Saturday, 13 April 2013

Drip, drip, drop

Just a quick outfit post from me today. I've had these photos stored in desktop purgatory for a week or two, unsure of whether I would actually post them as I don't really like how I look in these photos. I guess I just gave in as here we are.

This was a rare moment out of bed for me. I've barely left it in three weeks as my pain levels have been particularly bad; my back hasn't recovered from being mobile for my last hospital appointment yet.

 I was just heading off to the Doctor's again here, so I took the opportunity to quickly snap a few photos.

It was a reasonably mild day, but very blustery, so I'm a little wind swept. I'm wearing a cute chiffon tea dress from Dorothy Perkins, which I've had for about a year. At first glance, the print appears to be polka dots, but if you look a little closer you'd see that the pattern is made up of multi-coloured raindrops. It's lovely. I wore it simply with black leggings, my turquoise Havaianas, a couple of bracelets with black and silver beads, and a pair of square teal earrings.

Outfit Details

Dress-Dorothy Perkins // Leggings-New Look // Flip Flops-Havaianas //  
Bracelets-Gifts from my best friend // Earrings-Camden Lock Market //

This was an unusually black ensemble for me, but I like the simplicity of an outfit quickly thrown together.

And I think the raindrops are a statement enough on their own!



  1. That dress is lovely :) I hope your feeling better soon xx

    1. Thanks and thank you! I'll be fine xx

  2. Your dress is so cute! I love polka dots :) hope your back feels better!i once pulled my neck and I couldn't turn my head for a week and that was bad enough!!xxx

    1. Thanks, Hannah Louisa. And thank you; I'm sure I'll be fine. I always find a way to be. Eek, a pulled neck? I bet that was excruciating. Spinal pain is definitely the worst pain I've ever known, but any kind of pain is horrible xx


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