Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day Twenty One: The Dusty Archives

The challenge for today, now I'm back on track, is to share 'a list of links to your favourite posts in your archives.' Or, the dusty archives as they probably should be known.

I've taken a trip down memory lane and selected some of my favourite posts from over the last fourteen months that I've been blogging here. I've tried to provide you with a good variety of posts, from outfit posts to home tours, and shopping tips. Each header is linked, so just click on them if you fancy a read.
What I'd Save if My Home Was On Fire 
A Dressing Table Tour
How to Create Festive Beauty Boxes 
My Polka Dot Dress Collection
My Favourite Outfits of 2012

How to Wear Colour: Where to Start
Coral, Turquoise, Flamingos and Pearls Outfit Post
My Tips For Living With Disc Injuries 
What's in My Bag? Jan 2013
Blue and Green Eye Make Up Look
Thirty Forty Ways to Save £1
One of My Favourite Outfit Posts
My Make Up Collection in August 2012
Which posts do you most enjoy reading? I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. I've just read the post about how to make up beauty boxes and I LOVE it! So good. x x

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) xx

  2. I love all your posts :) I like to see your outfit posts because you have so many pretty dresses xx

    1. Thanks hun :). I'll try to start posting more outfits again soon xx


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