Monday, 8 April 2013

What's black, white, and pink all over?

My new skunk necklace, that's what!

I just had to show you this amazing little skunk cameo necklace I recently bought from Life's Big Canvas. Isn't it fantastic?

I'd seen a photo of Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat wearing a similar necklace with a beaver design, and had to find out where she had bought it. She kindly pointed me in the right direction, and I quickly hurried over to find it. I soon found myself browsing through pages of quirky accessories wishing I could buy it all.

 I'd intended to buy one of the beaver necklaces, but that was until I stumbled across this cute little skunk necklace amongst lots of fantastic kitschy jewellery, and knew I had to adopt him instead. Did I mention I have a real soft spots for skunks?

It was on sale for just £5.00, and I believe I paid £8.00 in total, including postage. It arrived within a few days, and I wasn't disappointed. The necklace is just my style; so quirky and kitsch. It's adorable, and really well made, too. I love it! My only issue is that the chain is a little short for me, but I can easily solve that by swapping it with a longer chain. Tiny insignificant detail!

I absolutely adore my new necklace, and I'm sure I'll be returning for other pieces (including the beaver!), as my bank balance allows.

The skunks are sold old now, but there are lots of similar designs here.

Why not go over to their shop and have a look for yourselves?



  1. I love Chloe's shop and I love skunks too what a cute necklace xx

    1. Skunks are brilliant! Do I remember seeing you with a similar skunk necklace or brooch a few months back? I remember you posting about Chloe's amazing shop before, and fell in love with everything then! xx

  2. Aww it's such a cute necklace!

  3. Thank you so much! I always like to see that people are happy - sorry to hear it was too short though, I usually like to make sure everything will be long enough for (almost) everyone.

    1. You're very welcome, Chloe. I LOVE it, and am sure I'll be back for others in the future. Don't worry about that. It's nothing to worry about. It fits, but I just like necklaces a little longer for comfort. Small price to pay for a beautiful necklace and wonderful service!!


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