Friday, 29 March 2013

Polka Spotted, Freckle Dotted Friday #3

Good morning guys and a Happy Good Friday to you all, as well.

For today's Polka Spotted, Freckle Dotted Friday, I have a little bit of inspiration for you. I've compiled ten images I've collected on Pinterest which give you a little peek at ten polka dot outfits. Enjoy!

Navy polka dots are my favourite, and this a-line skirt is so beautiful. It looks perfect with that lovely lacy blouse and bow waist belt.

Spots or stripes? Who cares, wear both! Polka dots look fantastic with stripes!

Another great example of how well stripes and spots work together.

Such a cute collar.

A pair of Converse add a quirky, laid back edge to a pretty dress.

This lovely yellow skirt looks so cute with a white and navy striped motif tee. I'll be remembering this one for future reference.

This green polka dot skirt is gorgeous. 

And this pink polka dot skirt is quite sweet, as well.

I love the delicate polka dots on this pale salmon Peter Pan collared dress.

And this one proves polka dots don't have to be just navy or red. I really like the warm Autumn shades to this outfit.

Which photo is your favourite?



  1. These are so pretty! xxx

    1. I agree with you there! It's heavenly! xx

  2. i especially love red and white ^.^


    1. I love the red and white mix, too!

  3. So cute ! Love them all and I need that bambi necklace xx

    1. That bambi necklace is so you! xx


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