Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vineyard Peach, Satsuma, and Grapefruit Body Shop Haul

It's not often that I can afford to indulge in bath and body products these days, although toiletries have always been one of life's little pleasures for me. There's nothing like slipping in to a lagoon of citrus scented bubbles after a long day and feeling those troubles just drift away. 

One of my favourite brands is The Body Shop. They're affordable, they're delectable, they work like magic, and they're cruelty free. Everything I look for in a beauty product. 

Just over a week ago I was shopping in an outlet village whilst staying with my Sister and we popped in to The Body Shop. We'd strolled in for a browse a week earlier and had fallen incandescently in love with The Vineyard Peach range, but neither of us could afford a purchase. On the second occasion, I just couldn't bare to leave without something in the range, and bought a pre-packaged set.

The outlet store had grouped many of the single items together and wrapped them in cellophane to sell as brilliantly priced sets. It was much cheaper financially to buy one of these sets, than one or two of the products separately, so I eventually decided on a pack with a 200ml vineyard peach body butter, a 250ml vineyard peach shower gel, and a 100g satsuma soap. This came to just under £8.50! These products would have originally cost £19.00. 

When I got to the till, the sales girl informed me that there was an added discount when four items were purchased (I think it was 30 or 40 percent off), so I grabbed a big bottle of the Pink Grapefruit shower gel which only added about a pound to the bill. This 400ml shower gel was £3.50 (250ml here), and originally £6.00. Bargain!

The satsuma range is my favourite, as it has such an uplifting zesty orange scent, and I favour citrus scented products. I always feel so energized and cheerful after using a satsuma shower gel or soap. I'm also a fan of their coconut range.

However, the Vineyard Peach range is now a serious contender for my favourite Body Shop scent. As soon as my sister and I breathed in the aroma we both fell in love with it. It smells just like fresh peaches still in their fuzzy skins. One whiff of the aroma, and I got a sense of nostalgia, but I still can't put my finger on what it reminds me of, besides pink Angel Delight pudding. It's really bugging me, because the memory still isn't revealing itself. It's the most amazing scent I've come across in a long time. It's making me want to travel to France just to buy some fresh white peaches from the farmer's markets in La Palmyre.

My favourite from this little haul is definitely the peach body butter. It smells divine and it really revives dry tired skin to silky smooth again. It has the consistency of softened butter, it massages in to skin easily, and leaves the skin soft and not greasy. I've always found this with Body Shop butters. I swear by them.

It seems like the Vineyard Peach range was only available for a limited time as there isn't much of it still available online. I think I may be returning to the outlet village to stock up on a few more pieces before they're all gone. There's a body scrub here and lip gloss here. I'd recommend popping in to your local store to get some if you can! Every product works like a dream.

Have you used any of these bath and body products before?

What is your favourite Body Shop scent?
P.S. I'm so sorry it's been quiet here over the last few days. I've been spending some quality time with my best friend and Mr Ronan Keating, but I'm back now, I promise!


  1. I love the peach smell from the body shop. I'm really tempted to pick up a body mist in it but after reading your review I want the body butter! xx

    1. It's gorgeous! I don't think you could go wrong with any of the products, but the body butter really is amazing! Smells so good! xx

  2. The peach stuff smells sooo good. I really regret not picking up the showergel in the sale. Love the circle tabs down the side of your blog - that is so cute!


    1. I hope you come across some in a sale or outlet village because it's lovely. Aw thank you! xx

  3. oh they all seem so yummeeh *_*<3
    wish i wasn`t so allergic to everything. i would have gotten
    all of these. o_o<3

    1. They really are!
      Oh no! That's no fun! :( xx

  4. I have almost everything in the peach and satsuma scents! I LOVE the peach! And satsuma just smells so fresh! Needa try the grapefruit though, im always tempted but never buy it

    1. That's because you have fabulous taste! I love citrus scented anything. The grapefruit is nice, but it's very sweet! xx


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