Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"Pushed as far as I can go"

Hey guys,

I intended to put this post together yesterday, but an appointment with my physiotherapist left me mentally and physically drained.

It wasn't a positive experience, and I left feeling judged, patronised, and frustrated, wishing somebody professional could know exactly what I'm going through. It's easy for Doctors and specialists to think they know best, and to tell someone to work through the pain and send them on their merry way, but they only see what's on the surface. I might look fine on the surface some of the time, but they can't feel the pain I struggle with every day and how difficult it is to work through it. And I think if the roles were reversed, they wouldn't be so quick to judge.

 It took eight long months to get any form of help or guidance, yet I've been made to feel like my situation, my limitations, are my own fault (in the two months/three sessions I've had with the physio). The NHS needs to spend less time judging, and more time understanding how long waiting lists can affect a patient's health. I understand it, I've been patient and positive through every hurdle, I've gone on as best I could. I just don't enjoy being lectured for my limitations that four GPs brushed under the rug for eight months. 

I agreed to be referred for six sessions of hydrotherapy, partly to prove I'm not being difficult. I guess we'll see if that brings any relief or improvement.  I feel better for getting that all off my chest, and I'm grateful for your patience with me. Sorry for ranting!

Now, on to yesterday's OOTD...

I wore this to physiotherapy yesterday, and managed to take photos on my return before I crawled back in to bed.

Outfits for physio need to be comfortable and modest, (nobody wants an eyeful when I'm stretching my legs in the air- for physio exercises, I'm sure you'll understand). Most of my clothes are a bit too dressy for hospital visits, but I came up with this little outfit. The denim dress is very comfortable. I bought it last summer and wore it endlessly for the rest of the year. It has ruched detail to the waist, ties at the back, and has mother-of-pearl buttons to the chest, which I love. It's a little large on the bust on me, but you can't really tell so it doesn't bother me.

I added leggings for comfort and modesty and the crochet cardigan to cover up the arms. I dressed it with my blue ballet flats; pansy cross body bag (because it's new, and I wanted to use it); my Maggie Angus bear necklace; a black flower ring, and a pearl bracelet. It's a bit of a mash up, but I don't really care.

The little things...

I love the mixture of textures here.

The bracelet has a mother-of-pearl sheen to it's 'petals'.

Does anyone love mother-of-pearl buttons as much as I do?

I'm back to short nails again (sob!). I caught four nails at the quick recently, so I had to cut them all down for my hospital visit. I tried to make them look pretty with a few coats of polish. I'm currently in love with this Barry M Racing Green shade which is a dark blackish-green.

The ring is new and arrived on Monday. It's part of a set of four that I bought in the sale from ASOS.

And, this is the bag I chose to use. It's a lovely casual day bag. A good in-betweeny size, not too big or too small, and also quite light-weight.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: Lovedrobe @ New Look
Leggings: New Look
Ballet pumps: New Look
Ring: ASOS
Necklace: Maggie Angus
Bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Accessorize
Nail Polish: Barry M Racing Green

Well, that was the outfit. I also have a few other things to share with you...

These rings were sold together in a set. Each ring is adjustable, so can fit my fingers- yay! I bought them in the ASOS sale last week for just £6.00 down from £12.00! Talk about a bargain. They're still available and can be bought here. I can't decide which one is my favourite.

My freckles and skin aren't really this dark! I used a filter here to make the rings stand out better, and in doing so I've given myself odd looking skin.

I popped in to the supermarket while I was out and bought some magazines to cheer myself up again. I got Grazia, Look, Marie Claire, and Glamour.

Glamour comes with a free balance Me. daily essentials product.  Mine came with a 20ml  balancing face moisturiser for normal to combination skin. After discovering a 50ml tube of the product retails at £24.00 online, this seems like a generous sample! According to the packaging, it's 99% natural, suitable for sensitive skin, and made in the UK. I've yet to try it. You can buy and find out more about it here.

This month's Marie Claire comes with a free full sized Avon Mascara. I picked up the SuperCurlacious Mascara (black) which retails online for £8.50 and is currently on offer for £5.00 here. Marie Claire complete with a free mascara will cost you just £3.70. I know which option I would pick!

I used to love buying make up from the Avon book in my teens, but I'll admit I haven't used any of their products in my twenties. I'm interested to see if the product lives up to Avon's claims! This is how the mascara is described on the website: "Fast-drying, lightweight mascara gives lashes a full, seductive curve for up to 12 hours without stiffness, smudging, flaking or clumps". Challenge accepted!

And finally, while I was in Tesco I discovered some rare treats. I used to get Mikado sticks while on holiday in France, and have been very nostalgic for those days, so I was excited to find these. The hazelnut ones are to die for, but I've never tried the Daim/Dime bar flavour before. I haven't had a Wispa Gold since my teens when they were first around. I'm easily pleased!

Well, that's me done for now. I hope you didn't mind this long, photo heavy post and the rant it started with. I'll return soon with something lighter.

Thanks for reading,



  1. sorry you've been having NHS troubles i can sympathise been going through similar trying to get my hearing fixed.

    love the outfit and the accessories, keep the photos i love photo heavy posts, think its because i'm nosy.

    PS i love your bedding x

    1. Thanks Stefi. It was more her attitude towards my limitations that bothered me. I understand there are waiting lists. I hope you get some help soon.

      Thank you so much! I'll try to keep the posts photo heavy then!

      Thanks; it came from Next x

  2. We have a public health system here in New Zealand as well, which can result in very long waiting lists. So I can sympathise, I was on a waiting list for surgery for about 6 months - it was a surgery I BADLY needed, I felt like I couldn't function until I had it. So I totally get it - hang in there, I hope you'll start to feel better soon.

    I love all your accessories - and I like looking at lots of pretty pictures:D

    1. Although waiting lists are frustrating, I do understand that there are so many others in need of help and I have been patient; but I didn't appreciate her attitude to my limitations as a result of it. That must have been so awful for you to wait so long for surgery. It's shocking. I really sympathise with you for that. It really does change your whole life being in pain or ill and just waiting. Thanks hun; I'll be alright; I was just rather frustrated from the session.

      Thank you :D and thanks again for commenting :D

  3. sorry your appointment didn't go as well as you hoped :( big hugs your looking lovely as usual xx

    1. Thanks Rachel for being so lovely as usual. These meetings just make me want to bash my head against a brick wall, but I'm fine. Thanks for the hugs xx

  4. poor you, its awful you are not getting the support you need, you looked fabulous for the appointment though, i adore denim dresses, also great loot x

    1. It's just frustrating that they don't understand, but I'm alright. Aw thanks Maria, I couldn't stand going in looking a mess x

  5. :(((
    This makes me sadface.
    But hey, at least you looked cute? I especially like your accessories, as always, but the dress is also nice... I've been thinking about getting a denim dress, too, they seem like a cute idea and you can dress them up or down - I think I really need to find one now, you look so cute in yours! :)

    1. Turn that frown upside down; I'm fine!
      Aw thank you! I love this dress so much I keep kicking myself for not picking up the lightwash denim one too. I find denim dresses so versatile because you can wear them all year and with almost anything. I think you'd totally rock one!

  6. Oh lady, so sorry to hear you went through this. I really hope the hydrotheraphy helps.

    Love the outfit though, I'm eyeing up a denim dress in New Look at the moment (but still trying not to spend money!!).


  7. I'm sorry you have had such a rubbish time with the NHS- Im training as a nurse so get where your coming from completely. Its always "you dont LOOK ill" or " it cvant hurt that much" its really upsetting as a nurse trying to act as the patients adovccate.
    Also as a patient Ive had a rubbish time.
    Hydrotherapy is AMAZING apparently- really helpful. So I hope you see some improvement
    love your blue dress

    1. p.s. thank you for the comment on my blog- France do seem to loive strong drinks. Itss propably because they drink so few they make them stronger

    2. That's just life, I guess. I understand that so many people need help besides me, and hope that little old ladies in a similar situation are getting the help I didn't, but I wish the GPs and physiotherapist had a better idea of what I'm going through. My sister is a student nurse and it frustrates her that she can't help me. I'm sure it's reasuring for the patient to have somebody like you there for them! And I know how hard you all work and how much you want to help people- I think I've just been unlucky. I just think many proffessionals don't understand how bad pain can actually be- I never thought it could be this intense until it happened to me. I'm keeping an open mind for the hydrotherapy. I really hope it helps. Thanks Jodie :) x

    3. You're welcome! I keep reminiscing about being in the French sunshine. Your pictures have helped! Lol. I don't know; from what I saw they drink a fair bit! x


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