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What's In My Bag? | Jan 2013

It's been many moons since I last did a 'What's In My Bag?' post, and I've been meaning to rectify that for a while now. I thought my trip to my sister's was the perfect opportunity to snap what I've been carrying around with me.

I think the contents of a handbag can tell a lot about a person, who they are, and what they like, but since it's considered rude to go through somebody's bag it usually remains a mystery. Thank goodness for the wonder of social networking, eh?

The Bag

The bag I am using today is this beautiful River Island satchel. I bought it just over a year ago, and I've been in love with it ever since. It's one of the best bags I've ever owned.  It so versatile and can be held in the hand, worn on the shoulder, or across the body, and it's large enough to carry all those essentials I just can't leave home without. The straps are actually tan, not dark brown.

The bag is from a previous season, but there's currently one on eBay here and lots of other designs on eBay here, too. There is also one new design on the River Island website here

On the Inside

As you can see, I can fit an awful lot in this bag. I don't often travel light. This satchel has a camel coloured lining, and a small zip pocket at the back, where I conceal feminine products.

The Contents

This is everything I managed to cram in that little bag!

The Organised Contents

This isn't a typical representation of everything I normally carry with me; there are many items missing, mislaid, or left at home. For instance, I'd normally have a spare pair of glasses, sunglasses, my camera, a little make up... but they're all dotted around.

A Run Through of the Contents

So, what's in my bag?

1. A birthday card I need to send to my Grandad.
2. A notebook for blog plans.
3. A new notebook.
4. Kindle case.
5. Doctor's appointment slips.
6. Painkillers and antibiotics.
7. My favourite gloves.
8. My house keys on a Cath Kidston key fob.
9. Apple ear phones.
10. My iPod.
11. My Blackberry.
12. My Kindle.
13. Sainsbury's Nectar card vouchers.
14. A spare button for a red dress.
15. Random packets of painkillers.
16. Paul and Joe blotting papers.
17. Carmex lip balm.
18. My purse.
19. Hair brush and a spare hair bobble.
20. Plasters.

Would you like a closer look?

Gadgets and Obvious Essentials

1. Purse: The purse is a star print clasp purse from Cath Kidston. I usually use this purse for smaller bags, and use a larger wallet in the same print more often. I picked them up in an outlet village.

2. Apple Earphones: So I can listen to music without annoying strangers on public transport.

3. iPod: I listen to music every day and I'd be lost without my iPod to give me my music fix. I also use it for taking photos, Instagram, playing games, reading emails, and a little social networking.

4. Keys: The keys to the front and back doors of my house. The key ring came from Cath Kidston two or three years ago. Well, I have to get my polka dot fix, too!

5. My Blackberry Curve:  I have a love hate relationship with this phone. It regularly freezes and crashes, takes ages to load anything, and the camera takes the worst photos. Avoid this phone by all means.

6. Kindle Case: My Kindle case is another Cath Kidston piece. I'll happily admit I'm addicted. 

7. Kindle: As a book lover, I spent years turning up my nose at e-readers wondering why any sane reader couldn't just pick up a paperback, but I had to eat my words a year ago when I realised how brilliant they are. I've read so much more since I purchased one, and find them so light and easy to use.

What's in my Purse?

1. Various receipts.
2. Cath Kidston purse.
3. Dorothy Perkins store card.
4.  Donor Card
5. Nectar Card.
6. National Insurance Card.
7. Boots Advantage Card.
8. Debit Card.
9. Festive first class stamps.
10. Five or six pounds in change.

I have more cards then this, but these are the ones I deemed necessary enough to bring with me for a week or two away from home.

Random Essentials

1. Cut Off Gloves: These Accessorize gloves have to be my favourite pair. They're navy and teal, and are cut off at the thumb and fingers, but still keep the hands warm whilst keeping my digits free for whatever I'm doing. Love them!

2. Hair Brush: This little brush is as good as a full sized hair brush, which is rare with miniature  brushes. I always keep this one in my bag, with a spare hair bobble for those hair emergencies.

3. Carmex Lip Balm: I'm prone to very chapped lips, and find nothing ever soothes them for long, but these Carmex balms work like a charm and have to be the best I've ever tried.

4. Paul & Joe Blotting Papers: An essential product for controlling those oily, shiny patches of skin. They're a God send!

Medical Products

Carrying prescription medication around with me is essential as I have to take them all regularly. I can't risk forgetting any, as withdrawal symptoms are horrific.

1. Appointment Slips: A couple of reminders for upcoming Doctors appointments.

2. Medicine: The various painkillers I'm on for my disc injuries (which don't work), and nasty antibiotics for an infection to my toes. These pills are essential, so they can never be far away.

3. Plasters: I was taught at Brownies to always be prepared!


I have a notebook addiction and almost always carry one with me in my bag.

1. Spotty Notebook: I got this notebook in Tesco's, and I've been using it to write down all my plans and blog post ideas.

2. Hardback Notebook: I bought this notebook in Sainsbury's last week. It reminded me of the Moleskine notebooks I love, but for a much more affordable price. It was on sale for just £2.50! I will probably use it for more blog planning, too.

A Birthday Card

My Grandad is turning 94, so I naturally, I went and bought a birthday card to send to him. How cute is the illustration on the front?

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm considering doing a 'what's in my wash bag' post next, if anybody would like me to?

What do you carry around in your bag? Do you pack light, or are you an 'everything but the kitchen sink' type of person?


  1. I love having a nosey through people bags xx

    1. I do too and I'm not sure why that is! xx

  2. I think WIMB posts are in my top 3 types of posts, just because I am very nosey! I have just written one myself but haven't added the photos yet so it's not on my blog as yet. It is my first WIMB post as I only started blogging about 12 days ago. I am just starting to fall for Cath Kidson designs myself after buying a couple of things as Xmas presents, need to treat myself to something soon :) xx

    Being a newbie blogger I need all the comments/input/followers I can get, so drop by if you get chance. I followed you on GFC so would love if you could follow me back, if you don't hate my blogging style of course :) Angela xx

    1. They're one of my favourite types of posts, too. I find them interesting. I'll pop by and check out your blog. Would love to see your WIMB post. Cath Kidston products are wonderful, no matter what item you're going for. The quality is amazing and there's so much choice! I'm a little obsessed with them. xx


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