Monday, 16 July 2012

Maggie Angus Wolf Necklace Review

I recently discovered Maggie Angus jewellery during a serendipitous browse of ASOS's accessory selection.

A week or so ago I bought the lovely black bear necklace in the ASOS sale, and hopped on to Maggie Angus' website out of curiosity where I fell in love with everything, and just had to adopt the howling 'wild wolf' necklace, too.

I was excited to wake up to it's delivery on Saturday afternoon. It arrived five or six days later than the one I ordered from ASOS on the same day, but each piece is hand made, and really worth the wait.

The wolf was packaged in a little black box where it sat on a bed of felt howling to be let out. This handsome little guy is hand made from acrylic, and is mirrored on the front with little triangles cut out of it's neck. The chain it's fitted with is long and sits at chest length on me, which I'm pleased with as I don't like necklaces to be too short. I gave him a home for the reasonable sum of £15 on sale (originally £24.99, I believe)- not bad for a hand made piece. P&P was very reasonable,too, at just a few pounds. 

Isn't he gorgeous?

I've always loved wolves, but have never come across a wolf necklace before, so I'm really pleased to have found this beauty, and very happy with my purchase and shopping experience overall.

After the success of the wolf and bear necklaces, it didn't take me long to spend the refund from the pansy clutch on another Maggie Angus piece yesterday. I decided to go for the squirrel necklace in navy which is in the ASOS sale for £15.00 (rrp £24.99).

I spent my remaining £3.00 on a planets and stars friendship bracelet that was originally £8.00. It's an ASOS piece, but I thought I'd include it with this post anyway..

I'm loving the stars and planets attached to it!

I'm so satisfied with the range so far that I intend to shop from them again in the future. They've definitely made a fan out of me!

When I looked on their website yesterday, I found the beautiful pieces above, which weren't there last week. I especially love the dolly necklaces and bracelets which come in  black, gold, and red, and the 'Hickory Dickory' necklace (mouse and clock top left).

I can't decide which piece I love more!

Which is your favourite?

Which lesser known jewellery brands are you known for buying from?


  1. Love the mouse and clock necklace xx

    1. It's one of my favourites, too :) xx

  2. thank you for the blog comment- the la rochelle area was so incredibly beeautiful and relaxing, i really hope we can go back again next year

    1. You're welcome! I've been so nostalgic for the area recently so it was nice to read about it! I love all the sunflower fields there at this time of year; so pretty! I hope you can go back :) x

  3. You know I love all animals, but forest animals especially :)
    The mirrored detail and triangles make this even more special, and I haven't seen any wolf necklaces until now, either. Congrats on finding such a cute and unique piece! :)

    I'm putting the black necklace with the scissor and rocking horse on my mental wish list, maybe I'll get it if I have some money left over next month!

    1. I've always loved forest animals too, since the days of The Animals of Farthing Wood! Haha. Thank you lovely. I'm so pleased with it.

      I love that necklace! I think it would look lovely on you :)

  4. the jewellery is so cute, sweet and wearable - i think you will sooo look good wearing them, the mirror effect will be fabulous lighting for your face too x

    1. Thank you Maria. Haha- I think I'm pale enough without extra lighting! x

  5. i've nominated / awarded you with the The Liebster Blog Award, i've loved reading your blog over the past few days of discovering it and i'm looking forward to reading more.

    come and steal the award from my page

    1. Aw thank you so much Stefi. That's so sweet of you :).

      I'll pop over and check it out :).


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