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Fragrance Direct Haul / Dainty Doll Blushers Reviews

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for the lack of decent fashion and beauty posts here at the minute. I've been a bit out of action lately, and for that I'm sorry.

I'm also currently staying at my sister's and her company gives me less time to myself to blog, but I'm going to do my best to catch up over the next few days. I'll be staying here for the next ten days until my brother in law returns from a six-month detachment in The Falklands, and after that I'll be booted out and normal service will resume.

Over the last couple of months, I've picked up some lovely good quality make up for next to nothing through Fragrance Direct. Fragrance Direct is a website that sells cut price make up and beauty products, which they are able to do as a result of low overheads. The website appeals to me because it stocks products from big name brands I've always wanted to try- expensive brands- for as little as a mere pound coin... or even less!

I recently bought make up as presents, and ended up adding a few items to the orders for myself. Well, it would have been silly not to at those prices! I also had to keep a couple of products that I knew wouldn't be to my friends' tastes when colours were different than expected. It's a hard life!

So, I bought myself a couple of Sally Hansen nail polishes, a Jemma Kidd eyeliner, and a bunch of Dainty Doll products. I've always wanted to try Dainty Doll make up, as it's designed for pale skinned folk like myself, but I never had... until now. Today, I'm going to give you a peek at the blushers.

I really do like the outer packaging of Dainty Doll products. It has a sleek, sophisticated appearance, and looks like a typical high-end product one might find in a boutique.

I forgot to take a photo of the compact packaging, but they're sleek matte black in colour with the Dainty Doll logo written in gold script on the top. The packaging is slim, light-weight and elegant looking, and made from sturdy plastic. They all have a mirror on the inside, but no applicator.

These three blushers ended up in my make up collection when I realised they were probably too light or too dark for my friends' tastes and skin tones. No hard ship, as I personally like them all. They cost just £1.99 each through Fragrance Direct, but generally retail for £13.50 elsewhere!! They're an absolute bargain!

I have two powder blushers in You Are My Sunshine and Hippy Shake, and one cream blusher in Orange County Girl, and what can I say; they're beautiful!

This is the cream blusher, Orange County Girl, which is simply beautiful. It's a dark coral blush (perhaps with a hint of rose), which has a lovely golden orange shimmer. It may look dark in the compact, but when you apply the (incredibly soft) blusher to the skin, it's very subtle; although, it can be built up to create a more daring look. When I wore it a few days ago, I used it sparingly for a more natural look. The make up felt lovely and silky soft on my skin, and it stayed in place for nine hours without budging before I removed it! I was very impressed with how it handled, and all in all, I adore this blusher! This will be getting a lot of use this summer.

It's sold out on Fragrance Direct now, but it can be found on Amazon here, for just £3.95.

You Are My Sunshine is almost identical in colour to the Orange County Girl blusher, except this one is a powder blush, and the colour looks more intense on the skin. I would describe the colour as a dark fiery coral with a cheerful orange shimmer. It's highly pigmented, silky soft, and long-lasting on the skin, and I personally think this shade would look fantastic on tanned and darker skin tones, as well as the fair skinned folk it's been designed for. It would look stunning on sun kissed skin in the summer! I can't believe I picked up this beautiful make up product for a purse-friendly £1.99! I'd have happily paid full price.

Hippy Shake was a lot paler than I was expecting it to be from the tiny pink square next to the name on the website. It's a very light pink; lighter than it appears in the photo above. I knew this colour wouldn't be suitable for the person I'd bought it for, but being as fair skinned as I am, this colour gives me a subtle glow and hint of colour. It makes me look fresh-faced. It would look great worn with a darker pink blusher as a highlighter, and is perfect for creating soft, feminine, romantic looks. I think this would be a difficult shade for most skin tones to wear except the very fair like myself, although I'm not an expert on the subject! Like the other two blushers, it's a great quality product, that handles like a dream, feels soft, and lasts all day long.

Here are swatches of all three blushers which I took in natural day light, and haven't altered in any way. I'm sure you'll agree, they're all beautiful shades.

You can find Dainty Doll make up on Fragrance Direct here, and there's also many products not available on Fragrance Direct that can be found on Amazon cheaply, too, here. I really recommend this range of blushers, and I say snap them up while they're available so cheaply!

Have you tried Dainty Doll blushers yet?

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