Friday, 18 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 18- My Brightest Lipstick

My Brightest Lipstick

All of you ladies with a dressing table full of lip colours may be surprised to learn that I own just two lipsticks.

I haven't worn much lipstick or gloss since my teen years. I'm prone to chapped lips, so I usually just stick to my carmex lip balms and make a statement with my eyes instead.

This is my entire collection of lip products...

Pitiful, right? And I used to be the girl with so many to choose from!

(I loved Lancome Juicy Tubes).

These are my only two lipsticks, and as you can see, neither is bright. They're both natural-looking, pale shades of pink, although much lighter than they look on my milky skin!

They're both from L'Oreal. I've had the pale pink one for so long they probably don't even make it anymore and I can't make out the shade on the base. The gold one is Colour Riche Serum Beamy Plum 204.

This is my collection of Benefit 'Welcome to Glossytown' glosses. I bought them in the new year, as I wanted to make a conscious effort to wear lip colour more. Of course, I've barely worn make up since my injury, (although I used to wear it almost every day), but I can never resist anything Benefit-shaped.

The horizontal photo of my arm shows the colours back to front; and I tested the glosses starting at the left from top to bottom on my arm.

From left to right (in the box) the shades are:
Life on the A-List
Nudie Tude
Spiked Punch
Foxy Lady
Frisk Me
Kiss You

And the rest...

Lip Rock gloss in 'Rose' which was free with a magazine. I've never used it.

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain 02. It was free in this month's Marie Claire Magazine (UK Edition) which I got just today! I'm actually in love with it. It goes on bronze but has a wine stain to it. Get the magazine and get yourself a bargain!

And Benefit's "Her Glossiness. My People, Your People'. I think it was also free with a magazine (Glamour?), but I would have happily paid good money for it.

What lip colours do you use? Which can't you live without?



  1. oh lipstick-where would i be without you, i am alarmingly obsessed with the stuff, however the nudes you have are always amazing and gorgeous glosses for hints of colour- still a great collection- i carry a minimum 6 lippies with me every day - no kidding- just in case- all colours welcome! x

    1. I am trying to build a collection back up! Can't believe you carry 6 or more! But it's good to have a selection to choose from! I'm the same with mascara x

  2. i love your collection i like glosses but i always end up with sticky fingers or hair covered in gloss then it sticks to my face lol not a good luck so now i stick to lipstick less messy for me xx

    1. Thank you. I always have the same problem! I think lipstick is more classic and wearable, but I love a gloss, too xx

  3. That pale pink L'oreal lipstick is SO gorgeous! I love it! - Amelia

    1. Thank you. I love a pretty nude lipstick :)


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