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What's In My Christmas Eve Box? 2014

Over the last few years, I've seen loads of posts about Christmas Eve boxes, and I've wanted to put one together for myself ever since. So this year, I have!

You might be wondering what on earth I'm talking about, so let's rewind for a sec. A Christmas Eve box is basically a box full of lovely things to enjoy on Christmas Eve, to help get you in the festive spirit as Christmas morning nears. (If Christmas Eve is a busy one for you, you could put a box together to enjoy on any night in during December; the details are up to you! Make it your own; there are no rules to conform to here).

Most of the posts I read were aimed at Children, but the idea can easily be adapted for any age group by selecting age-appropriate items and the recipient's favourite goodies. My box is aimed at adults, but would be suitable for teen girls, too.

I've been adding fun bits and bobs to my Christmas box throughout the year. Some items were bought especially for the box, while others were added from what I already had lying around. You don't need to spend a fortune to treat yourself or your loved ones to a fun Christmas Eve night in!

As I don't have kids or a man in my life, I've put this box together for myself- although I will be sharing some of the goodies with my family, too. Here's what I put in it:

A gorgeous pair of pyjamas from Dorothy Perkins, covered in snowflakes and animals. I'm crazy about that Alaskan print!

A new-to-me Christmas film- It's A Wonderful Life. (I'll probably add in a couple of old faves, too).

A new Christmas book- A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings by Dickens. (I've read A Christmas Carol several times, but I've never read any of his other festive stories before).

A few festive Yankee Candles to set the mood, and to make the house smell amazing. I picked up Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, and Candy Cane Lane. 

Not a fan of scented candles? Add plain tea lights or candles to the box instead

No Christmas Eve box would be complete without some delicious goodies to feast on. I'll be sharing this little lot with my family. I bought some salted popcorn; a box of Ferrero Rochers (my fave chocolates); a box of little Kinder chocolate bars (so good!); a Cadbury's Snowman; and a variety of Options hot chocolates. 

I also treated myself to a new Christmas mug from Cath Kidston for all my festive hot chocolates.

I added a small Christmas cross stitch kit in case I'm feeling crafty. I've had this since January, but still haven't managed to make it yet. You could add any craft kit you fancy to your own boxes.

And I also added a bunch of beauty products to pamper myself with, ready for Christmas Day. These are all things I already had on my dressing table; six out of seven have never been used. I've included three glittery Barry M nail polishes, (because wearing glitter polish at Christmas is the law); a Lush Yog Nog soap, which smells like gingerbread; a Lush Dashing Santa bath bomb for a relaxing bath after a busy day of Christmasing; a peppermint Lush face mask; and a set of Nail Ease red polka dot nail wraps.

And that is everything in this year's Christmas box! I can't wait 'til Christmas Eve when I can get stuck in and start enjoying it all!

You could also add: slippers, novelty Christmas socks, candy canes, marshmallows, snowballs, a new Christmas jumper, a Christmas dress, a festive playlist or CD, something alcoholic, favourite seasonal tipples, peppermint pedicure lotions and potions, bubble bath, a Christmas craft kit... the possibilities are endless!

If I was making a box for somebody else, I would also wrap everything up and display it all in a pretty box or gift bag.

If you're spending Christmas Eve night at home with your loved ones, why not make a Christmas Eve box to enjoy together? You could put a box together to enjoy with your kids, your partner, your siblings, your family, your friends... or even just to enjoy by yourself.

If you're short on cash, which, let's face it, most of us are at Christmas, you don't even need to buy all new things. Put together a basket of your existing festive things and make do with what you have! I'm sure everybody already owns at least a couple of Christmas movies, cosy pyjamas, slippers, a festive book, hot chocolate ingredients, and some tasty edible goodies to enjoy. Just gather what you need for a cosy night in, get comfortable, and enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

Are you making your own Christmas box(es) this year? What would you put in yours for the perfect Christmas Eve night in?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I've put that copy of A Christmas Carol on my wishlist haha!

  2. That's a lovely idea xx

  3. This is such a good idea. I'm going to do this next year. xx

  4. This is a really fun idea! I have a niece and nephew - maybe I will make boxes for them next year :D

  5. this is a fabulous idea ! mine would be filled with tea and snuggly blankets and chocolates xx

  6. Aw that's a lovely idea! Next Christmas will be my first as a mum so I'm going to start building a family one :)


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