Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May Day Three: Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Hello, my name is Louise, and I'm socially awkward. Everything makes me uncomfortable. Here's a list of some of the things which do.

1. Public speaking- It doesn't matter if it's a formal presentation or a casual get together, I hate speaking to a crowd and having all eyes on me. Even the thought of public speaking to more than about three people can leave me feeling physically sick.

2. Drawing attention to myself- I don't like being the centre of attention. I'm shy, I'm introverted, and I don't have a lot of confidence. I've always preferred to remain unnoticed... Says she who wears a lot of colour and crazy prints, and keeps a style blog!

3. Being asked to talk about myself- I don't feel comfortable talking about myself to people who pry, and I especially hate being asked personal questions out of the blue. I'm just not interesting, so I never know what to say.

4. Making small talk with people I don't know well- Awkward!

5. Awkward silences. Well, they're never comfortable moments, now are they? I always assume the other person doesn't like me, and must find me boring.

6. People who invade my personal space make me uncomfortable. You know, the people who stand too close for comfort, and when you take a step back to regain some space they take another step forward? Yeah, those people make me uncomfortable.

7. Bra under-wiring. I know I'm not the only person who looks forward to taking her bra off at the end of a long day.

8. My physiotherapist. I've only even had a handful of sessions with the woman in eleven months, but she makes me so uncomfortable. She's nasty and condescending, and doesn't believe what I tell her. I always dread those appointments, and have left the hospital in tears a couple of times because of her attitude to me.

9. Figure hugging clothes. Showing my lumps and bumps makes me self-conscious.

10. Baring my legs and upper arms in public. I've come a long way on the road to self-acceptance, but I'm still working on baring my legs and upper arms in public. I'm not quite there yet, and since I'm not used to baring those areas it makes me uncomfortable.

11. Leaving the house not looking my best. I don't have to leave the house with a full face of make up, but I feel uncomfortable if I leave the house with scruffy unwashed hair and unruly brows, even when I'm wearing a great dress. I like to look my best.

12. Loud lairy drunks. Most of them make me extremely nervous. I can't help it; I'm shy.

13. When girls half my size exclaim how fat they are... in my company. Those kind of social situations make me uncomfortable because I begin to think if she thinks she's fat, then what does she think of me?? In reality she's either seeking attention and reassurance, or she genuinely has her own demons with her body, but it's never a pleasant moment.

14. Being too hot. I love the warm summer weather, but I dislike getting too hot without a means of cooling down. It's stifling.

15. Socialising with people I don't know. I'm not uncomfortable around all new people, and I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and having a good gossip if we hit it off... but I'm shy and find it difficult making conversation with people who don't know what to say or can't be arsed to.

What about you?

What makes you uncomfortable?



  1. i loathe people who invade space, when i move they follow and they have eye melting bad breath (maybe thats just my experience!)yes to the bra situaton and being too hot makes me grumpy - also do not let your nasty physio get away with this appalling level of treatment, you deserve to be treated with respect and understanding, she's a bitch, complain!!(i was very annoyed when i read that, she needs sorting out) xx

    1. It's definitely much worse when they've got bad breah, I agree. Well, I've probably been refered back to my GP now as I missed an appointment and nobody answered the phone the 30 times I tried to rebook it, so hopefully I won't have to see her again. I got talking to another girl who feels exactly the same way about her, and has left in tears, too. Don't know why she's allowed to have that job xx

  2. I hate ppl who get up in your space too esp when you move and they follow! I do love figure hugging clothes and getting my legs and arms out tho :) xx

    1. I don't know why some people don't understand boundaries. Well, you have lovely legs and arms and a great figure, so I can see why! xxx

  3. We have a LOT of similar things that make us uncomfortable, a lot of them being the social ones. I have to say though about the fat thing - I've witnessed first hand size 4(!!)/6/8 girls talking about themselves being big and I feel exactly the same way when they say that kind of thing - even though I can't say I'm particularly big myself I am by comparison to them. I think it's such a personal thing about body image but I think the problem is the go-to word people use is 'fat' when actually a lot of the time it's more that they feel bloated or not toned etc. And it does not good for society's attitude towards body image. Did you see Becky Bedbug's tweet last night, an article in the new Company magazine where a girl is talking about how she loves being skinny and it's all about denial? It's worrying.
    As for the other things, we have some opposites such as I hate being too cold, not too hot, and I really don't have the bra issue haha in fact I feel a lot more comfortable in a bra. I really don't like going without one, or at least a top with some secret support in it. I do feel the same about my upper arms though! xxx

    1. Yeah I completely agree about the 'I feel fat' situations. It's usually the girls who are a size 4-8 I catch talking about how fat they are. It doesn't really matter what size we are, we all have those days when we feel shit about how we look and feel self-conscious about it. I know I used to do the same when I was younger and a lot smaller.It's just sad that society can make even the skinniest of girls believe they're fat and unattractive, and by voicing that they can have the people around them questioning their appearance and self-worth.

      I didn't see Becky's tweet as I don't follow her, but I read her blog and saw the article there and in the magazine. It really is shocking that they're making what is clearly an eating disorder sound normal, and even glamourous.

      I think I'm one of the only people who prefers to be cold than hot. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing good fitting bras, but there's something good about taking the scaffolding off after a long day... I always wear one outside, though, (would never go without one!). I need the support! Haha. I think most of us girls feel uncomfortable with our upper arms xxx


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