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Lists; I live by lists.

I've always been the girl who organises her life by them. I use them to plan, remember, organise, and record.

I'm the girl with a Mission 101 list, a bucket list, a 30 by 30 list (in the making), and an ever growing list of things I want to do when my back heals.

So, when I heard about the Listography books, I knew they were for me, and set out to get myself a few of them.

The Listography books are large paperbacks packed full of lists to fill out to aid us to create our own autobiographies. The books were created by Lisa Nola, who wanted to create a place for us to record and capture the little, nostalgic details of our lives like our favourites, and experiences.

I bought four of the books, over time; which were:

Listography: Your Life in Lists
My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do In Lists
Music Listography: Your Life in (Play) Lists
Film Listography: Your Life in Movie Lists

Each book introduces all of the lists it features on a two page spread. The books are each roughly 160 pages long; now that's a lot of lists!

The lists are each given a double page spread. One page is sweetly illustrated to relate to the list, and the other is a full page to fill in to your heart's content.

I think the illustrations are lovely, and I like the font which has been designed to look like very neat hand-writing in capital letters. It adds to the journalistic feel of the books.

As each book is a little different, I'm going to briefly feature on each one, and share some of my favourite lists from each book.


Listography is the original book in the series, and has been "designed to help create your autobiography through list making..." Most of the lists are focused on past experiences, and current favourites, so I'd say it's best suited to nostalgic souls, like myself. It has a varied selection of topics to think about, and it's a great little book.

My favourite lists from the book include:

List bands you've seen live.
List the things you're glad you did.
List famous people you've encountered.
List your personal fashion trends over the years.
List the things you would save if your home was on fire.
List things most people probably don't know about you.

My Future Listography

My Future Listography is a book for planning all that you want to experience someday, and it's probably my favourite of the four Listography books I bought. I enjoy making plans for the future, and I'm currently thinking about all the things I want to experience when I'm back on my feet. There's so much I want to see and do, and I am going to be living life to the fullest again someday. This book will make a fantastic little check list for the days to come!

My favourite lists from this book include:

List the countries you hope to go to.
List the things you want to accomplish.
List mistakes to not repeat in the future.
List the things you hope to experience before you die.
List things you'd like to learn to how to make with your own two hands.

Film Listography

"Enjoy conjuring up your film memories. Our favourites often say a lot about who we were, are, and hope to be."- Lisa Nola, creator.

As a movie fan with a collection of 300+ DVDs, I decided to get the Film Listography book for fun, and to see if I was capable of short listing my favourites. This is a great book for any movie buff who wants to record all their favourites to look back on someday.

My favourite lists from the book include:

List soundtracks and scores you love.
List your top so-bad-it's-good movies.
List films that had a big influence on you.
List your favourite films adapted from books.
List movies you watched growing up that all kids should see.

Music Listography

"For many of us, music is one of the best reasons to be alive. This book will help capture the soundtrack for your life, and hopefully bring back a lot of fond musical memories." -Lisa Nola, creator.

I bought the Music Listography book, as I'm a huge music fan, and can't function without playing some music everyday. I enjoy making playlists, and this is a fun way to document some of my favourites. If you're music mad, then this is the book for you. I'm looking at you, Hannah!

My favourites lists from this book include:

List songs to play at your funeral.

List advice that you follow from lyrics.
List songs you thought were about you (a.k.a. your theme songs).
List the songs that completely transform your mood (a.k.a. therapist in a song).
List the twenty albums you'd bring if you were leaving planet earth on a space ship.

I purchased these books, not only to make plans, record details, and remember, but because I think they'd be interesting for myself and family members to discover in a box in fifty years time; the paper yellow and brittle from decades of age, holding nostalgic details of my past.

I'm sentimental, and have always loved looking through old photos and mementos, but I wish there were more interesting tales and artifacts from my family's history squirrelled away, so I'm making my own to look back on!

I also think these books are a great source of inspiration for blog posts, and if you'd like to see me blog about some of these topics in the future, I'd like to do so, from time to time!

These books are available from Waterstones, Amazon, and eBay, and I'd imagine, they can be found or ordered from most good book stores.

I love these books, and can't wait to start pondering topics and filling in lists. Have you got a Listography book yet?



  1. I have the Listography book and absolutely LOVE IT! I'm like you, I live my life by lists.
    So very tempted by the Future Listography book...I might treat myself :D xx

    1. They're fantastic, aren't they? I really recommend the Future Listography book if you like planning what you'd like to achieve in the future. It's my favourite out of the four. You should treat yourself to it! xx

  2. Ah these books loook great, I am literally the Queen of Lists.

    1. Then these are the books for you!

  3. i admire all you list ladies, heck i even admire my super effecient spreadsheet list loving husband, i have never got into the habit as i have the attention span of a gnat - they are a really good idea though x

    1. I've never got my head around spreadsheets; that's one type of list I don't use. I know lists can be boring, but these ones are really fun and easier to concentrate on! x

  4. Ooh, I NEED these books in my life. x x

    1. Yes you do! They're brilliant!

  5. These are amazing!! I need to get me some xx

    1. They really are! I hope you treat yourself to a couple xx


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