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May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 21- Something That Is Your Favourite Brand

Hey guys,

Sorry I've not posted over the last few days. I really wanted to keep up with the May challenge and post each day, but I've been struggling through a very bad spell of pain, and haven't been able to sit up or get out of the pyjamas since Sunday. It's been a bit of a rough week, and I actually had to postpone a hospital appointment I'd waited nine long months for. I swear I must have the worst luck ever! But hey, what can ya do? Must keep going and keep thinking positively.

Anyway, enough about that. Let's get caught up with the blogging challenge.

Day 21: Something that is your favourite brand...

I have several favourite brands, but don't necessarily own anything of theirs (such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Lulu Guinness). I love Cath Kidston, Guess, Fossil, Inglot to name but a few. As I want to use Cath Kidston for another day's challenge, I'll go with Guess.

I love Guess for their bags and sunglasses. They're a good quality, high-end high street brand, but still affordable. I doubt I'd fit in to any of their clothes, but I love them for their accessories.

Excuse the bare mattress shots.

I'm not usually a fan of black bags. They have, in my opinion, a tendancy to look cheap and tacky, and sometimes a little bit frumpy, too. I'm also such a fan of colour, that I often over-look black handbags.

I think, a good quality brand like Guess can make a world of difference- I adore their bags in every colour. It can be worth investing a little bit of money in to one to get a well made bag, as such a classic colour will last a life time if looked after properly. I think this Guess one is really well made and it'll be with me for a very long time. I love collecting handbags and try to keep them for as long as possible.

I love Guess's handbags as they always stock the most beautiful, classic (with a modern twist) designs. I came across this gorgeous shoulder bag in the Soho branch in New York last summer. (Apologies for another New York story!) I arrived in The Big Apple with intent to come home with at least one Guess bag, and knew this had to be one of them. I think I paid about $140 for it with tax.

It has great little details like a ruched style to the leather, a bow on each side, a little heart-shaped padlock on the front and a gorgeous floral patterned lining.

It's a 'fits-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' type bag. It's comfortable on my shoulder, and it also had handy zipped pockets inside and on the back, plus little pockets for the mobile and keys. It ended up being my carry-on bag on the plane on the way home, because it carries so much.

Another thing I love about Guess, is that there is an outlet shop in two outlet villages nearby. I once got a pair of red sunglasses from them for £25 which were originally £100!

What's your favourite brand?



  1. Awh hope you're feeling a lil bit better :( *hug*

    I love that bag! it's gorgeous! I love bags, that "fit everything but the kitchen sink"!


    1. Thanks Sian. I'll get there eventually.

      Me, too. I like carrying my life with me. Or did anyway! xx

  2. Hope you feel better and can get another hosp app soon, the bag is very cute xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. One of these days I'll get there I'm sure. Will have to wait and see. Thank you xx

  3. This bag has such cute details, like the bows and the little heart... great pick! Guess has beautiful ads imo, but I never looked at their stuff in stores - I'll keep an eye out now :)

    1. Thanks! You should totally check them out. They always have such beautiful bags!


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