Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Wish List Returns

Now that the madness of Christmas and New Year are over for another year, I can start bringing my ordinary posts back. Today sees the return of Wednesday Wish List; a post of my current favourite pieces. Enjoy...

Obviously, I can't really travel at the moment, but I adore this travel bag. I'm quite attached to my floral bag which is the same design, but my Sister borrowed it and then accidentally broke the long strap so I really want to replace it. I like the vintage style print and I'm tempted to buy it and just keep hold of it until I can travel again.

After coming across Made By White a few days ago and immediately falling in love with every piece, I found it difficult to decide which pieces I might buy first. There are several future purchases I will have to make, and I think this bilby brooch will have to be one of them. Isn't it just adorable?

Tapirs are one of my favourite animals, but they're not usually an animal that inspires a piece of jewellery. I think this one may be the first I've ever seen. So naturally I'm intending to treat myself to it as soon as I can. Don't get there before me!!

This scalloped satchel is still at the top of my wish list; it's been there for about a month now. I'm dying to own it. The scalloped edging is to die for, and I love the colour of the leather. It's a little more than I generally spend on bags, but it would be a great investment as I'd probably want to keep hold of it forever.

I discovered yet another wonderful Etsy store last week called C.A.B Fayre who sell a good variety of quirky accessories. I'm particularly taken with the doe eyed deer, particularly this lovely necklace.

I really want to try this foundation after being very impressed with a sample I got in a magazine. It appears to be the perfect colour for me, and felt very light on my skin whilst giving good coverage. Can anyone tell me if it's worth buying?

I've really fallen for this lace bomber jacket. It doesn't look like much at first glance, but I think it has the potential to look amazing over a number of my patterned midi-dresses. It's so pretty. I'm very tempted to snap one up if it's still available in a few weeks.

8. The Body Shop vineyard peach body scrub £12.50 £6.50

Last week whilst browsing in a Body Shop outlet store, we came across the vineyard peach range of bath and body products. I unscrewed the tester and the scent gave an overwhelming sense of nostalgia; it smells the way I remember the pink Angel Delight did back in the nineties. Amazing! I would have left with one of each if I hadn't been in my overdraft. I must get them soon!

Well, you know me and bunnies, and animal motifs... it's true love.

Although, I can't decide if I prefer the elephant shirt over the rabbit print one. They're both fantastic. I'm still upset that I missed out on the raccoon design, so I hope to get my hands on both. I just adore animal prints. I'd layer them under sleeveless dresses, or with a great pair of skinny jeans in any number of colours. Can anyone tell me what the fit is like with these shirts? Do you need to size up or down?

Which piece is your favourite?

What's on your most wanted lists right now?


  1. Love the shirts, but I am far too messy/clumsy to wear white :p x

    1. I don't wear white very often, and for the same reason! Haha x

  2. I have the raccoon one, so although I'm loving the elephant and the bunny prints, part of me is saying "they're too similar!".
    The tapir brooch though, how quirky!

    1. Oh, you lucky lady! What is the sizing like with that shirt? They're very similar, and the raccoon print is definitely the best of the three hands down. I'm in love with that brooch!


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