Saturday, 21 July 2012

You could 'cause you can so you do...

With Autumn fast approaching, I'm suddenly conscious of giving all my lovely summer clothes lots of TLC before the weather and the colour palettes change. It makes me sad to think of all the gorgeous dresses that will have to remain untouched until Winter is through. I don't particularly want to stop wearing any of them, but deep down I know that the summer brights will just look out of place around all the teals, purples, wines, browns, and neutrals.

I do intend to wear as many of them as I can through Autumn and Winter by layering, though (being quite warm-blooded, my style only takes a few adjustments to be winter friendly); but in the meantime, I plan to give my existing dresses some love, and reacquaint myself with all the beauties I've bought over the last year or two. I intend to buy mainly A/W suitable pieces from now on. (We'll see how long that lasts! Ha ha!).

I'm thankful to have such a plentiful supply of dresses, and chose to wear another of my favourites today.

You've seen me in this navy and ivory flamingo dress before, but I don't think I've done a post with my face still in shot. Hello! Apologies for the awful shots; they were the best out of the bunch taken. I still haven't discovered what the issue is with my camera timer giving grainy results.

I bought the dress a couple of months back, and it's a dress I'm intending to make work all year round because I adore the print and the shape. This style of dress has to be my favourite; it's fitted on the waist and then flares in to this amazing full, A line skirt, which would probably fit several layered petticoats underneath with room to spare! The cardigan hides the fact it's a little big on top. Well, can't have everything, I guess!

The fabric is a warmer ivory than it appears in these photos, and has such a fabulous navy flamingo pattern all over. You know how much I love flamingo prints- if I could have this pattern on everything, I would!

I accessorized with a navy belt to break up the print. I buy most of my belts from Dorothy Perkins as they usually have a good selection of colours and patterns. They're inexpensive, but generally hard-wearing.

I stuck to a simple navy colour scheme today matching the cardigan, belt, and necklace to the flamingos.

I know the necklace is a bit much with the pattern, but I felt like wearing it, so I did! The squirrel is by Maggie Angus via ASOS, and arrived yesterday. Isn't he cute?!

The squirrel is my third Maggie Angus necklace (in about as many weeks). It might actually be my favourite out of the three, but I can't quite decide! I love the star detail; it's such a nice touch.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: New Look
Tights: Evans
Necklace: Maggie Angus via ASOS
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

I ended up taking the 100 denier tights off as the sun made a surprise comeback in the afternoon. I was beginning to forget what summer warmth felt like!

The last time I checked the dress was still in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and it's worth picking up in both colours if you come across them!

Do you get end of season clothing regret?



  1. Oooooh I love this version. Your necklace is awesome! I've so many dresses that've hardly been worn, I just hope we get a late summer.

    Looking good lady x

    1. Thank you so much Linz :). I'm in love with the squirrel. It looks like we're going to have a week of sunshine, so time to break out those sundresses! x

  2. i'm already getting end of season regret as i have so many summer dresses that really are summery and i won't be able to wear when it gets cold. the others i will put with tights and boots, but this year i need to get a decent coat that looks nice with dresses underneath as my pet peeve is dresses with a short jacket, it feels really messy-looking to me most of the time! also that maggie angus squirrel necklace is sooo cute i want! xxx

    1. I didn't think I'd be the only one. This summer has been such a let down. I'm going to layer mine up, too. I think a long coat is a must for dresses in the cold. I keep looking for the perfect mac or trench but have yet to find one I like. You should get the necklace. It comes in other colours, too, and they're in the ASOS sale xx

  3. I love this outfit you look great and how cute it the squirell ?! Xx

    1. Aw thank you Rachel :). The squirrel is awesome! xx

  4. Woah I feel like such a traitor, I'm counting the days to September so I can be myself again and put on the faux fur and opaque tights^^ In fact, I bought myself a faux fur hat today!

    You know, if you like these dresses, and they make you happy, I would just wear them during fall/on milder winter days, too, even if it's just at home. I do that with shoes all the time, and if I'm like going to the mall or visiting a friend at home, heck, I'll wear peep toes in the winter (with some back up boots for safety in the car, of course). Do what makes you happy sweetie!
    This ensemble definitely works for fall, too, red+white+blue is timeless and not limited to one season, and with a cardi and tights it's defnitely not too summery imo. You look super cute in it, too, and I love these colors with your hair :3

    I also like that you use the Semicolon, you don't see that too often these days :)

    1. I prefer the long sunny days and the sunshine, but I feel so much more comfortable when it's cooler. I can't win. I do love getting all cosy in gloves and scarves in the winter, though.

      I'm intending on wearing as many of them as I can! It's not like my style is high fashion, anyway. I have been known to wear summer maxis around the house in Winter. Wearing peep toes in Winter is acceptable, and may I say couragous!

      I agree; I think this colour scheme is fail safe all year round. Thank you hun :)

      Haha! I like to think I know how to write properly, but I'm not fooling anyone! ;)


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