Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What's In My Christmas Eve Box? 2015

Over the weekend, I finally finished my Christmas shopping, wrapped up the last of the Christmas presents, and put my Christmas Eve Box together.

I made one for the first time last Christmas, and it made my Christmas Eve night so lovely and cosy (well, until my Mum  cut a big chunk out of her shin around 10pm and things got a bit bloody and chaotic). Until then I really enjoyed pampering myself, so I just had to give it another go this year.

Before I talk you through what I've put in mine, let's back up for a second. If you're not familiar with the concept, a Christmas Eve Box is basically a kit of lovely things to enjoy on Christmas Eve as you count down the last few hours 'til Christmas Day. Think cosy new PJs, Christmas movies, hot chocolate ingredients, snacks, festive-scented candles, and all those things you consider essential for a good night in. It's totally up to you what you put in one, and the idea can be adapted for any age group by choosing age-appropriate items. You could make one for your kids, one to enjoy with your partner, family or friends, or even just for yourself. It's up to you.

I don't have kids of a man in my life, so I've made a box for myself- although I will be sharing some of the goodies with my family. As you can see, it's packed full of awesome things. This is what I put in it...

I put in a cosy pair of Elf Christmas pyjamas from Dorothy Perkins (best PJs ever!), and the cutest Accessorize koala slippers, which I picked up in the January sales for less than £4! I try to get a new pair of PJs to wear on Christmas Eve so I can get the cosiest night's sleep and look more presentable for photos on Christmas morning.

I added in a bunch of festive Yankee Candles to set the mood and make the house smell amazing. I obviously won't be burning all of them at once, but it's good to have options to choose from. I haven't tried any of the red ones yet, but the bottom three are all amazing!

For entertainment, I put in one of my favourite Christmas films of all time, Santa Claus The Movie, and I'll probably add in a couple more of my favourites, too. I also added my beautiful clothbound copy of A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings by Dickens. I bought it last Christmas but never found time to read it, so I'm hoping to start it this Christmas.

No Christmas Eve box would be complete without some delicious chocolates or other tasty treats to indulge in. I put in little boxes / packets of Milk Tray, Guylian belgian chocolates, and Ferrero Rochers which were only a £1 each in ASDA. I also added a selection of Options hot chocolate sachets, and my Cath Kidston Christmas mug.

And to really pamper myself on Christmas Eve, I've added in some beauty products. I went with a set of red fairisle false nails, and a glittery gold nail polish from Ciaté to make my nails look super festive. I added a Vitamin E face mask from The Body Shop to give my skin a treat, and also a Frosted Cranberry soap and shower gel (which can be used as bubble bath, too) because the fragrance smells like Christmas.

And that is everything I put in my Christmas Eve Box! I can't wait to enjoy it all as I wind down on Christmas Eve night, and count down the last few hours 'til Christmas morning.

Will you be putting a Christmas Eve Box together this year? What would you put in yours for the ultimate festive night in?


  1. Your box looks SO GREAT!! I really wanted to do this - but totally forgot and I think it may be too late to get organised now. I really hope you have a lovely Christmas evening and that your mum is injury free this time!

  2. Your box is beautiful!!!! It is a lovely idea and I'd love to do this but I was at church playing for 4 Christingle services. New pajamas are something I'd love!!!
    Your poor Mum,,how did she do that????

    Santa Claus the movie is one of my favourites too- I love Dudley Moore as the elf!!! I remember meeting him and telling him it was my favourite thing!


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