Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'm dreaming in red, just drifting away...

Would you believe I actually have an outfit post for you today? No, me neither, but it's true! Before we go in to, I'll give you the story behind today's outfit.
After an upsetting hospital appointment with the pain clinic yesterday, I left upset, and to clear my head my Mum and I had a wander (or in my painful state, waddle) around a couple of shops in a nearby town. We ended up wandering in to M&Co...
I hadn't been in an M&Co since I was eleven or twelve and I'd always presumed the shop was frumpy and aimed at ladies in their Autumn years. Of course some of the lines are, but I was surprised to find some really pretty patterned dresses, tunics, and tops. If your style is quite feminine, I would recommend having a browse next time you're in town. I was also surprised to see they have a plus size range with quite a large selection, and plenty of colourful, fitted, and patterned pieces!! I saw sizes up to a 28. My Mum left with a gorgeous colourful tunic, and she bought me a dress, and a top to cheer me up.
Introducing my lovely new red polka dot tea dress...
I was watching Titanic (again). My DVD player has just gone to gadget heaven, so I'm making do with connecting Dad's portable DVD player to the TV.

My brooch kept falling off. I've no idea why I was grinning here!
Ta-da! Another polka dot number. I seem to have a habit of finding polka dot pieces where ever I go! I can't help it, they're just so pretty! This dress was the last one in the store, in my size, and on sale for just £15 instead of the rrp of £40! I waddled over to the changing rooms and fell in love with it the moment I tried it on.
The dress has a red slip underneath and is made of chiffon. I guess the pattern could qualify as Dalmatian instead of polka dot, as the spots are different sizes and shapes. The waist is elasticated, but thankfully doesn't cause discomfort and regular adjusting. I love tea dresses- they're just so retro and feminine, and I feel great in this one. The cheerful red fabric definitely plays a part in that.
I'm really struggling today with the pain and very limited mobility, but I forced myself to dress to get myself out of the doldrums. It has helped my mood a little. My fringe currently falls over my eyes, so I used the straighteners to curl it to add some volume, and pinned it back in to a little quiff. It's not often that I'm seen without a fringe! Hello awful eyebrows!

The dress came with a skinny red belt, although it's a little too short, so I've worn it with my black patent Dorothy Perkins belt instead today.

Today's accessories...

The owl necklace is a new addition to my collection. My older sister bought me it back from Disney World, of all places, this week! I love owls!

I bought this vintage brooch from a brooch stall in Camden Lock Market a couple of Winters ago. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I fell in love with the green stones.

These adjustable rings were part of a set I bought in the ASOS summer sale.

I painted my nails with two purple Barry M colours on Monday, although it's started to chip off, so excuse the chipped nails.

Dress: M&Co
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: New Look
Brooch: Camden Lock Market
Rings: ASOS (part of a set)
Necklace: Gift from Sister, bought in Disney World, Florida
Nail Polishes: Barry M in 303 Bright Purple and 161 Vivid Purple
As well as the dress, I came home with an orange polka dot tunic, which I think I can get away with for Autumn. I also fell in love with a swan print top, but it was more than I couldn't afford.
I picked up a few new storage containers earlier this week for my dressing table, which you can see in the outfit photos, (I'll do a post on that soon) and I returned my furniture to it's previous state as I hated the layout. Fingers crossed I'll get mon pere to decorate the room soon.
Have you ever shopped at M&Co before? Do you like their clothes?
Are you a fan of tea dresses?



  1. I love this dress, it looks fab on you. I've been pleasantly surprised by M&Co the last few times I've popped in, they have some lovely stuff.

    So sorry to hear you're struggling, I hope you feel better soon xx

    1. Thanks Linz :). I was really surprised by all the pretty clothes.

      I'll be fine. Thanks hun xx

  2. I need a new tea dress, I'll have to check M&Co out because this looks so lovely on you. Love your nails too. xx

    1. I think this one was the last of the summer stock, but I hope you manage to track one down. Thanks Gem :) xx

  3. that looks so nice louise! :) it really suits you, and it's rare people can pull off red with red hair! i hope you feel better soon xxx

    1. Aw thanks Hannah. I wasn't sure if I could get away with red with my hair, but I decided I didn't really care because it was so nice. Thanks hun xx

  4. I love the dress it's fab you look amazing :) sorry your appointment wasn't good xx

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. I shouldn't have been that surprised, really. Most of the Doctors I've seen have been awful xx


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