Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's all about the accessories

On the weekend I was having a particularly bad bout of Cabin Fever. Being confined to bed most of the time doesn't often phase me any more, but I do still get the odd day when it feels like the walls are closing in on me, and I just have to break free of the tethers. 

One of my sisters drove us to the nearest town where we dawdled and browsed around the high street. I wasn't intending to buy anything, as I'm really scraping the pennies at the minute... but then Accessorize happened...

I left with a new snood, and five pairs of earrings. I particularly fell in love with the studs and couldn't leave without them.

The earrings included a pair of retro glasses, a pair of rainbows, and three pairs of ladybirds.

These little glasses were just £2, and came in a variety of colours. My favourite pair was the turquoise. I love retro inspired fashion, especially from the forties and fifties, and I'm a fan of all things quirky, so it was love at first sight with this pair. I think they'll look cute with many of my dresses.

I'd been admiring these ladybird studs for some time, and had been meaning to adopt them, so I did. Well, you know me and my love of wearing animal inspired garments and accessories. They were £4 for the set.

My favourite pair of earrings purchased is definitely the rainbow studs. They're adorable, cute, and quirky, and exactly my style. I'm looking forward to wearing them with my yellow polka dot dress this summer. This pair was £2.

I also bought this lovely orange and navy fairisle snood. The orange isn't as bold as it appears in these pictures. The colour to the left half is the best representation of the true colours which I'd describe as quite soft and subdued.

The Phoebe snood is long enough to wrap around the neck twice, although it's shorter than other snoods I own. I really love the fairisle pattern, and the wool is soft, and keeps in a lot of heat.

It was originally £20, but on sale for a meagre £6, so I snapped up the bargain, and went on my merry way!

There were lots of other earrings and a few necklaces in colourful colours and quirky designs in the range which I also loved, and hope I can pick up later in the year. I'd definitely recommend popping in for a look this season.

Which one is your favourite?

Have you shopped at Accessorize lately?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the glasses and ladybird studs. I really need to start getting back into the habit of wearing earrings again.

    1. I'm the same, to be honest. I take earrings out before bed and then end up forgetting to put a pair back in... then get out of the habit for a few months. I don't know why as I love earrings!

  2. I love all your studs. I bought the rainbow ones a few weeks ago. They are so cute. Now I want the ladybird ones too. xx

    1. Thank you. The rainbows really are lovely, and I'd recommend the ladybirds. They're so cute!

  3. retail therapy is a wonderful thing - rainbows on the ears are a wonderful thing, its little lifts what make a big difference and can motivate us (or distract maybe hmm)accessorize is a dangerous place (for me! hehe) x

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. And Accessorize is far too dangerous to shop with... I end up wanting everything I see! xx


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