Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 22- A Piece of Clothing or Jewellery That Was A Gift

A piece of clothing or jewellery that was a gift...

I don't often receive clothes as gifts. I think it can be overwhelming for a friend or relative to even attempt to buy clothes for someone else as personal taste is so... well, personal. I'm also not the kind of girl who likes to announce her size to people, so any clothes I've received in the past were usually chosen by me and then given on a birthday or Christmas by someone close to me at a later date.

The fashion items I've been given the most would be bags. Everybody close to me knows I LOVE bags with a capital L. Some ladies love shoes above anything else, but I love bags.

I think this River Island satchel was the last bag I received. My parents got it for me for Christmas... and they did well... if the person who ordered it with their credit card on their behalf does say so herself... (They let me pick the one I wanted).

I've not been able to use it yet and it's been sitting on the top of my wardrobe getting dusty from neglect while it waits patiently to be used

I know when I'm back on my feet I will make up for lost time and carry it with me everywhere I go.

I'm a big fan of satchels, and love the ruched detail to this one, as well as the classic colour. It has a long strap so that it can be worn on or over the shoulder, and a handle on top if I wish to carry it by hand. There's also inner pockets inside, and a generous amount of room.

I love River Island's bags season after season, and they're probably my favourite high-street shop for bags.

The satchels they've been stocking for the last couple of seasons have been my particular favourites. I've also got two similar satchels (although they have a smooth finish). I have one in green and tan, and also a navy and ivory striped one with dark brown straps, and bought both of them last Autumn/ Winter.

 I can't fault their bags, and I love my ever-growing collection.

What have your loved ones given you recently?



  1. I love river island bags and satchels they do some amazing ones! I got shoes for my bday from the mr I prefer shoes to bags usually xx

    1. They do! I could happily own most of them.

      Oooh lucky lady! I'm the opposite, though I do love shoes and like to spend many an hour drooling over them in shops, I just like to be bare foot. xx

  2. Bags over shoes any day! :) And this one is a beaut'!


    1. Bags are so much better! Thank you :)

  3. Oooh this bag is beautiful! Satchels are amazing in general, but this one especially. I love the color and the short handle on top :)

    1. Thanks Nita. I am partial to satchels. They're just so beautiful.


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