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Review | Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set

I've been wanting to treat myself to Stila's All is Bright lip glaze set since I discovered it in ASOS's Christmas gift listings back in December. This week I was finally able to.

The set contains eight lip glazes in 2 best selling shades, and 6 limited editions. The lip glazes in the set are worth £75, but this set is amazing value for money as it retails for just £18.50!! I however managed to pick the set up on sale on Stila's website at the bargain price of £12.95! What a steal.

The pens are made from light weight plastic, and have a stylish, expensive appearance. They're light enough to carry around in your bag throughout the day or night.

Holly //  Sugar plum //  Black Cherry // Joy //  Jingle // Jack Frost // Jolly // Splendor

The lip glazes are full size Stila products, in eight wearable colours. The colours include a great selection of pinks, corals, and berries which are not only suitable all year round, but so versatile, too. The colours can be worn as a subtle layer of colour, or built up for a more bold lip, so they can be worn suitably for lots of different scenarios from work to nights out and just general every day wear. I really love that option with make up, and how the boldness can be built up depending on your confidence, preference, or situation.

Holly //  Sugar plum //  Black Cherry // Joy //  Jingle // Jack Frost // Jolly // Splendor

The variety provides so many fantastic options and looks. I don't know about you, but I like to change my make up looks from day to day instead of sticking to one or two favourite looks all the time. I like how this set provides the opportunity to change from pink to coral and fuchsia and berry as your mood dictates you.

Holly //  Sugar plum //  Black Cherry // Joy //  Jingle // Jack Frost // Jolly // Splendor

Holly //  Sugar plum //  Black Cherry // Joy //  Jingle // Jack Frost // Jolly // Splendor

I love every one of these lip colours with my very pale skin tone. They're all suitable for porcelain skin tones, although I think each of these would look equally striking on dark skin tones, too. I like the variety of bold colours and softer shades, and the pigment of the colours is amazing. I think my favourites are probably Holly, Black Cherry, and Jingle so far.

To use, all that's required is a quick couple of twists of the tube which distributes gloss on to the silky soft brush. It's so easy, and you can control how much gloss comes out. Then just brush the lip glaze on to the lips as you would normally.

A little goes a long way, and remains in place for hours, too. I find the lip glosses to have very little stickiness, unlike most other glosses which I find end up sticking to everything but my lips. I love this! They have the texture of a soft, glossy lip stick, and I find they soften my lips wonderfully, which is amazing as I'm prone to very dry chapped lips. 

Overall, I'm so very impressed with these lip glazes. The colours are fantastic and they're so easy to use and hard-wearing. The set was a complete bargain for eight full sized products, and I really love the cute packaging the festive set was given, as well as the cute festive names. Oh, and the set was dispatched swiftly  and delivered within 48 hours- plus the delivery charge is currently free! Can't ask for much better than that!

I'd say these are some of the best lip products I've ever tried, and would recommend that everybody gives them a try! The set can be bought on the Stila website here.

Have you tried this lip glaze set yet? What do you think?

Are you a fan of Stila make up?

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