Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Birthday Wednesday Wish List

With just under a week to go 'til my birthday, I've been thinking and day dreaming about all those items I've been coveting most lately. The pieces which I am desperate to own and would point out to family members should they ask for ideas, or would like to purchase to if I receive money as gifts from relatives, which I sometimes do. I don't ever expect gifts from anybody, so this is more of a dream list than anything else... and a reminder of the things I most hope to acquire before they go.

 My most wanted list is made up of a good variety of items and definitely highlights my love for colourful, patterned, quirky, kitsch, fun, and lady-like designs. My outfit posts may seem quite repetitive, but I do have quite eclectic tastes, and enjoy wearing a variety of  styles.

I would be over-joyed to own any of these things, but especially the kooky strawberry (3) and owl (12) shaped bags from Accessorize, which I adore, and all or any of the dresses. Besides Lauren's pink ice cream print dress (1), I can't stop thinking about the Aztec asymmetric New Look dress (6) with it's incredible striking dipped skirt; I think it looks so versatile. I've also not been able to get the Simply Be blazer in menthol (2) out of my head since I saw Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge rocking it in her Fatshion Faceoff post last Wednesday. (Didn't all the FF ladies look amazing together in NYC?!) I love the colour and the pearl buttons, and can see it working so well with my yellow polka dot prom dress. It must be mine!

There may be extra pieces on this list by the time my birthday rolls around, but I do hope I can call a few of these beauties mine before they sell out. I don't object to treating myself to things around my birthday, so I wouldn't be surprised if I 'accidently' make a few cheeky purchases myself...



  1. Thanks some birthday list :) I hope you have a fabulous birthday xx

    1. It is, but I wasn't expecting to get much of it! Thanks lovely. I had a quiet but nice one this year xx

  2. Lovely list, I have had the tatty devine book in my amazon wish list for ages I can't decide whether to get it or not. I love the strawberry bag. I saw the owl bag in accessorize last week and thought it was lovely. Hope you have a great birthday x.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I'm still planning on buying the Tatty Devine book, and according to Rachel it's a good book! Just need some spare pennies to order it. Both the strawberry and owl bags are amazing! Thanks, I had a lovely day xx


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