Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's Summer Outside!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts these last few days. It's been so hot here in England this week (here in the South it's been a scorching 30 degrees), and all I've wanted to do is lie under my fan and not move until it cools down again. It's either that or take up residence in the shower and send out change of address cards.

Being extrememly pale (and getting paler by the day), and quite warm-blooded, I've never been one to cope well in the heat, but I'm so acclimitized to life indoors now that I could barely breathe through the humidity when I took a quick trip to the shop yesterday. In a car.  Half a mile down the road.

I think this heat is only pleasant if you're on holiday, and/or have access to a pool, the sea, or air conditioning. Otherwise the result isn't pretty! Hence the lack of OOTD posts. I've just been lounging around in sun dresses spraying myself with Magicool and adding lots of ice to my drinks.

My hair was still damp from the shower, and pinned back with a couple of Cath Kidston hair slides to hide the kinks of natural dried hair.  Sorry for the pasty face; it was far too hot to bother putting make up on!

The nail polish is actually more of a cornflower/violet blue. The camera hasn't picked up the right shade.

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Lovedrobe @ New Look
Bangles: New Look (I think; I've had them for years)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Nail Polish: Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine in Bleu Fabuleux

I don't like wearing many accessories when it's as hot as it is at the moment, but I added the belt and cardigan for the photos to make the outfit a little more interesting and to hide my arms. This is how I would wear this dress if I was going outside. I won't lie; I have just been lying around in the dress with the bangles on.

The dress was an impulsive sale bargain buy which I snapped up for about £7-8 last Summer. I tend to wear it lounging around the house on very hot days like today as it's light and airy. I've had the bangles for many years, but still like wearing them each Summer.

I really wish I was lounging on a beach right now, or more accurately, body-boarding in the sea with the sun on my skin.

Although, as heavenly as lying on a beach in the heat sounds, I heard a lady died yesterday after a landslide brought tons of rocky cliff down; which was believed to be due to months of heavy rain, or so the news report said. It's so sad that such a blissful trip to the seaside could end so tragically. May she rest in peace.

I guess we all think we're indestructable. We never think our time may be cut short, or harm will ever come to us or our friends and family, but it can. Bad things really do happen when we least expect them and in the unlikeliest of situations. I know this is a cliche, but we all need to live each day to the full, do the things we want to do, and be around people who make us happy. It's taken twenty-seven years and a back injury for me to figure that out, but it really is true...

Makes you think, huh?



  1. Ehehe, first you didn't like the rain, now you don't like the heat... the meteorological Goldilocks ^-^
    Seriously though, how do you manage to wear a dress inside when it's so hot? I usually only wear underwear once it's 30°C+! (No, I don't live alone. NO REGRETS.)

    Anyway, you look so adorable once again... I must say, your hair really is a great accessory, I like how it works with your different outfits.
    The colors are perfect for summer together btw!

    And I also really like your statement at the end, and agree wholeheartedly, as you know :)

    1. No, actually I like the rain. I like ths sunshine, too, but this week was something else! It was suffocating! I managed to wear this dress because it's super thin and light cotton! There are few others cool enough to wear in the hear!

      Thanks Nita. :) My hair is a mess, seriously needs a cut and colour.


  2. Looking lovely I hate warm weather esp when I have to work I get so warm! Enjoy your fan xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. I hated working in the heat. It was ridiculously hot. Haha thanks! xx

  3. ahh the 'indoor frock' perfect for house lounging - invaluable in the heat, (mine is a polka dot number)your is so pretty - agree with you, life can change in the blink of an eye and if we reach a ripe old age, we shouldn't want to regret a thing so have fun, be nice, wear the outfits you love and make sure the people you love know that you love them x

    1. I think we all have one! Thanks Maria. I agree with that completely! x

  4. Love this dress on you. Looks perfect for the heat! Totally agree with your statement at the end. Life is definitely for living x

    1. Thanks Linz! It was- thin and airy. Definitely! We're all guilty of taking it for granted, but we should be living! x


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