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Stila Make Up Bargain Buys

I love ASOS, as many of my regular readers are likely to have observed by now. 

As fashion retailers go, ASOS is one of the very best. Not only do they sell their own cutting edge clothes and accessories- which I'm sure you know also have one of the best plus size lines around- but they also carry clothes, accessories, make up, and cosmetics from a wide variety of other brands.

I'm particularly fond and acquainted with their 'Saved Items List'. I regularly add all sorts of wonders to mine to mill over, to wait to see if they may go on promotion, or to remind myself to purchase the amazing find at a later date.

My saved list has been cluttered with festive Stila make up since early December. I've been buying my time waiting for a little money to spare, and this week I was able to pounce.

I sold a coat on eBay, and exchanged the money for Stila make up. Not for myself, you'll understand, but to squirrel away for Christmas presents. No, I've not gone mad; I'm not usually this prepared, but I'm determined to spread the cost of this year's gifts throughout the year for a change. I'm not sure who I shall be giving them to, so I think it's okay for me to show you them.

So, first up is the Large Snowflake Palette which is made up of eighteen eyeshadows and twelve blushers. The palette is shaped like a hexagon, with a pretty, festive snowflake design, and it's about the size of a dinner plate. The set also comes with a free black mascara.

It has a wonderful variety of blusher shades in pink, coral, terracotta, and red; which surely caters for almost every taste, skin tone, and look, whilst being suitable for everything from work to party time. There are equally a fantastic selection of wearable eyeshadow colours to create subtle looks for day time, or more intense looks for night. I honestly think this palette is brilliant; the quantity of make up in the palette is great, and everything is wearable- this is perfect for ladies who like to create a variety of make up looks and like a little colour, but nothing too bold.

This palette retailed at the reasonable price of £29.50, but it's currently on sale here for a modest £13.50 on ASOS! I really hope I can pick up a couple more before they sell out.

And next up is the Merry and Bright Palette and Lip Glaze Sets. These sets consist of a bronze lip glaze, six eyeshadows, and a multi functional highlighter.

Each set has lovely packaging in duck egg blue and light teal, with a girl on the front in an evening gown. It's a light-weight yet sturdy palette, which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The sets were packaged with cellophane, with the lip glazes beside them, and wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.

The palettes have a decent sized mirror, with tips on how to wear the make up. The six eyeshadows are displayed like a snowflake, with the highlighter beneath them. 

The eyeshadows in various browns and black are perfect for every day wear. This is basically a collection of the perfect basic neutral shadows every girl should own. This would be perfect for work, school, or play, and for creating natural, professional, and smokey looks. Perfect for colour-phobes and non colour-phobes alike. The highlighter is a lovely pale coral, again a colour suitable for every day, and one I'd imagine would suit most skin tones.

These sets were originally priced as £12.50 on ASOS, although I bought them for the purse-friendly price of just £5 each this week here! That's an incredible bargain when you take in to account that Stila Lip Glazes alone retail around the £15 mark! 

I'm determined to keep all these wonderful Stila sets aside for Christmas presents for my friends and family, but I'll admit I'm very tempted to just keep them all for myself! Yes, make up does have a shelf-life, but I'm sure they'll be just fine stored in a cool dry place.

So, whether you want to follow suit, or perhaps buy one for yourself, head on over to ASOS. They may be festive themed, but the make up is fantastic and works just as well at other times of the year, too. All the Stila sale items can be found here, and there are also various items on sale on Stila's website, too.

Have you tried any of this make up before?

Are you a fan of Stila cosmetics?

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  1. What a bargain, and how clever to pick up Christmas presents throughout the year. I must immediately rush to ASOS...

    1. They were. I've had to vow to pick gifts up throughout the year this year to be able to afford Christmas this year. ASOS is great for finding amazing bargains!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog, it's so great!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like xx


    1. Thank you! I shall pop over and have a look :)

  3. My mum started buying Christmas presents too lol xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

    1. Wise lady. I don't usually Christmas shop until Autumn, but I don't have a choice financially this year x


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