Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 31 Day Blogger's Challenge: Day 10

Pretty Tights

It's day 10 of the May Blogger's Challenge and today's topic is Pretty Tights.

Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably realised I have a complex about my legs. About six months ago, I decided to move out of my comfort zone, and bought my first batch of tights in several years. And, I didn't just start with 100 denier opaque black tights, oh no; I threw myself in at the deep end and chose the coloured tights I was drawn to instead! Perhaps a moment of madness to some, but after years of nervously hiding my legs under jeans, I can now confidently go out in public with my legs only covered with hoisery (and a dress, or skirt, of course!).

This pair of teal tights have to be my favourite. The first time I put them on, I realised that tights were more flattering than the leggings I loved. They lengthen the leg instead of cutting it off at the ankle, and are such an easy way to change or brighten up an outfit. I can't remember where I picked these tights up, but they're one of the best fitting tights I've ever worn. Although they pretty much go up to my waist, they don't fall down!

Sorry for the poor quality of these photos. I'm not feeling so great today so only managed to stand for a minute to document what I'm wearing. I'm having a bad pain day, and actually slept on and off til 5pm today and woke up to rain so the light isn't great

I bought the denim dress last year and wore it to death last summer. It came with me to the beach, to New York, even to a concert in Scotland. It's a very light, soft denim, and soooo comfortable. It's a little big around the bust, but I love it. It has a cute frill detail to the (sleeveless) sleeves and collar, a ruched waist, mother-of-pearl buttons, and a belt that ties at the back. It's a perfect casual dress, and a different way to wear denim. I usually wear it with leggings, and a cropped cardigan- this is the first time I've teamed it with tights.

I know my outfits are a bit simple and repetitive right now, but my back injury means I have to prioritise comfort over anything else as the majority of my time is spent in bed. I find trousers and jewellery a little restrictive while lying down. So, today my only accessory is a star-print scarf which I've had for a couple of years but have barely worn. I love star prints almost as much as polka dots!

Outfit Details

♥ Dress: Dorothy Perkins
♥ Cardigan: New Look
♥ Scarf: Accessorize
♥ Tights: I don't know

Hope you all have a good night!



  1. lovely outfit as usual i love coloured tights the brighter the better ! xx

    1. Thanks Rachel :). I never thought I'd say I do too. I love them now I'm used to them! xx

  2. Your teal tights are gorgeous! I really want a pair now!

    1. Thank you Laura! I can't remember where they came from, but I know We Love Colors do teal tights.

  3. that's such a cute outfit! bright and beautiful <3


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