Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Body Shop Peppermint Foot Care Haul

Feet. They're not the prettiest of body parts, but we sure do put them through a lot.

Our feet carry us, support us, and take the strain of our every movement. We walk, we run, we dance, we swim, we shop, we climb, we jump, we dash, we kick, we crouch, we play, we work. It's not surprising with all the strain we put them under that our feet often end up sore, dry, and blistered. Feet need regular TLC to keep them at their best, but it's often an area of the body which gets neglected.

I've always tried to look after my feet with regular home pedicures, but since I injured my back it's mostly gone out of the window. I can't bend and stretch as easily as I once could. So, as you can imagine, my feet have suffered a bit over the last year and a half, and knowing some unlucky doctors and nurses would be handling my manky feet recently, I made it my mission to treat myself to some peppermint foot products.

Some Body Shop peppermint foot products, to be exact.

I treated myself to the peppermint Reviving Foot Soak, Reviving Leg Gel, Cooling Foot Spray, and Cooling Foot Lotion.

These are all lotions and potions I've been using on my feet since my early teens, although it's been a little while since I last had some. They really do work perfectly at reviving tired feet, and keeping them at their best. These are products which actually do what they say on the tin! They soften, they revive, they cool... And if that wasn't good enough, the peppermint scent is divine. The Foot Soak, for instance, has the aroma of extra strong mints!

I can't wait to start using all these products again!

The Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion comes in a big 250ml pot, and as you can see, the lotion is bright baby pink. It's not too heavy, and it's not too light, and it's so easy to massage it in to the skin. Just two nights of using this lotion and my feet have become silky soft and smooth again. The cocoa butter really softens the skin. This has always been one of my favourite skin care lotions, and I really do believe everyone should have a bottle of this in their skin care arsenal.

The Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel comes in a big 250ml bottle, and if I remember correctly, it works wonders on soothing hot, swollen, sore, and tired legs. I haven't used this product for a while, but I used to use it often in the summertime .

The Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray comes in a 100ml bottle with a spray applicator to make it easy to apply to hot and tired feet. I always used to carry a bottle of this around in my handbag during the Summer months to cool down my hot feet when it was hot, or my feet were particularly tired.

And finally, here we have the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak, which comes in a 200g pot. This product is made of effervescent salts, which is basically bath salts for your feet. It has the appearance of rock salt, and the peppermint scent is so strong it reminds me of extra strong mints.  I can't use this product yet, due to open wounds on my toes, but I'm looking forward to using it once my feet are all better.

I'll try to review all of these products properly as I use them.

You can find The Body Shop's Peppermint foot care range here.

Do you use The Body Shop's peppermint foot care range? If not, what products do you use to look after your feet, and what do you recommend?



  1. How crazy, for years I used this foot lotion every day on my feet, and I really liked it. I can't remember why I stopped, but I'd totally forgotten it existed!

    1. I basically did the same thing. And it's just as good as I remember. Think this calls for a dash to The Body Shop!

  2. I love how these smell I've used the creams before xx

    1. They smell incredible! I've always loved the smell of peppermint xx


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