Friday, 5 September 2014

Book Review: The Fuck It List- 1000 Things I'll Never Do Before I Die

I was browsing through the gift section on ASOS last week, looking for birthday gifts for my little sister when I came across a brilliant book. 

The Fuck It List. 

I know what you might be thinking and no, it's not a book for listing the people you want to sleep with! The Fuck It List is basically an anti-bucket list; a place to list all of those things that you're never going to achieve before you die. 

Most of us will have a list of things we hope to achieve before we die- I know I do- but realistically speaking, we're never going to cross off all of our ambitious goals. We're unlikely to trek to some of the remote corners of the globe, write a novel, own a mansion by the sea, or scale Kilimanjaro. That's where this book comes in! The Fuck It List provides a place where you can be realistic with yourself and nip some of your aspirations in the bud before you get your hopes up, saving you  the effort of pointless day-dreaming and lying to yourself for decades to come. 

'If crossing things off your to-do list is therapeutic, then crossing things off your "I'll never do these things anyway" list is preventive medicine.'

It might sound as if it's encouraging people to be pessimistic about their future lives, but it's meant to be light-hearted and a bit of fun. I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I had to get myself a copy.

The book is an A5 paperback, with a bold tomato-red cover, and a simple, tasteful design.

It has a hundred lists of ten for you to fill in to your heart's content, with one gap of each list already filled in as part of the design. Each list gets a full page, and some are given a double-page spread, with a corresponding illustration and a fact or two relating to the subject.

Some of the lists included in the book are:

Countries I'll never travel to.
Risks I'll never take.
Phobias I'll never over come.
Songs I'll never sing with the correct lyrics.
Great books I'll never finish.
Causes I'll never get passionate about.
Adrenaline rushes I'll never experience.
Music I'll never appreciate.
Epic journeys I'll never undertake.
Recipes I'll never master.
Luxury items I'll never afford.
Things whose popularity I'll never understand.

There are also four blank lists at the back of the book for you to fill in as you please.

I love this book and I've already completed several of the lists. I think there's a great selection of interesting topics to list from, and the design, fonts, and illustrations are all tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

I think this book is perfect for anybody with a sense of humour who enjoys writing lists, and setting goals for the future. It would make a fun birthday or Christmas present.

It's currently available on ASOS here for £11, and it should be available from all good book stores, too.

It's a great little book and I enthusiastically recommend it!

Would you write an anti-bucket or "fuck it" list?


  1. Hahah I've never heard of this before! I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it or not, I'm more a to-do list kinda gal than a to-don't list, but I can appreciate it might be fun xx

  2. Ha, I never find the time to fill things like this in, but i think i know some people who would appreciate it for Xmas. Thanks for the review :)

  3. Ha sounds like a great book!
    Martina x

  4. Ha ha - I don't think I would ever fill this out, but it is pretty funny! I especially like "songs I will never sing with the correct lyrics"

  5. I think this looks fun and like you would have a few laughs filling it in xx


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