Monday, 11 March 2013

This kitten has a lion's roar

Morning guys,

I've got a rare outfit post to share with you today!

I've been dying to share this dress with you all since it came through the letter box a week ago, but I've not been feeling brilliant lately. I've barely been able to get out of bed in ten days, and have mostly been living in pyjamas. I can hear those little violins serenading my sob story now...

I forced myself to get dressed on Saturday for the sake of my sanity, and quickly snapped a few photos of the outfit before crawling back in to bed in it.

I give you my new cat print dress...

This gorgeous coral-coloured, cat-printed dress came from AX Paris' Curve range, and I had been admiring it from a far ever since it landed on their website last summer. For what ever reason, I never managed to purchase it sooner, even when it went on sale, and even when it was eventually sliced down to the ridiculously pocket-friendly price of £7.99! Financially, it was never a good time.

I was disappointed I'd missed out when it eventually disappeared from the website, but last week I noticed it had returned in several sizes, and was still listed for £7.99! Thankfully, I'd just sold a few things on eBay, so I treated myself to it. Although, not before I'd created a new account to get the 20% off my first order, which brought the frock down to just £6.39, instead of £40.00! Now that is what I call a bargain! Get in there, ladies!

On AX Paris' website, the dress was shown as quite a short frock. I'm not confident with showing much thigh, but I ordered it anyway and hoped it would be a little longer- thankfully, it was! The dress sits just below my knees, which is the perfect length for me. (I'm 5'6'' FYI). It's also a lined dress, and good quality for a polyester number.

I sized up, as I always do with dresses with fitted waists, and the fit is perfect everywhere. It's almost like this dress was made for me. There's only a little fabric spare at the arms, the waist is fitted without being restrictive, and there's plenty of room for the girls with room to spare. If you're busty, you shouldn't have a problem fitting in to this dress. I'd advise you all to size up once, though, if possible.

I'm a sucker for prints, especially ones with quirky animal designs, as I'm sure you can tell, but until now I didn't have any cat motifs in my collection. This dress has a lovely cat print of elegant white kitties, some accessorised with complementing black bows around their necks. I think the print is really cute, without being tacky or too child like, and I'm pleased I got to add it to my collection.

So, all in all, I adore this dress! I'm in love with the fit, I'm in love with the shape. I'm in love with the cheerful coral colour, and the sweet kitty cat print. And I am most definitely in love with the price. It was such a brilliant bargain buy, and I only wish it came in other colours so I could buy them, too. I wonder if this dress would dye well?

I have so many different outfit ideas for this dress; mostly involving pastel colours and white, but I thought it was perhaps a little early in the year to dress it in such a way. Here I was being a bit lazy and boring, and just wore it with comfortable black New Look leggings, and my coral Lovedrobe shrug.

I accessorized with my Cath Kidston rose bracelet and heart friendship bracelet again, and dug out an old brooch to wear on the shrug. I bought the brooch in Camden Lock Market several years ago, from a stall selling hundreds of beautiful vintage brooches. I have no idea if this one really is vintage, but I don't mind. I think it's really pretty old or new. Sadly it's lost a gem, though, and I really should try to repair it.

I was also wearing purple eyeshadow and lilac nail polish to compliment the coral.

Outfit Details

Dress- AX Paris // Leggings- New Look // Shrug- Lovedrobe via New Look Inspire // 
Rose bracelet- Cath Kidston // Heart bracelet- A gift from a friend // Brooch- Camden Lock Market

The dress is currently available in UK sizes 16, 18, 20 and 22, and you can find it here. If dresses and quirky patterns are your thing, this is probably the dress for you! Trust me, you won't regret the purchase!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Too cute!! I've been drooling over the AX range for ages too and like you said it never seems to be the right financial time! Thanks for the info about sizing up though! Back to the website I go! xx

    1. Thanks Olivia! They do have some lovely clothes, but finances can be a pain. No worries. They're pretty true to size, except with fitted waisted dresses which I always need to size up with. Snap some bargains up! xx

  2. I love it, and such a bargain! xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah. It was one of the best bargains ever! xx


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