Sunday, 8 July 2012

Maggie Angus jewellery...

I wanted to share a range that I've recently discovered.

First things first: I've not been asked or sponsored to do this post. I've put together this post because I've fallen in love with this range of accessories, and until I stumbled across a few pieces while window shopping on ASOS the other day, I'd never heard of the brand before. I've never seen anybody wearing these accessories, and I think that's a shame because they're so cute!

The range is British and hand made from acrylic "with an ounce of glamour and a good dollop of mischief". You can read more about them here.

Introducing Maggie Angus' range of accessories...

I was looking for quirky pieces in the ASOS sale, and let out
a squeal when the Ursula Bear necklace scrolled in to view. I've long been a fan of kooky accessories and animals on clothes and accessories, and the bear was no exception. I quickly purchased the necklace in black on sale for just £10.50 (it was originally £24.99). I also loved the squirrel necklace, and began to wonder if there were more designs available in the cyber world. A quick google search revealed the website to me, and I was met with pages and pages of amazing designs. These collages show just some of my favourites.

I allowed myself to buy another piece, and immediately knew it had to be the Wild Wolf necklace. It was also discounted, from £24.99 to £15.00. I personally think it's gorgeous and can't wait to receive my purchases. If the accessories are as lovely as they appear, I'll be buying other pieces in the near future.

You can find the Maggie Angus shop here, and there are still a select range available through ASOS. Maggie Angus also have their own blog.

Have you heard of Maggie Angus before? Do you already own any of their jewellery? Which is your favourite piece?



  1. ohh my god! those are so cute! <3 want!

    louise, check out my latest blog post (the £100 asos giveaway challenge) i think you would rock it and i'd love to see your picks :D xxx

    1. They really are!

      Thanks for thinking of me! I checked out your post, and the original blog, and will put together something! xx

  2. I love the seahorse necklace, too cute!


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