Saturday, 29 June 2013

New Little Additions to My Cath Kidston Collection

Hey guys,

Just a quick post from me today. I thought you might like to see a couple of little travel accessories I picked up in Cath Kidston last weekend. 

My older sister, brother-in-law and I popped over to Bicester Village, which is a well known outlet village not far from where we live. The sister wanted to look for household accessories and I rarely turn down an invitation to go to Cath Kidston. Who does? The brother-in-law tagged along for waffles and gelato (from another vendor, obviously), which I guess was his reward for being subjected to some girlie outlet shopping. Thankfully, for him, and my back, we weren't there long.

Cath Kidston was rammed with bargains and bargain shoppers alike, and it was pretty difficult to negotiate our way around to browse. A lot of the S/S products had finally made their way in to the outlet shop, including the wild strawberry print, which I love. I had to force myself to be sensible, and just treated myself to a passport cover, and a travel card holder. Oh, and some cardboard folders to organise injury related paperwork.

So, I know I'm unable to go travelling at the moment, but I bought this passport cover as I adore the cute print, and my current passport cover doesn't fit in my CK travel wallet. My passport is my main source of ID, so it'll get used from time to time. It's slimline, sturdy, and also easy to keep clean, and was just £4 on sale, instead of £8! You can find it online here, currently for £5.

I also bought myself this ticket holder. I've needed something like it for years, as I don't like pulling my wallet out every two seconds when I'm travelling, and I always crease tickets or demagnetise them if I keep them in my pocket. I'm not sure what the name of this print is, but it's at least a few seasons old. The background is a camel colour, and it's covered in a floral and bird print. This is one CK print I didn't previously have in my collection

Trying to take a photo of the inside was tricky, but inside it has three clear compartments to make travelling that bit easier. It was £4 on sale instead of the £6 RRP. This one isn't online anymore, but there are different styles available here.

Are you off to do a bit of sale shopping today, or have you nabbed yourselves any good bargains recently?


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