Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 27: A Letter To You

Dear you. Yes, you!

This post is for you, dear reader; whether you're a constant reader, pop by from time to time, or are just passing through. Whether you've ever left me a lovely comment, do so regularly, or prefer to visit silently.

I have a little something I'd like to say. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. I just want to say thank you. A big, sincere thank you for following my blog, reading, commenting, and / or supporting me over the last fourteen months. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by. Thank you for taking the time to comment; I read every single message left for me... even if I do sometimes take a few days to reply. I love to hear your opinions. I appreciate your support and encouragement more than you'll ever know. And I genuinely enjoy blogging with you and for you.

I couldn't have made it this far without you, so thank you so much!

When I started Polka Spots and Freckle Dots last year, I never expected blogging to have such an impact on me. If truth be told, I was sure I would end up neglecting it a couple of weeks down the line, like I did with a couple of Livejournal accounts in the past. I never imagined anybody would actually read my random musings, and although my readership is small, I'm still amazed there are so many people who want to follow my little blog. A modest blog by a boring plus size English girl whose life is a little unconventional to most right now.

This blog has provided me with a purpose and an outlet during an extremely testing time in my life. It's provided me with the tools to keep myself and my mind occupied every day, which, quite frankly, is nothing short of a miracle most of the time. This blog has helped to raise both my self-confidence and body-confidence, and to accept myself for who I am. It's helped me to learn and grow. It's led me to so many of your wonderful blogs, online friendships, and the blogging community, plus size and otherwise. A community full of fabulous, beautiful, and inspiring women of all shapes and sizes.

I have so much to thank you for! So, thank you, once again for supporting my blog, and making it what it is today. For making me who I am today. I could not have done it without you!



  1. I have been offline due to parental guidance controls gone mad, hilarious! you were banned!! anyhoo all sorted and I read your beautiful message, you got me all misty! fuzzy warmness all around as you are fabulous too x

    1. I was banned? If my blog has explicit content, it's the first I know about it! Haha. Aw thank you so much! xx

  2. Aww how lovely :) thank you for bringing us a fab blog :) xx

    1. Aww thanks, Rachel! Thank you for reading it! xx


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