Moomins since I was little, and I'm not ashamed to admit I got a bit excited when I stumbled up on all those Moomin treasures. I may have ordered myself Moomin shaped bath confetti...

Oh, the colours! I adore these colours. Somehow, I must add this palette to my collection!

Sera of The Agoraphobic Fashionista blogged about Love Umbrellas last week, and I've been coveting the red heart-shaped brolly ever since. I've never seen an umbrella quite like it, and it's divine.

13. and 14. ASOS Happiness Peep Toe Flatforms £15.00

These simple espadrille flat forms are the perfect summer foot wear. It's just a shame I can't wear shoes until my mangled toes have healed, or I'd have snapped a pair up by now.

This palette looks like the perfect 'base' set. It's designed to create a flawless illusion; I wonder if it lives up to its claims...

And finally, I love this adorable lolly pop ring from Dolly Darling. I'm a fan of quirky, kitsch, and whimsical accessories, and I think this ring is so me. Rachel, I thought of you when I saw it, too.

Which one is your favourite?



  1. That ring is sooo cute :) but moomins I love them so much they are the cutest! I need to get my hands on some moomin accessories xx

    1. I knew you would like that ring! The Moomins was always one of the best cartoons. I'm actually amazed by how much Moomins memorabilia is out there. xx

  2. Loving the flatforms! They're on my (never-ending) wishlist. x x

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? Oh, tell me about it; my wish list is always never-ending, too! xx


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