Saturday, 29 September 2012

Friday Films: Autumn Favourites


I adore movies, and have built up quite a large collection of DVDs over the last decade, but there are particular movies I watch at particular times of the year without fail. Does anybody else do that? Are you like me and put on certain films in anticipation of a season or holiday?

 I watch summery feel good movies with mandatory beach scenes leading up to Summer; and festive flicks complete with generous amounts of snow and holiday chaos in preparation for Christmas. As for Autumn viewing, I like to curl up under a warm blanket as the night's draw in and watch something Autumnal, eerie, or one with copious amounts of dreary rain or fog. They make me feel cosy while the rain is lashing down outside and I'm as snug as a bug inside, cocooned within my oxblood quilt. You probably think that's crazy, but I've always had my seasonal favourites.

The above are the movies I tend to watch each Autumn. Some of them, such as Labyrinth and Hocus Pocus have been traditionally watched between my Sisters and I since we were kids, and I still enjoy them now! My childhood was a great one partly due to those two films. You probably think I have terrible taste in films, but I tend to like films others don't and have an eclectic collection.

 My all time favourite Autumn films are You've Got Mail (for New York in the fall, and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils), and Stepmom (because it's beautiful, so sad, features a lot of Autumnal shots... and it's set in New York); and Practical Magic (because I dream about dancing around a table at midnight in my pyjamas with a margarita in hand with long ginger hair like Nicole Kidman's was in that film. I had so much hair envy, as my hair never looked that good in all the years it was past my waist).

Have you seen any or all of the films on my list?

What films do you watch in the Autumn? Any recommendations?



  1. I've seen 4 or 5 of them I love snuggling up watching films when it's chilly xx

    1. You should give the ones you haven't seen a shot. It's one of the best things to do when it's cold! xx


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