Thursday, 31 January 2013

Join the Navy, Join the Dots

I was very rudely awakened yesterday morning to the naughty gale force wind pixies ripping my bedroom window open as far as it would go. They've been causing havoc for about four days now- crazy!

 After I'd played a game of tug of war with the elements, successfully prevented myself from flying off to Oz, shut the window and composed myself, I realised what a lovely day it was. The sky was bright blue and flawless, and there was so much sunlight flooding through the windows. Afters weeks of snow and rain, grey skies, and murky winter daylight, it was a pleasant surprise, and it instantly put me in a good mood.

I got out of the PJs for the first time since the weekend, dressed up, played with a little eye make up, blasted out some Panic! at the Disco, and felt a little like me again. Why am I telling you this? Well, because it actually resulted in an outfit post!

I wanted to wear my new burgundy tights which I bought from ASOS last week, and in the back of my mind I thought they might work with my navy polka dot AX Paris dress. I hadn't worn the dress since last summer, (I don't know why), and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked together. I built this look with red, white, and blue pieces as a winter take on the classic nautical look. I really like it.

I love this dress. Some of you might remember it from last summer, and perhaps the yellow variation that also appeared in my outfit posts from time to time. The polka dot print is perfect, the dress is super soft, lined, and brilliant quality. It's fitted on the waist, and has a fabulous full skirt which I love to swish and twirl in. There's little more that I ask for in a dress. Well, perhaps some sleeves, but we can't have everything.

The tights are a gorgeous rich burgundy and 80 denier, so they're generously thick. I had never bought tights from ASOS Curve before, and wasn't quite sure what size to go for. I compared the waist sizes with other brands I knew fit me, and they appeared to be 20cm smaller to the waist than ones I usually buy. I was certain this couldn't be right, so took a chance, but ordered the largest size... three-four sizes larger than I usually wear...

Well, when I tried them on I found that the fit was almost perfect. They'd be better if they were a little bit longer, but apart from that they're a great fitting pair of tights. I'm impressed with the quality and love the deep colour. Obviously tights are stretchy, but I'd still advise sizing up if you buy a pair.

These tights were just £6.00 and can be found here.

(Apologies for the sight of my bandaged toe through the tights).

As I was indoors with the heating on, I just popped a navy cropped cardigan over the top to keep things simple.

As for accessories, I wore my AbiLu charm necklace which I bought in Camden Lock Market a few years ago. It's a handmade piece with quirky little charms on it which is finished with one of their signature guitar plectrums. You can find similar designs here.

I also pinned this little cherry brooch on to my cardigan, which my Mum made for me by hand. Isn't it lovely? I then popped a pair of cherry earrings in my ears to bring the accessories together.

I was going to show you my gold and lime green eye make up, but unfortunately I have a very obvious spot on my nose which has turned my nose red and swollen. I think I could audition for a job as Rudolph and win since it's so red. Not a good look! Maybe next time.

Outfit Details
Dress: AX Paris
Tights: ASOS Curve
Cardigan: New Look
Brooch: Hand made by my Mum.
Necklace (similar): AbiLu Creations
Earrings: River Island

So overall I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I'm sure this won't be the last time I dress it all together. Actually, I'm certain.

How would you wear burgundy tights?

Would you wear burgundy with navy and polka dots? 

I'll be back with another post tomorrow... until then...


  1. this looks lovely! this dress i totally associate with you and your blog, and i love how you've given it a wintery twist! amazing xxx

    1. Aww thanks Hannah! I do love my polka dots, could you tell? Haha! I can't believe I hadn't tried wintery tights with it sooner! xx

  2. You look gorgeous! I bought these tights too and wore them last week, they spent most of the day around my ankles which is annoying as I love the colour! They look fab with navy, this dress is amazing on you x

    1. Thanks Linz! I hate it when tights do that. I've only worn mine around the house, so I don't know if I'll have the same problem out and about in them. I hope not! Thanks so much! xx

  3. I love this outfit!! And the brooch your mum made you is so lovely xx

    1. Thanks Rachel! I love it. I can't believe she never told me she had those jewellery patterns! I've wanted to try making my own jewellery for ages! xx


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