Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Under the Green Umbrella Trees

Hey there, lovelies,

I've got a quick casual outfit to share with you this morning, which I wore to the hospital to be lectured and patronized by my physiotherapist yesterday morning. I'd go in to what happened, but I'd only start to rant about what she said.

The dress which I am wearing in this post is one of two frocks I purchased last week with a New Look voucher I won from Becky and Betty's joint blog giveaways. It was a lovely surprise to find out I'd won, and I was obviously excited to spend it as it's been a while since I've been able to afford new clothes for myself. So, thank you so much ladies! I purchased a cobalt blue chiffon dress, and this lovely denim number...

This lovely light-wash denim dress is so effortlessly wearable. It is the perfect dress to be worn casually in the day time for running errands, going to hospital appointments, and perhaps doing a spot of shopping. I think it could also work down the pub in the evening, at festivals and concerts, and perhaps even for nights out if the right accessories are used.

I was drawn to the dress online due to the pretty crochet collar detail which is shaped like sunflowers, but I also knew it would be the perfect casual piece to add to my rather dressy wardrobe. I don't have many casual pieces I can just throw on for a hospital appointment or for nipping to the supermarket. This dress certainly solves that problem perfectly.

The dress is made from a decent denim which isn't too heavy or too thin (although my leggings can be seen through the fabric). It'll be ideal for wearing all year round. I originally thought this was a prom dress style, but it actually has a modest asymmetric hem; although I really love that about it. (I'm still loving asymmetric skirts.) I did however, size up as I thought it had a fitted waist, but it turns out it's elasticated so it's rather loose on me- especially around the boobs... (However, this dress should be able to accommodate you ladies with ample chests). I cinched in the waist tightly at the back with the matching denim belt, which solves most of the over-sizing, and a cardigan disguises most of the looseness around the girls. I presume the denim isn't pre-shrunk, so I imagine it'll probably shrink a little in the wash, anyway, as I wear it. I just couldn't be bothered to return and reorder.

I'm smitten with this dress, and I'm so pleased I purchased it. It was a bargain at just £24.99, and I know it will be getting regular wear from now on. My only bug bear about it, is that it creases so easily, but that's a common issue with light-weight denim...

So, yesterday, I wore it with my basic purple Evans leggings, and a scalloped off white shrug by Lovedrobe. I wore my blue Havaianas flip flops as my toes are still recovering from operations and can't be enclosed, and used my pin stripe River Island satchel. I accessorised with a few pieces of jewellery which I'll show you below.

Here you can get a glimpse of the dress not hidden beneath a cardigan.

I love this beautiful neckline.

This is one of my favourite bags from my collection. I find the combination of colours, patterns, and textures interesting and aesthetically pleasing. It came from River Island about a year and a half ago, and it looks great with the dress.

I can't help but smile when I see daisies, and they're scattered all across our lawns now Summer has arrived.

And these are the accessories which I also wore. I won the double cameo necklace and the pearl bracelet with the flower charm from Rachel's blog giveaway a month or so ago, and I've barely taken them off since. I have a soft side for cameos and pearls, and I don't think I could love these two pieces more! I'm particularly crazy about the double necklace.The other two pearl bracelets are by Matalan, and the daisy earrings are a current line from River Island.

Outfit Details

Dress-New Look Inspire // Leggings-Evans // Shrug-Lovedrobe // Flip Flops-Havaianas // 
Satchel-River Island (ebay here)  // Daisy Earrings- River Island // Plain Pearl Bracelets-Matalan // Floral Charm Pearl Bracelet-Won in Rachel's giveaway // 
Cameo Necklace-Won in Rachel's giveaway //

This dress is definitely a winner, and I recommend it to all you denim loving ladies. It's available in sizes 18-28 on the New Look website, and if you're thinking of purchasing one, you should be fine with your normal size. Trust me, ladies, you need this dress. I'm certain you won't regret the purchase!

Do you like denim dresses? How would you style this dress?

I'm personally planning to restyle it with tan and brown accessories, along with a few thin braids in my hair.



  1. Oh this is a cute dress - I love the crochet collar bit (whatever you call that - a yoke?). Congrats on willing the blog giveaway - I'm so glad you could buy some lovely things for yourself!

    1. Thank you! I guess it's probably called a yoke, but I'd just call it a collar as the right words never come to me! Lol. Thanks, Trees. It was lovely to treat myself to a couple of things :)

  2. Love this dress on you :) glad you like the necklace and bracket ! Sorry the hospital woman was a bitch xx

    1. Thanks, Rachel :). I really do love the necklace and bracelet. I honestly have barely taken them off since they arrived- so perfect, as was the rest of the giveaway box! Thanks hun; I've kind of gotten used to going to horrible people xx

  3. I very nearly bought this dress. It looks great on you! Lovely daisies too. x x

    1. You'd look great in this dress, Leah! I hope you pick one up! xx

  4. Loving the crochet on the dress and having serious jewellery envy, you have so many things I love and it's an area I need to improve on x

    1. Thanks, it's so pretty! Well the jewellery was all thanks to Rachel's blog giveaway; my accessories collection is actually super small at the minute. I'm trying to build it back up but always get side tracked with dresses! xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit, man I adore that bag too! xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! I think this is probably my favourite bag ever! xx


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