Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Favourites #14

Is it Sunday already? Well, you know what that means around these parts, well unless you're new to this blog, that is. On Sundays I like to share a large handful of inspiring images which I've stumbled upon via Tumblr and Pinterest throughout the week, and have been particularly inspired by. 

Anyway, I'm just going to jump right in, so enjoy!

A beautiful Pin Up Girl Clothing Dress... which I need.

This is just the most perfect bridesmaids attire ever, and so very me. Pinned for future reference just in case anyone ever wants to marry me. I would have to get polka dots in the wedding somewhere!

The 986576th tulle skirt inspiration image shared on this blog on a Sunday.

And just one more. This outfit is perfect.

Now this is what I call a tulle skirt. A very colourful princess-like tulle skirt, but a tulle skirt all the same.

Perhaps a bit 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' but it's still quite amazing.

I love the hair, I love the dress, but most of all I love the bouquet of buttons.

I may need this rucksack! It's a crocodile... rucksack!

This two tone purple hair colour is to dye for.

This is without a doubt the most amazing tattoo piece I've ever seen in my life. The attention to detail is astounding. It even includes the bread and butterflies, the croquet hedgehogs, and the bird cage bird! (Though I can't see any Mome Raths- tut)!  Disney's Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite films as a child, and I still love it today. In fact, I even watched it last week. It's always been one of my favourite animated films, and I'm quite sure it always will be. I'd love to have something similar, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted...

10 great ways to improve body image.

It's so very true.

Fashion and style go together like peas and carrots.


Vintage inspired caravan. I could live in it quite happily!

This made me laugh. Especially 'Mirgraine By Ginger' and 'Flesh Earing Virus By Fudge'. There are lots more images like this at the source.

How cute is this?

This made me smile. The 'Cone of Shame' has been replaced with the 'Cone of Happiness'. I should have pimped Holly's cone at Christmas. Haha.

And I'll leave you with this heart melting, adorable photo of a baby koala in a mug. Altogether now... awwwwww!


  1. Omg that tattoo is amazing!! Also how cute is the cone of happiness xx

    1. I'm in complete awe of it. Would love to have something similar done. Considering getting at least a little Alice in Wonderland tattoo in the future. (Maybe a mome rath or a bread and butterfly?) Lol. The cone of happiness is adorable and made me smile. xx

  2. Ahahaha flesh eating virus by fudge! Is this meant to help me with the eating-healthy new year's resolution?! xxx

    1. Isn't it brilliant? Doesn't sound so appetizing, though! Haha. Well, if you take it literally it might stop you from eating cake. Haha! xx

  3. My friend has decided she wants polka dot dresses like those for her bridesmaids, she showed me the same picture I think :) x

    1. Wow, her bridesmaids will look fantastic! I may have to do something similar if I ever get married. Can't go wrong with polka dots! xx


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