Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Hey guys,

Firstly, I just want to say I'm sorry that this week's Wednesday Wish List is a little later than scheduled. I've been at the hospital today having a minor op on one of my big toes, and didn't have a chance to put this post together earlier. 

Apart from having four painful injections in my toe and bleeding through the bandages by the time I got to the car, everything went well, and I'm now back in bed watching The Sound of Music with my feet up.

Anyway, less about that; let's move on to this week's Wednesday Wish List...

So, as you can probably tell, this week I've mainly been coveting a lot of pretty dresses. Nothing new there, then! I can't help it; they're my one true love.

I love maxi dresses, but it's not often that I like maxi dresses with sleeves; I often find them to be frumpy, and a bit too old for me... perhaps because of how much skin they cover up, but I adore Monsoon's Aardashini maxi dress (1.). It's so colourful and pretty, and the geometric patterns are striking. I think it would be a great dress for wearing on the beach and then heading to the bar for a couple of cocktails, or just for wandering about in the sunshine. At £95, it's highly unlikely to make it in to my wardrobe, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

If you're a plus size blogger, or just read a lot of plus size blogs, I'm sure you've heard all about the blogger collaboration with Simply Be. For those who don't, basically three plus size bloggers were chosen to work with Simply Be to design their own dresses for plus size women. I absolutely LOVE the dress which Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion designed (3); it's bright pink with an ice cream cone print, and short sleeves,,, it basically looks like the perfect dress! It's just gone on sale, and although I can't afford just yet, I hope it'll make it's way in to my wardrobe.

And finally, another piece I'm absolutely smitten with is a black polka dot chiffon dress from Matalan (8). It's just a simple, classic polka dot dress, but I have a very similar dress with a hi-lo hem, also from Matalan, which I practically live in, so this one would be a great investment. Except, at just £20, it's not an investment- it's a steal!

I love all of the pieces I've featured this week, but those three are my favourites.

What's on your wish list at the moment?



  1. 4 brutal injections sounds horrendous, I hope your toe gets better, I can so see you in the sleeved maxi dress with your glorious eyeshadows, and the dotty chiffons are you so much - predictably I like number 2 (always the 50's sigh) x

    1. They were quite nasty. Thanks, Maria. I'm sure it'll be fine in no time. I would love to wear that dress, but at that price I don't see it happening. I love no 2, as well. Definitely my favourite style of dress to wear xx

  2. Ow, were they cortisone injections by any chance? I had a cortisone injection in my achilles heel a few years ago and that was more painful than a fooked heel!

    I love Lauren's dress best out of the 3 dresses, with Em's coming up a close second. I think Lauren's is the most casual. The other two are a bit too dressy and I don't go to dressy occasions very much. x x

    1. No, they were just local anaesthetic injections. The cortisone injection sounds like agony! I've had a very painful tattoo done on my foot which took an hour and hurt like hell, but injections in the toe hurt 100 times more.

      So do I! I think Lauren's dress is so fun, and it's definitely more my style than any of the others. I think you'd look fab in all three, though xx

  3. ouch, hope your toes feeling better soon.

    I love the ice cream cone dress although I am not sure I would wear such a bright pink, but then again it's good to try new things! I especially like dress 8.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. It'll be fine in no time.

      The ice cream print dress is loud and not for the colour-shy, but all it takes is time and experimenting with colour at home to start getting used to wearing colour. Dress 8 is one of my favourites, too xx

  4. I have Lauren's and em's dresses on the way to me :) xx

    1. I bet you'll look amazing in both of them xx


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