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My Cath Kidston Collection 2013

I was sitting in my sister's living room the other day watching a movie and casually chatting, when it occurred to us how much Cath Kidston paraphernalia we had dotted around us. Purses; cases for laptops, iPads Kindles, iPods and phones; bags; glasses cases; key rings; sewing accessories... You'd have been forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled upon a Cath Kidston window display instead of a home had you of been there. We began listing our collections from the top of our heads, and we realised that we both own a respectable collection of Cath Kidston pieces.

My sister and I are both Cath Kidston mad. So many of our every day things are adorned with the quintessentially English and vintage inspired prints in various delectable colours. We're forever cooing over their stock online and enjoy spending a blissful half an hour admiring their gorgeous wares in store. We rarely leave empty handed. The brand makes such good quality items, but the reason I'm besotted with CK is because their lovely prints are just my style.

And today, I'm going to share my Cath Kidston collection with you...

My life would be incomplete without polka dots, star prints, florals, and lots of bold colours.

I only own one Cath Kidston bag, this polka dot messenger bag. I've had it for a few years now, and it's roomy, comfortable, and can be worn across the body. I would often use this bag for work, day trips, and travelling because it's big enough to carry lots of essentials around in whilst still being comfortable and convenient. 

Gadget Case (used for my camera) // Wallet // Zip Purse (used for make up bag)  // Clasp Purse

These red star print items are some of the first CK pieces I ever bought for myself, and I think most of them were on sale. I had to buy them as I have a small obsession with stars. They're all made of oil cloth which is a strong, durable fabric, and so easy to keep clean. I use the gadget case for a camera case, the long wallet as my everyday purse, the thin zip purse as a make up bag, and the clasp purse is used with small bags which won't fit the long wallet. I think I've owned these items for three or four years and they're still going strong.

Aren't the patterns gorgeous?

Laptop Case // Glasses Case // Spare Blackberry Phone Cover // Pencil Case

Continuing with my infatuation with stars, I also have a few items in the blue multi coloured star design. These were accumulated over the last year or two. The laptop case was on sale, so I treated myself to it as I didn't own one but couldn't justify the purchase at full price. It's been invaluable during my recent stays with my Sister. The glasses case holds my spare glasses, which I'd carry around when wearing my contact lenses- just in case. My sister recently gave me the Blackberry cover when she bought a new phone, so it's now my spare. And the pencil case was also on sale, so I bought it for storing art supplies like pencils and sharpies.

This print is so fun and colourful!

Kindle Case // Travel Wallet

And here we have my Kindle case and travel wallet. The Kindle case is used on a regular basis, and not only is it pretty, but the zips are covered on the inside so they don't scratch the e reader, which I think is brilliant. It's helped keep my Kindle in pristine condition. The travel wallet is a god send when I'm travelling, as I can keep everything- tickets, travel details, passport, currency etc- in one place. I still need to buy a CK passport cover to go with it, though.

Luggage Tag  //  Key Fob

These two were another couple of items I picked up for less than the RRP. I think the luggage tag's print is so pretty, and it looks so much nicer hanging on a piece of my luggage than a boring cheap pleather tag. It makes me excited whenever I pack a bag for travelling. The key fob was only a couple of pounds, and it's held my house keys for a few years now. I had to buy it because of the polka dots.

Blackberry Case // iPod Touch Case

I picked up the Blackberry case from Car Phone Warehouse when I bought my Blackberry two years ago, and bought it as it went with my red and black BB. It was a totally frivolous purchase, and so expensive for a phone case (£25!!- crazy!), but I couldn't resist it. Thankfully, it's served me well for two years so far, with only minimal scratching to the sides!

I recently acquired the case for my iPod in an outlet village for about half the original price. It was still pricey for a case, but as I've been impressed with the BB phone case, I know it's worth the price to keep my iPod in one piece. And look, the pattern almost matches my blog design!

Cath Kidston also sell adorable accessories, which are usually very English inspired.

I treated myself to this set of metal brooches just a few weeks ago. The set included an acorn, squirrel, and red fox brooch. The fox is my favourite, but they all look so cute with dresses and cardigans.

My older sister gave me this set of bird brooches for my birthday last year. They're all metal, like the woodland critters, and I love them- especially the gorgeous little robin.

This rose bracelet is the latest addition to my collection. I bought it last Thursday for the fantastic price of £5.  It's beautiful.

This is one of my Cath Kidston storage boxes, which I bought in an interiors store several years ago. I've nothing stored in this one right now, but it looks pretty on my dressing table. I also bought three large storage boxes with multi coloured ditsy stars on a white background at the time. One was later used as a casket for my guinea pig, Dougal; (she died in 2009 of old age); and the other two currently hold my documents, and mementos. Those two are currently stacked under other things, so I couldn't pull them out to show you.

Notebook //  Scrapbook
Last Year's Diary // Last of a Stationery Set // Thank You Notecards

I'm passionate about stationery, and Cath Kidston's are no exception. They make the loveliest notebooks and writing sets. I currently have a floral hardback notebook, which has lined paper with different floral borders around each page. I bought it to keep track of my Mission 101 list; although I've now redone the list so need a new notebook for it! The scrapbook comes with lots of cute CK stickers to embellish the pages. I bought it over a year ago intending to scrapbook some photos, but have yet to use it! My sister gave me the diary, which I used in 2012. The year is over, but I've kept hold of it for the address book in the back. I also had a set of beautiful writing paper and envelopes, and these are my remaining two envelopes. I need a new set! And the last item is a set of 'thank you' notecards, that I bought to thank relatives for Christmas presents.

So that is the majority of my Cath Kidston collection.

I also own a red star print apron, a light blue floral laundry bag, the storage boxes, and a star print mug (which I hope is still sat in my locker at work where I left it eighteen months ago). I keep meaning to send someone in to retrieve it as their mugs are the best!

So, obviously, I'm rather obsessed with Cath Kidston things, and it's a brand which I thoroughly recommend. They sell everything from bags and travel accessories, to clothes up to a size 16UK, gadget cases, craft accessories, toiletries, home ware, and fabric- and so much more. You can find their website here.

Do you love Cath Kidston as much as I do? Have you got a collection to rival mine?

What do you love most about Cath Kidston?


  1. I do have a few things, I really like the prints on their clothes but don't often end up treating myself to them. I have a soldier print skirt and the matching brooch and I have the train dress (although it's hidden away for a birthday present from my mum so I'm not supposed to know).
    I also have a metal cowboy print mug and plate which I use for camping, and a chicken flour shaker and measuring jug in the kitchen.
    I was obsessed with the dinosaur print and have the PJs and a washbag, which I actually use for my banking for Rangers too keep the chequebook / receipt book etc together.
    I think that's about it, I haven't really got into the purses and bags thing..

    1. Their clothes are always beautiful. I loved the soldier and train prints. I love their homeware- I really want one of the flour shakers, and the mixing bowls in that chicken design! (Jealous)! It sounds like you have a pretty good collection going already!

  2. Whoa, so much stuff! Haha xxx

    1. Haha, I know; I think I got carried away somewhere along the line... xx

  3. That's a serious collection!!!! Xx

    1. I didn't realise how much I actually owned until I put it all together. Kinda surprised myself! xx

  4. what an amazing collection! I love the laptop case and that star print in general, and your accessories and stationery are gorgeous too :)
    http://emmabydesign.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Thank you. The star prints really are lovely!


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