Friday, 22 March 2013

Polka Spotted, Freckle Dotted Friday #2

Last week I began a new feature on my blog called 'Polka Spotted, Freckle Dotted Friday'; a feature that focuses on all things spotted, dotted, and freckled.

Today's Polka Spotted, Freckle Dotted Friday is putting the spotlight on polka dot nail art. I've collected together over twenty of my favourite dotty nail art images from Tumblr and Pinterest, and brought them all together for your viewing pleasure.

Which image is your favourite?

Incorporating polka dots in to your outfits with nail art is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wear them. Wearing polka dot clothes and accessories isn't everybody's cup of tea; and the thought of dressing in print can be daunting to many, but decorating your nails needn't be scary- polka dot nails can be as subtle or as bold as you like. And better still, they can be created in pretty much any colour combination you desire to match your personality, style, outfit, or mood.

Basic polka dot nails are easy to create using a dotting tool, or the dotting tool on a nail art pen. Just paint your nails in a couple of coats of your chosen polish, and leave them to dry for five or ten minutes. Once the polish has set you can begin adding dots using a dotting tool, nail art pen, or even just the head of a kirby grip, pin, or nail dipped in nail polish. Choose a contrasting colour or colours, and dot the tool at random, or in a sequence, if you prefer, over each nail. Leave them to dry, and voila! Polka dot nails!

Just don't add a top coat over the polka dots, as it will smudge those little dots and ruin your work of art.

I personally love giving myself a polka dot manicure. I haven't got the steadiest of hands, but they're fun to do, and my technique is slowly improving each time I attempt them.

Do you like to wear polka dots on your nails/?

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  1. This actually looks like something I may be able to manage with my terribly shaky hands! I'm only just getting into nail polish lately (really loving the Essie range!) so I think this may be the next step for me :)

    1. I actually have very shaky hands, too, and I can just about manage a few dots. They're probably one of the most simple nail art designs, so a great place to start. Get yourself a couple of nail art pens as they're much easier than using a dotting tool, or at least I think so. I've been admiring Essie shades on other people's blogs for about a year now, and really want to try them! Any recommendations? :)

  2. Love polkadot nails these are great :) I love all of these except the foot pics I don't like close ups of feet they weird me out xx

    1. I really love polka dot nails, too. You really wouldn't like my manky foot right now, then. Haha! I'll do my best to keep it off the blog. Haha! xx

  3. I love polka dot nail art :) i really need to buy myself some proper dotting tools though...

    1. I don't know if Amazon is available to you, but I bought a set of five double ended dotting tools here for only a couple of pounds and they're brilliant. I do find nail art pens a lot easier to work with, though. Hope that helps xx


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