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Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Finding the perfect foundation can be as difficult as finding the right pair of jeans. One size most certainly does not fit all.

When it comes to foundation, we're searching for the perfect shade. The one which won't leave us looking like an Oompa Loompa, like some of the girls we see every day. Admit it, you know at least one lady who always looks like she's been tangoed...  Then there's the optimum level of coverage- light, medium, full. There's your skin type to think of- sensitive, dry, oily. Are you looking for a matte finish, or a dewy one? Are you looking for one with an SPF? Do you prefer using liquid or cream? It's exhausting just thinking about it.

I can't speak for other skin tones, but I've always had difficulties finding foundation pale enough for my very fair skin. All too often, the lightest shade in any number of ranges is still too dark for me. The times I've managed to find a good match, the foundation has felt far too heavy on my skin, even when mixed with moisturiser.

However, I think I may finally have found that elusive 'one'.

And the 'one' is Rimmel's Match Perfection in Light Porcelain.

I was compelled to purchase this foundation after trying a sample in a magazine and finding myself impressed with the results.

I picked mine up from ASOS for £6.99, but you can usually find Rimmel in Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, and most of the big name supermarkets.

The Match Perfection foundation has been enriched with blue sapphire pigments which help to reflect natural skin tone and texture, and cover imperfections, while providing a flawless finish and radiance under any light. It's been designed to last all day and to give a natural finish.

But is it worth the hype?

The Match Perfection foundation comes in a 30ml glass bottle, which is a generous size and doesn't have a 'cheap' appearance like many of the 'drugstore' brands often do. The foundation comes in eleven different shades, the palest being light porcelain as shown above. It also contains SPF 18.

It has a pump for applying the liquid on to your fingers or make up brush, and I find it really easy and convenient to use.

So, as you can see the colour is a pretty good match for my skin tone. I began to rub a little in to my skin to the right of the swatch to show you how it begins to blend it beautifully. Once properly blended in, it leaves no streaks or noticeable lines along the hair line, and leaves a natural but flawless finish. I've found it even evens out my skin tone, and conceals the dark circles well, too. I'd say this foundation is a medium coverage base, not too heavy, and not to light.

My best friend loved the results on me, and noted that the shade was perfect, and my skin looked great.

I'm extremely pleased and impressed with this foundation. The shade is the perfect one for me. It gives a flawless finish. It evens out my skin tone, and disguises red areas and dark shadows. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, and it even keeps my oily nose at bay. 

The longest I've worn it so far has been about nine hours, and I can report that it remains consistent throughout the day/night- even during a concert where I was over heating from the hot lights from the stage.

In the photo above, I am wearing the foundation on the right half of the back of my hand, and none on the left. As you can see the colour is spot on, and the finish flawless.

So, overall I'm very impressed with this foundation. I give it top points across the board, and will definitely be replacing it when I've used it up. This may actually be the best foundation I've ever used! And believe me, I've tried a few.

 I hadn't used much Rimmel make up since my teen years, but I think that may be set to change.

Five stars!

Have you tried Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation? What did you think?

Do you struggle to find the right foundation? Which one do you swear by?

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