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May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Days 29 and 30- FOTD and Pretty Hair

Face of the Day...
Pretty hair...

Time for a catch up! I'll combine yesterday's topic with today's.

I've worn make up most days since I was about eleven or so, but I haven't really bothered putting on my face while I've been off sick. Seems pointless to do my make up when I'm not going anywhere. Today, I've done my make up just for you!

 Before I apply my make up I always cleanse, tone, and moisturise my face first. I'm currently using Garnier Fresh Essentials Grape Extract cleanser and toner, and The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser.

I start with the base, and apply foundation (if I'm wearing it). I'm currently using Benefit's Some kind of Gorgeous Lite. I would normally use an under-eye concealer, but I've ran out. Today, I used a Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in  a peach shade along my cheekbones to the outer corner of the apples of my cheeks, and went over it with Benefit Sugarbomb blusher. I then use a Body Shop powder along my t-zone and any shiny areas.

A good set of tools can make a world of difference when creating a look. These make up brushes came from Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful, a sister company of Lush that unfortunately went in to administration a few years ago. I was devastated as they were my favourite brand. These make up brushes didn't come cheap, but they're still going strong after several years. They're also vegan! My essential tool is an eye lash curler. If I only have time to apply one product, it's mascara after a quick curl. The make up products are what I used to create today's look.

These are my beautiful Inglot palettes. The fantastic thing about Inglot, is that the palettes are sold separately so you can choose your own colours to fill them with! I spent a small fortune and over an hour in their Times Square branch last summer, and could have easily bought more.

The colours I used are numbered... this is how I created the look:

Using number...

1. Sweep evenly and generously over the entire lid.
2. Shade the outer socket and  outer 1/3 of the lid. 
3. Blend over the middle of the lid.
4. Use a damp eye liner brush to line the upper lid.
5. Smudge across the lower inner lash line.
2. Line the lower lash line using a damp eye liner brush.

I then used Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara on my upper lashes, and added a coat of Maybelline mascara on the top and bottom. I can't fault either of these mascaras- they're both fantastic. Finish with a slick of lip gloss and voila!

 And this is the result!

I love coloured eye shadow, and enjoy trying out different colour combinations. Green is easily my favourite and most used eye shadow colour, and I like combining it with purple.

And on to the hair...

I don't often do a lot with my hair. I usually just wash, dry, and run the straighteners through it, perhaps add a hair accessory, and I'm good to go. I wear it down when I'm out of the house and tie it back when I'm just lounging around.

I started dyeing my hair this colour just over a year ago. I'm naturally a mid-dark brown and for most of my life kept my hair really long. I gradually started wanting it shorter and shorter until I got it cut in to a long layered bob at Christmas. It's grown out a lot since then, but I want to cut it that way again.

I use Schwarzkopf Live 'Real Red'. As I've not been able to dye it each month like I used to, it's not as bright red as it once was. I really love having it so bright and feel more like 'me' since I embraced the colour.



  1. Awwww look at you being just THE CUTEST :3

    The colors you used for your eye make up are so beautiful, makes me want to go play with my eye shadows! The green and purple looks amazing with your hair :)

    And your brushes are sooo pretty, too!

    How do you like Sugarbomb? Would you recommend it for someone who is super pale (aka moi)? I don't have a store that sells Benefit near me, so I can't try it, but it looks so great on you, so subtle but still effective if you kwim :)

    1. I just hate photos of myself. I get all embarrased like now.

      I'll always recommend playing with make up! Go go go!

      Thank you.

      Well, as you can see I'm super pale and I think it would also work well with your skin tone. I don't use too much on a brush at once or I end up looking like an umpa loompa (sp?). I'm always quite reserved with blushers as I never know how dark to go. They do a lighter pale shade too I think- is it Georgia? I can't fault the range anyway.

    2. I've been thinking about trying that Georgia powder, too, but I wasn't sure... guess I'll just have to wait and be patient till I make it to London next time. But thanks! :)

    3. I'm sure you'd be able to find it online. I'm pretty sure they'd all look great on you!

  2. i love your brushes they are very pretty you have lots of nice make up too. loving the hair i love the feather band xx

    1. Thank you. I think you would have loved their make up range; the shadows were all in little trinket boxes! I'm a bit of a make up addict! xx

  3. yayyyyyyyyyy!!! I love makeup posts! And your eyes look sexy as babe! xx

    1. *Blushes* thank you so much!

  4. Your hair is stunning, love the colour. and your eyes: so pwetti :)


  5. you are soo pretty and have beautiful eyes - great make-up post - i think brown eyes suit bold shadow colours especially with your hair - i envied brown eyes so much i had brown contact lenses for a while, i thought my colouring deserved brown eyes haha - i have now embraced my blues x

    1. *Blushes* thank you so much Maria! I think bright colour suits dark eyes, too. I always hear people say they love blue or green eyes, but rarely do I hear enthusiasm to dark eyes!! I love brown eyes, but think all eye colours are gorgeous and I'm sure your blues are goegeous!

  6. omg those brushes! <3 and that eyeshadow palette! <3 i am in looove xxx

  7. I love your hair color, I wanted to dye mine a similar color, a bit darker, but my hair is too black so my hair didn't come out as I had expected. I also like the way you did your eyes in the post above!

    1. Thank you for your nice comments, Shey :). It's difficult to get dark hair so red. It took a few months of dyeing mine to build the shade up to how I liked but my hair is naturally a little lighter than yours. I think it can be done if you go to a salon, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a cheap or easy experience.


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