Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Favourites #36

Hey folks,

I have so many things I want to share with you today! This feature expands little by little every week, as I love putting these posts together and can't justify leaving the good stuff out. Next I'll be splitting Serendipity Sunday in to two parts, and posting one on Monday! But, I'll try not to.

Just be yourself.

Stunning eye make up.

I want to try this look.

The dress, tattoos, and hair are all perfect!

Aren't these blue roses beautiful?

I love this blue rose tattoo, too.

These tulle skirts are available on Etsy in a rainbow of colours, and they do custom sizes, too!

Still love the print of this dress.

I forget if I've posted this apple nail art before, but it's so cute.

I want to cut my fruit in to star shapes! So simple, but so cool.

I love this dress. This lady made it from her Mum's old curtains!! Amazing.

I want to try this hair crown braid.

I used to have nightmares about sinking in quick sand thanks to dramatic TV shows.

How cute are these cup cake boxes? They're can be purchased on Etsy to download! I know I'm tempted!

I wish I had a baking cupboard like this. Actually, I wish I had my own baking cupboard.

Cute kitchen.

Okay, I've never been on a picnic that looked like this. Why aren't I doing this?


These traditional beach huts are adorable.

Arbor is a rescue dog from Las Vegas, who now spend his time painting to raise money for local animal charities! Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Love this tattoo

I don't know why this image amuses me so much.


At first glance these swings look like bus stop seating, (which would be the coolest thing ever), but it's actually an art installation in Montreal that plays music as you swing! I want a go!

I'm good at being me, and I'm proud of who I am.

Simple as that.

All things happen for a reason.

I'd love puppy cuddles with this litter of wrinkly Shar-pei puppies!

// Orphaned Pitbull Puppy Adopted By Mama Cat. These photos will warm your heart.

// I love the way The Frugal Closet has organised her make up drawers inspired by a tutorial on Youtube.

// Who's going to have a go at Miss Indie's Summer Photography Challenge? I might.

// I'm not sure I'd want to have this big pup sleeping at the foot of the bed... but what a beautiful animal.



  1. Love this post :) The apple nails are so lovely - wish I could do something like that on my own nails! And the puppies are just too cute!
    Charlotte xxx

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I'm sure you'd manage to do the apple nails yourself with some practise. It's definitely much easier when someone else does the manicure for you, though! (I'm useless at it). Haha!

  2. I notice you have Juanita Weasel on there from the Bloggess. Have you read her book? She's amazing.

    1. No, I've not read her book; I just couldn't help but laugh at the image!

  3. I love this post fab as always xx


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