Saturday, 26 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 26- What's In My Bag?

Day 26: What's in my bag...

I did a post like this a little over a month ago, which you can find here Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

I've decided to interpret the challenge in to 'what would normally be found in my bag'. The last time I carried a big bag around with me was in September, and since then a few bits and bobs have found temporary homes around the room. I've gathered the typical contents together just for you.

♥ Bag: Jane Norman at Debenhams
♥ Duvet Set: Next

A sweltering hot sunny day like today inspired me to show you my lovely Jane Norman shoulder bag. Nothing says summer more than a bright shade of yellow. I've owned this bag for several years now; I can't even remember how long ago I bought it.

It has so many pockets to organise things in!

I spy...

Is it bad I've just counted four Cath Kidston things in this snap shot alone?

Everything thrown in to a heap...

So, you caught me- I'm a gadget geek!

 I've had the Kindle since Boxing Day and it's one of the best things I've ever bought myself. I looked down my nose at e-readers for years (how could a screen compare to paper?), but I couldn't be without it now. I've read so much since I bought it. The pretty floral case is from Cath Kidston- highly recommend both!

The red star Cath Kidston case is for my camera (which I used to take the photos). I like to carry my camera everywhere. Then we have my red and black Blackberry, and my ipod with apple earphones and an ipod sock. I'd be lost without both of them.

I got the Cath Kidston case for my Blackberry in Carphone Warehouse.

Do you remember those days before iPods when we had to carry around a stack of CDs and a Discman, or a pile of tapes and a Walkman, to get a musical fix on the go? It was back breaking being dedicated to music as I grew up. I think I'm starting to show my age now... but iPods are such an amazing invention.

I always like to carry a notebook and a pen on me. This pretty notebook has faded a little and was from a local shop.

I always carry a spare pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses with me.

The glasses are Red or Dead; the sunglasses are Guess. The star case is Cath Kidston.

♥ Vaseline Cocoa Butter and Carmex lip balms. The Carmex ones are by far the best I've found.

♥ Contact lenses canister. It's usually on me in case the lenses irritate my eyes and I need to switch to glasses.

♥ Plasters... I'm prone to paper cuts and blisters.

♥ Body shop powder compact... useful for the mirror and for any touch ups.

As you can see, I use the palest shades as my skin tone is so pale. The freckles give me a little colour, but even they've lightened along with my skin since I've been off work and out of the sun. I must be one of the only girls who actually likes being pale.

This little hair brush may be compact but it's as good as a full sized brush! I always carry a spare hair bobble on me- I get a little wind swept sometimes.

Cath Kidston wallet... I showed you this a few days ago so I won't go in to detail again.

And on days like today, when there's not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is high, I try to keep some kind of refreshing spray on me to cool me down, and of course Sun Cream (not pictured). I usually use a Nivea factor 50+.  

I'm usually pretty sensible when it comes to protecting my skin on hot days.  I'm pale, I'm freckled, and I often burn with it on, even when regularly applied. I hate being sun burnt so I try to be careful. What ever I do I just seem to end up burnt with a million extra freckles.

So, this is my bag today. I often have make up on me- but which ones varies from day to day, and look to look. You may sometimes find perfume, a magazine, something to drink, a scarf, keys, or all of the above in there, too.

What's in your bag?



  1. your bag is so well organised and so pretty! i love the colour of it and it's great for this season. xxx

    1. Thank you! It's not always so neat, but I do clear them out a lot. xx

  2. i love my kindle too i still read actual books too i like to mix it up lol i love my gadgets swell especially my iPhone its basically glued to my hand! i love your cath kidson stuff xx

    1. I've read one paper-book since I got it, but intend to read from both and still collect books I've enjoyed. My phone's always attached to my hand, too. Thanks Rachel xx


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