Monday, 4 February 2013

Cath Kidston Haul

When I went to the outlet village, Bicester Village, a few days ago, I couldn't resist popping in to Cath Kidston for a quick browse. I didn't go in with the intention of buying anything, but there were a couple of things that I couldn't leave without...

These little brooches were on my Autumn wish list, but I couldn't really justify the delivery charge for such small, frivolous things, so I never made a purchase.

When I saw them in the outlet shop in those impulse-buy containers around the till, I grabbed a set at lightning speed. They were originally £8 for the set, but on sale for £4. Very purse friendly and not bad for three brooches.

I've coveted this set since Autumn mostly down to the gorgeous little fox pin; I've loved foxes since I was a little girl. The set also comes with a cute red squirrel and an acorn brooch. There's something so English about all three of these designs... but I guess that's the point as Cath Kidston is so quintessentially English.

Another bargain which leaped in to my hands in the blink of an eye were these crest buttons. These buttons are very similar to the buttons on my cropped military jacket, except they're silver instead of gold and a little bit smaller. My jacket is missing a button or two, and when I saw these online in their A/W collection I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought they'd be perfect for giving my favourite jacket a new lease of life when I can bear to part with the gold ones.

Again, these were on sale online, but I couldn't justify the purchase against the delivery charge. They were originally £6.00 for a set of six, and on sale for £1.50. I bought two packs. You can find them online here.

The armour buttons have traditional crests on them and bare the words 'The West Riding'.

Another purchase I couldn't stop myself from making, was this floral cover for my iPod. I've had my iPod touch for a year and a half and had never bought a case for it. I just never seemed to find any for the iPod touch.

Last week I was in another outlet village and saw a Cath Kidston case for the iPod, but was disappointed when I saw it was designed for a different model. So when I saw this one, I had to get it. It was originally £25.00 and on sale for £15.00. The price was still quite steep, but a good reduction, and from experience, I know CK cases last. I've had one on my Blackberry for two years with just minimal scratching to it. I love the floral design- it even matches my blog design... just in a different colour! Now that's what I call coordinating!

Not a Cath Kidston purchase, not even anything to do with fashion, style, or beauty, but I thought I'd share them anyway for the book lovers amongst you. I bought these two Dean Koontz novels in Sainsbury's. They were £1.99 each or £3.00 for two, so naturally I bought two. Supermarkets are definitely the place to find bargain priced books!

Oh, and I picked up Pearl Harbor for £3 while I was there, too. Bargain! I've always loved that film.

For anyone who doesn't already know, Bicester Village is famed for being one of the best outlet villages in the UK, and can be found several miles north of Oxford, and about an hour away from London. They have a brilliant selection of designer shops; Jimmy Choo, Prada, Lulu Guinness, Ralph Lauren for instance, and a few more affordable brands like Cath Kidston, Guess, and L'Occitane. I rarely have the money to shop in most of the shops, but it has a great atmosphere for window shopping in the sunshine and I recommend it for anybody who loves their labels!

I hope you've enjoyed my little haul post.

Have you shopped at Bicester Village lately?

Have you shopped there at all?

Where do you head to for a bit of bargain outlet shopping?


  1. Oh those brooches are so cute - want to try and track me down a set of those!

    1. They really are. Why not see if the Bicester Village branch could send them out to you or your nearest shop if they don't have them?

  2. eeeekk!!! What bargains!!! I looooooovvveee the brooches!

    1. I know! So pleased with them all. The brooches are too cute!

  3. I love the brooches the squirell is my fav :) some great bargains there xx

    1. I can't decide if I prefer the fox or the squirrel best; love them both! xx

  4. I also loved those brooches so I'd love to track some down! I just wondered if you went in the Monsoon sale shop at all at Bicester? If so, did you happen to notice if they had any bridemaid style dresses (or plain prom dresses)- I really want to go and check out if they have any there but don't really want to trek all that way to find nothing! Hoping that's not cheeky to ask. No worries if you didn't go in or too busy to reply!

    1. They really are lovely. No, I'm afraid I didn't even spot a Monsoon shop there. Sorry! Why not give them a call- I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you either way!

  5. Hi,The 'armour buttons' (military uniform buttons) show the Cap Badge of the Duke of Wellington's (The West Riding) Regiment. The Lion crest is taken from the Duke of Wellington's armorial bearings (coat-of-arms) and 'West Riding' refers to the 'West Riding of Yorkshire'. Cath is from London, so I'm not sure why she chose the badge of an old Yorkshire based regiment. Maybe she just liked the badge?!


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