Sunday, 13 January 2013

Some Sunday Inspiration

Here's a little of what's been inspiring me this week... enjoy...

Another Sunday Inspiration post, another tulle skirt...

I've really had a thing for mint this last year. This is beautiful.

I'm in love with the mixture of oranges, and corals that make up this dress. It's a little different to most I've seen, and oh so stunning.

This lady's dress is lovely. I especially like the sleeves and sash.

I really like how yellow and purple work together, so naturally, I love this outfit. The colours compliment each other perfectly.. I need to get me a purple maxi skirt!


Now this is my kind of eye make up! I've done similar make up on myself regularly in the past, but I've never done the cat flick look with colour, but I'll have to!

Isn't it sad how accurate this image is? How society sees a woman by the length of her skirt?

And it's sad how we're labelled by our appearance. Our size, our weight, how we dress, how we carry ourselves... why can't we stop labelling people, and accept each other for who we are?

Losing weight rarely solves all of lives problems. We're more than just our dress size. 

If only life were that simple, huh? 

So true.

Life is too short to gossip and be negative about other people. Life is too short to be negative, full stop.

Blueberry and blackberry cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting... they look so good, and I love the presentation.

A domesticated silver fox! Can I have one?

Which image is your favourite?

I'll be back tomorrow with an original post.  Until then...


  1. great post, i love the top skirt and some very wise words.x

    1. Thanks Becky. Isn't it gorgeous? I want one! xx

  2. Fab post :) I sometimes think that losing weight will solve all my problems, but I guess it won't! Just my health ones ha.
    Charlotte xox

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I used to think that, too. And I'm sure for some losing weight does solve their problems, but it doesn't miraculously fix everything for everyone. I guess we try to blame our problems on our dress size far too much, to blame something for the parts of our lives we don't like. I know I did xx

  3. I love the fox so cute! All great images as always xx

    1. Isn't it adorable? I want one! Thanks hun xx

  4. I want a silver fox too! :O xxx

    1. It would fit in perfectly with the pet tapir, skunk, and pygmy hedgehog I also want! Haha. xx


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