Thursday, 31 January 2013

Join the Navy, Join the Dots

I was very rudely awakened yesterday morning to the naughty gale force wind pixies ripping my bedroom window open as far as it would go. They've been causing havoc for about four days now- crazy!

 After I'd played a game of tug of war with the elements, successfully prevented myself from flying off to Oz, shut the window and composed myself, I realised what a lovely day it was. The sky was bright blue and flawless, and there was so much sunlight flooding through the windows. Afters weeks of snow and rain, grey skies, and murky winter daylight, it was a pleasant surprise, and it instantly put me in a good mood.

I got out of the PJs for the first time since the weekend, dressed up, played with a little eye make up, blasted out some Panic! at the Disco, and felt a little like me again. Why am I telling you this? Well, because it actually resulted in an outfit post!

I wanted to wear my new burgundy tights which I bought from ASOS last week, and in the back of my mind I thought they might work with my navy polka dot AX Paris dress. I hadn't worn the dress since last summer, (I don't know why), and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked together. I built this look with red, white, and blue pieces as a winter take on the classic nautical look. I really like it.

I love this dress. Some of you might remember it from last summer, and perhaps the yellow variation that also appeared in my outfit posts from time to time. The polka dot print is perfect, the dress is super soft, lined, and brilliant quality. It's fitted on the waist, and has a fabulous full skirt which I love to swish and twirl in. There's little more that I ask for in a dress. Well, perhaps some sleeves, but we can't have everything.

The tights are a gorgeous rich burgundy and 80 denier, so they're generously thick. I had never bought tights from ASOS Curve before, and wasn't quite sure what size to go for. I compared the waist sizes with other brands I knew fit me, and they appeared to be 20cm smaller to the waist than ones I usually buy. I was certain this couldn't be right, so took a chance, but ordered the largest size... three-four sizes larger than I usually wear...

Well, when I tried them on I found that the fit was almost perfect. They'd be better if they were a little bit longer, but apart from that they're a great fitting pair of tights. I'm impressed with the quality and love the deep colour. Obviously tights are stretchy, but I'd still advise sizing up if you buy a pair.

These tights were just £6.00 and can be found here.

(Apologies for the sight of my bandaged toe through the tights).

As I was indoors with the heating on, I just popped a navy cropped cardigan over the top to keep things simple.

As for accessories, I wore my AbiLu charm necklace which I bought in Camden Lock Market a few years ago. It's a handmade piece with quirky little charms on it which is finished with one of their signature guitar plectrums. You can find similar designs here.

I also pinned this little cherry brooch on to my cardigan, which my Mum made for me by hand. Isn't it lovely? I then popped a pair of cherry earrings in my ears to bring the accessories together.

I was going to show you my gold and lime green eye make up, but unfortunately I have a very obvious spot on my nose which has turned my nose red and swollen. I think I could audition for a job as Rudolph and win since it's so red. Not a good look! Maybe next time.

Outfit Details
Dress: AX Paris
Tights: ASOS Curve
Cardigan: New Look
Brooch: Hand made by my Mum.
Necklace (similar): AbiLu Creations
Earrings: River Island

So overall I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I'm sure this won't be the last time I dress it all together. Actually, I'm certain.

How would you wear burgundy tights?

Would you wear burgundy with navy and polka dots? 

I'll be back with another post tomorrow... until then...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Late January Wish List

As much as I'm trying to avoid browsing online as my finances still haven't recovered from Christmas, I still can't stop myself from online window shopping, and there are quite a few pieces I wish I could buy. At the moment I just can't afford to treat myself, but it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

These are some of my favourite picks of the moment. Hopefully I'll find a way to make a couple of them mine eventually...

1. New Look Inspire Rabbit Specs T-shirt £7.99
This rabbit t-shirt is one of the cutest tops I've seen in a long time. It's not the most fashionable of pieces, but it's won me over because it's so adorable. Well, I'm sure some of you now me and rabbits by now... I love 'em! I'd wear it tucked in to a skirt, or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

2. New Look Apricot Voile Maxi Skirt £14.99
After seeing Hannah rocking this lovely skirt on her blog recently, I fell in love with it. I've been wanting to add some new maxi skirts in to my wardrobe for a while as it's something I'm lacking. I really love this one. It's so floaty and versatile, and the colour is a little different than others I've seen. Apricot is quite an unusual colour for Winter, but it's great to see some Spring lines beginning to filter through in to shops again. It's definitely a skirt that would work throughout the year.

Since making the collage last night, a couple of new variations of this skirt have popped up online in a deep raspberry and navy. I'm now leaning towards those two colours a little bit more than the apricot.

3. ASOS Curve Shirt in Pug Print £36.00

The print is actually of French Bulldogs, not pugs, but isn't it adorable? I love the print, the lovely pale blue colour, and the pretty pink collar tips. I think it would be a great piece to transition from Winter in to Spring, and would look great with jeans, under dresses, or tucked in to skirts.

4. Stila via ASOS All Is Bright Lipglaze set £12.50
I've had this set in my ASOS saved list since Christmas, and I'm dying to make a purchase. The set includes eight Stila lip glosses in beautiful shades. Ordinarily Stila lip glosses retail around the £15 mark (each), but this set of EIGHT not only retailed for just £18.50, but is now on sale for just £12.50! Now if this isn't a bargain I don't know what is!

5. Models Own via ASOS Beetle Juice Nail Polish in Indian Ocean £5.00
I've been wanting to try this nail polish for about a year, but I still haven't committed! The colours are amazing.

6. Models Own Via ASOS Beetle Juice Nail Polish in Emerald Black Beetle £5.00

I'm also drawn to this dark green nail polish. I'm loving dark green nails right now.

7. ASOS Scallop Double Buckle Across Body Bag £25.00
I know I already have several satchels, but this one appeals to me because it's a little different to the rest. Most scalloped edging you see on clothes and accessories are very delicate and dainty, but this one is big and bold- it reminds me of a cloud. I think it would be a perfect bag for spring time. Especially with my yellow polka dot dress.

8. Cath Kidston Wild Strawberry Skirt £35.00

One of Cath Kidston's new season patterns is a very English strawberry print. It's lovely! And this skirt is something I'd consider 'very me'. Cath Kidston clothes go up to a size 16, and while the skirts are marked from XS to L (large being a 14-16), I'm curious to see if I could make it work for me as it's elasticated. Perhaps something I'll look in to soon...

9. River Island Green Belted Jersey Maxi Skirt £25.00
I've wanted this teal skirt for months and I still haven't lost hope. I've always wanted to try maxi skirts in A/W and still haven't, but I think this would look great with a biker jacket and a band tee (tucked in), or some sort of lacy top, for Winter.

10. ASOS Curve Teal Leggings £10.00
I could really do with some new leggings, and I'm particularly craving some new coloured ones. The only coloured pair I currently own are purple and I absolutely love them. I'm drawn to ASOS's teal leggings, and also their oxblood ones of the same design. Can anyone tell me what ASOS's sizing is like when it comes to leggings?

11. Ruby's Closet via New Look Inspire Navy Cat Print Bow Dress £35.00
I love how cute and quirky this dress is. I don't own a single cat print anything, and this print really is amazing, and I also love the bow detail. This dress also comes in black, but it's the navy one which I'm particularly coveting.

12. Dorothy Perkins Blue Paisley Print Jeggings £25.00
Jeggings make a great, comfortable alternative to jeans. They're particularly great if you want to create a sleek look and for ladies who find jeans uncomfortable on the stomach. These jeggings have a subtle paisley pattern all over them, and they're so beautiful. I'd wear them under a pretty tunic with a pair of boots or ballet pumps.

Are any of these things on your own wish lists?

Which one is your favourite?

I'll be back tomorrow with a rare outfit of the day!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vineyard Peach, Satsuma, and Grapefruit Body Shop Haul

It's not often that I can afford to indulge in bath and body products these days, although toiletries have always been one of life's little pleasures for me. There's nothing like slipping in to a lagoon of citrus scented bubbles after a long day and feeling those troubles just drift away. 

One of my favourite brands is The Body Shop. They're affordable, they're delectable, they work like magic, and they're cruelty free. Everything I look for in a beauty product. 

Just over a week ago I was shopping in an outlet village whilst staying with my Sister and we popped in to The Body Shop. We'd strolled in for a browse a week earlier and had fallen incandescently in love with The Vineyard Peach range, but neither of us could afford a purchase. On the second occasion, I just couldn't bare to leave without something in the range, and bought a pre-packaged set.

The outlet store had grouped many of the single items together and wrapped them in cellophane to sell as brilliantly priced sets. It was much cheaper financially to buy one of these sets, than one or two of the products separately, so I eventually decided on a pack with a 200ml vineyard peach body butter, a 250ml vineyard peach shower gel, and a 100g satsuma soap. This came to just under £8.50! These products would have originally cost £19.00. 

When I got to the till, the sales girl informed me that there was an added discount when four items were purchased (I think it was 30 or 40 percent off), so I grabbed a big bottle of the Pink Grapefruit shower gel which only added about a pound to the bill. This 400ml shower gel was £3.50 (250ml here), and originally £6.00. Bargain!

The satsuma range is my favourite, as it has such an uplifting zesty orange scent, and I favour citrus scented products. I always feel so energized and cheerful after using a satsuma shower gel or soap. I'm also a fan of their coconut range.

However, the Vineyard Peach range is now a serious contender for my favourite Body Shop scent. As soon as my sister and I breathed in the aroma we both fell in love with it. It smells just like fresh peaches still in their fuzzy skins. One whiff of the aroma, and I got a sense of nostalgia, but I still can't put my finger on what it reminds me of, besides pink Angel Delight pudding. It's really bugging me, because the memory still isn't revealing itself. It's the most amazing scent I've come across in a long time. It's making me want to travel to France just to buy some fresh white peaches from the farmer's markets in La Palmyre.

My favourite from this little haul is definitely the peach body butter. It smells divine and it really revives dry tired skin to silky smooth again. It has the consistency of softened butter, it massages in to skin easily, and leaves the skin soft and not greasy. I've always found this with Body Shop butters. I swear by them.

It seems like the Vineyard Peach range was only available for a limited time as there isn't much of it still available online. I think I may be returning to the outlet village to stock up on a few more pieces before they're all gone. There's a body scrub here and lip gloss here. I'd recommend popping in to your local store to get some if you can! Every product works like a dream.

Have you used any of these bath and body products before?

What is your favourite Body Shop scent?
P.S. I'm so sorry it's been quiet here over the last few days. I've been spending some quality time with my best friend and Mr Ronan Keating, but I'm back now, I promise!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Beauty Tag

I've seen this beauty tag knocking about on a few blogs recently, so naturally I've decided to jump on the band wagon, too. If you've ever wondered about my make up habits, or how I came up with the name to my blog, then keep reading!...

Beauty Tag


Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

My hair's naturally straight... although it does get a little wavy these days because of the layers. If my hair gets wet, especially in the rain, and it has to dry naturally it will get quite kinky.

What is your natural hair colour?

My natural colour is a mid-dark brown, with a little auburn thrown in for good measure.

Me just after returning from the hair dresser's about two years ago.  My natural colour is lighter and warmer than this,  but it wasn't picked up well in this web cam photo. 
Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

I dye it at home, with a little help from my Mum or one of my sisters. I've always had great results in the two years I've been dying my hair red.

How often do you wash your hair?

I like to wash my hair at least every other day, if not every day, but at the moment my back injuries often prevent me from getting in the shower for days, as I have difficulties standing up long enough due to pain.

Do you wear the same style every day or change it?

I'm quite boring with my hair, really. I like to wear it down and straightened when I'm out of the house, but usually just tie it in to a pony tail or a low bun when I'm at home. I occasionally plait it, or curl it.


Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?

I've never been for a manicure, and I've only once had a pedicure. I've always just done my own at home.

How often do you change your nail polish?

Usually as soon as the polish begins to chip. Unless I'm really exhausted or lazy, I paint my nails every two or three days... sometimes every day. I often get bored of wearing one colour for long, and want to change it for something new.

Do you polish your toes in the Winter or just in the Summer?

I paint them all year round. I like to attempt to make my ugly feet look a bit prettier. Even if nobody else is going to see my feet, I still have to look at them!

Make Up

How long does it take you to put on your make up?

It all depends on how much work my eye make up needs. I can do all the basic steps in 5-10 minutes, but sometimes I can be playing with colourful shadows and liners for twenty minutes or even half an hour.

What do you do first, face or eyes?

Always my face. I do foundation, concealer, blusher, highlighter to the cheeks, then powder, before curling my lashes, applying my eye make up, then mascara, and perhaps some highlighter to the brow bones and a little lipgloss.

Do you "collect" make up or just buy what you need when you need it?

There are some products which I only tend to replace when they're used up, such as foundation and mascara- unless I find something which intrigues me. I don't go out of my way to 'collect' new make up, but if I'm in a shop that sells make up I will browse and buy eyeshadows and nail polishes that jump out at me. I have such a nail polish and colourful eye shadow addiction!

How often do you wear false eye lashes?

Rarely. I've only worn them a couple of times in the past. I'm lucky to be blessed with fairly long lashes.

Do you do a full face of make up everyday?

Only when I'm leaving the house to be around lots of people, especially people I know. I've always worn make up every day without fail for school, college, and work, and for social situations outside my immediate family. I'm quite comfortable being fresh faced around my family at home when I've not been expecting anyone or planning to go anywhere, but I will pop to the supermarket make up less without worrying too much.

Do you wear make up when you are home alone, or with family?

I don't often wear make up at home unless I've already been out somewhere, am just about to go out, or am expecting somebody. I like to give my skin time to breathe. I do sometimes, though, to perk myself up a little, or to get the look I want with a particular dress.

Will you leave the house without make up?

If I'm just popping to the supermarket, yes, but not if I'm going to be around people who know me outside of my immediate family. I really have to restrain myself from wearing make up to  the doctors or the hospital! I feel so much more confident with a little make up on.

How many high end products do you have?

I have a fair few, but I couldn't hazard a guess without looking. I have three Inglot palettes full of beautiful eye shadows, some blusher, and a few nail polishes, a few Lush eyeliners, a little Mac, and a healthy supply of Benefit goodies. I like my luxury make up!

How often do you wash your make up brushes?

I know I should wash them every week, but I'd be lying if I said I washed them regularly. I usually forget.

Do you keep a list of products to try when you see other posts?

Usually only in the back of my head, but I often pin things so I remember, too.


Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?

I don't plan every outfit the night before, but if I have somewhere to go I do try to have an outfit in mind. If I don't have a clue what to wear and I'm pushed for time I get really stressed out.

How often do you change your handbag?

I change my handbags with my mood and outfits. I have a good collection of bags, and I like to rotate them. I have several I tend to stick with at once, but I often dig out random bags if I think they'll work with a certain outfit, or I just feel like using it.


How did you come up with your blog name?

Well, I wanted to incorporate both polka dots (as I love them) and freckles (as I'm covered in them from head to toe) in to the name as they're both a part of my identity. I originally wanted to name my blog 'Polka Dots and Freckles' or 'The Freckled Shopaholic' (which is the name I went with at first), but after a bit of googling I discovered there were already blogs in those names. I wanted to have an original name to avoid confusion, and after several hours of brainstorming and playing around with words, I came up with Polka Spots and Freckle Dots and it kind of stuck. Polka Dots and Freckle Spots just didn't have the same ring!

What kind of camera do you use for photographs?

I only have a point and shoot camera; a Canon Powershot. It's got a pretty decent 14 x zoom and 14 mega pixels, but it's crap for timer pics.


What time do you get up and go to sleep?

Pre-injuries? About 7am and 1am.

Post injuries? I'm lucky to fall off to sleep by 6am, and can sleep on and off til 4pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. The pain keeps me from sleeping well and I often wake up every hour or so every night. 

How often or when do you work out?

As my injuries usually confine me to bed, the only work out I get right now is from physiotherapy or hobbling around the supermarket like a little old lady.

How often do you clean your house?

I always try to do a little every day to make life easier, and a thorough clean about once a week... or I did before I injured my back. I can't manage a lot these days, so need help from my family for a lot of day to day things.


Left or right-handed?


How tall are you?

I think I'm about 5 foot 6, but I'm not entirely sure; I've not been measured since my teens.

Do you speak a foreign language?

No, only a little bit of French that I remember from my GCSE French. I can understand various words or sentences written down, but can only speak the odd sentence. Ou est le gare? Salut, je m'apelle Louise, et toi? Je ne comprends pas.

How many pets do you have?

At present I have one (almost) eleven year old rabbit called Honey, a tank full of tropical fish and a shrimp. I used to have another rabbit, Tigerlily, who died last year at the grand old age of ten, a couple of guinea pigs who died a couple of years ago of old age, and two family dogs who passed away from cancer. 

What is your favourite colour?

I like peacock colours- greens, teals, turquoise, and purple.

Do you swear?

I swear like a trooper, but not to other people, just in general conversation. I know my audience and who it's appropriate to swear around; I try not to offend little old ladies or get in my parents bad books.

What are you doing with the rest of your day?

Well, it's almost half three in the morning, so hopefully sleeping!

If you're reading this, then consider yourself tagged! Make sure to leave the link to your post in the comment box if you decide to have a go, too!

Tag, you're it!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What's in My Wash Bag?

I've just returned home from two weeks away at my sister's and had planned this little post for you whilst I was away, but we lost our Internet connection over the weekend so all the posts I'd planned had to be postponed. Thankfully I arrived home to a fully functioning Internet connection on Wednesday night, which is why I'm able to bring you this little post today.

I thought I'd show you what I packed in my wash bag for a couple of weeks at my sister's. This isn't a typical example of what's usually in my wash bag, as there were certain products I just borrowed from my sister, such as shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.

My wash bag was full to bursting when I packed it to bring home. There were a few additions that I picked up whilst I was away.

The wash bag is made of the most beautiful multi-coloured paisley and floral pattern I've ever seen. It's so pretty and colourful. It's by Catseye, and was available from the soft toy company Jellycat a few years ago, randomly enough. When I unpacked these from an order of Jellycat teddies at work, I just had to buy one before the customers snapped them all up.

This print should be reproduced for everything.

The contents of the wash bag emptied on to the bed.

This is everything that I squeezed in to  it.

1. Benefit Bene Tint lip and cheek stain (magazine freebie)
2. Benefit High Beam highlighter (magazine freebie)
3. Boots cucumber cleansing wipes (2 packs)
4. Various bandages, dressings, plasters, and mircroporous tape.
5. The Body Shop lightening touch concealer
6. Avon SuperCurlacious Mascara (magazine freebie)
7. Benefit Pore-fessional (another great freebie)
8. Lush Fantasy Eyeliner
9. The Body Shop vitamin E moisturiser
10. L'occitane cherry blossom hand cream
11. Sure deodorant
12. Painkillers
13. Glass nail file
14. B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful blusher brush
15. B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful eyeshadow brush
16. Britney Spears perfume 
17. Inglot nail enamel 024
18. Barry M Raspberry nail paint
19. Barry M Racing Green nail paint
20. Maxfactor max effects nail polish in Dazzling Blue
21. MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette
22. The Body Shop eye colour in Golden Meadow

I made sure to bring a couple of my favourite nail polishes, and also picked up the lovely little Maxfactor one whilst I was away. I'm still in love with both the Inglot 024 polish, and the Racing Green Barry M. 

I got the glass nail file in Camden, and it's the best nail file I've ever used. The glass nail files should in theory last a life time, and they're much kinder to the nails than ordinary emery boards.

I usually use a cleanser and a toner, but when I travel I usually just stick to cleansing wipes. These cucumber ones from Boots are the only ones which don't make my eyes run, and they remove make up and grime really well. I always pack my Body Shop vitamin E moisture cream to apply afterwards, as it's one of my daily essentials. I also packed a little pot of cherry blossom hand cream to look after my hands, as well. It's one of my favourite fragrances. I also have a Sure deodorant, and a bottle of Britney perfume which my sister gave to me as she had two.

I couldn't travel without some make up to hand, but I kept things simple and packed very light. I wasn't expecting to venture out in public much. 

For me, a good mascara and an under eye concealer are essentials in my make up back; I feel much more human when my lashes are defined and my dark circles are disguised. I'm currently loving Benefit's Bene Tint, High Beam, and The Pore-fessinal which were all freebies with magazines. I'm so impressed with all three I will buy the full sized when I've used them up. I packed a few eyeshadows to play with, including my new gold Lush eyeliner 'Fantasy', and just a couple of my beautiful brushes to do the basics. I normally pack much more colourful shadows.

My wash bag also contained a very boring selection of bandages and dressing materials, so I can take care of my battered big toe; and some painkillers to kill some pain.

And that's everything that was in my wash bag.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.

What do you pack in your wash bags when you're away from home?


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Portchester Castle | Just You And Me And The English Channel

Hey guys,

I'm sorry that it's been quiet here over the last few days. We lost our Internet connection on Sunday night, and spent the last few days going cold turkey from the wonderful world of the Internet. Thankfully the problem is solved since I'm now back at home where we have a super fast connection. Hopefully I can bribe you in to forgiving me with this outfit post...

On Monday, my sister and I took a little drive over to Portchester Castle again, hoping to have a walk along the water in the snow. We were a little gutted to see most of the snow had cleared from the castle, but I guess that sea salt probably dissolved most of it on Friday when the snow first fell. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we had a lovely walk around the perimeter of the castle, which is surrounded by the sea for about half the walk. It was absolutely freezing, though, so I took the opportunity to wear my ASOS burgundy knit dress outside, which I'd bought with the intention of wearing it to keep warm in the snow. I also borrowed my sister's wellies, so I was all set.

Most of the snow at the castle had melted, but we could see all the buildings and fields in the distance dusted in snow. It almost looked like a ski resort in the distance.

There were dozens of wading birds out in the shallows which I'd never seen before, like this mottled brown bird with a long curved beak.

And also lots of these black and white birds standing on one leg like a flamingo, which I think are Oyster Catchers. Maybe.

The tide was out and what you can see behind me is tons of sea weed and algae. It smelt great!

Not the most flattering picture of me, but I was more concerned with keeping warm, and wearing shoes that wouldn't make me slip and cause more damage to my back. I'm wearing a pair of Joules wellibobs on my feet, which do unfortunately hide the smallest part of the legs.

I didn't notice the little chapel and cemetery last time, but it looked so pretty in the snow. Is it odd that I find graveyards interesting?

There was still a fair amount of snow on the grass on the grounds. Snow just makes everything more photogenic.

This is the view that awaits you when you arrive or leave.

Now on to the outfit...

This walk was one of the first times I've worn this knit dress, which I bought before Christmas from ASOS. I'd lusted after it from late summer when it landed online, because I could see it would be perfect for cold snowy walks. It certainly lived up to my expectations. 

It may sound odd, but I was drawn to the dress, because of the v neck. Most knit dresses I've seen tend to have scoop necks, which I hate because they broaden my shoulders... or at least I'm convinced they do. V necks on the other hand are flattering on broad shoulders, as they draw the eyes down from the shoulders. Sold!

The dress is the perfect thickness for me; it's fairly thin, but thick enough to provide warmth. I can't wear chunky knits for long as I get so over heated in them. It is however, a little see through in places, so I wore a red slip from another dress underneath to disguise the fact I was wearing a polka dot bra. Problem solved! 

I bought the smallest size in the Curve range, but could have easily sized down once or twice, so I'd advise doing so if you have that option. It's not too noticeably loose, and it's cosy and comfortable, so I'm not too phased by that. I also have to mention that these knit dresses are longer than they appear on the models. They're long midis, which fall a couple of inches below the knee on my 5'6'' height. You shorter ladies may need or prefer to have it shortened.

As well as this lovely oxblood red dress, I also have the mustard variation (both sold out now), and they also come in black and navy.

I wore purple leggings with this dress, plus my denim jacket and cut off crochet gloves for warmth, and a pair of ankle wellies so I could walk in the snow. The wellies weren't ideal with this outfit, but I had to overlook that for the sake of my safety this time.

What I Wore

Knit Dress: ASOS
Leggings: Evans
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Gloves: Accessorize
Bag: Accessorize
Wellibobs: Joules

Have you had much snow where you are? It snowed heavily on Friday, which gave us more than half a foot of snow, but it was washed away in the rain on Tuesday morning. I've just returned home to a foot of snow which had turned my home town in to a winter wonderland. Everything is blanketed and it's still snowing! I love it! It's freezing, though, so I think these dresses will be getting a lot of wear this week.

What do you wear in the snow to keep warm?

Do you love or hate the snow?
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