Thursday, 5 July 2012

Go fish!

Deciding I valued the ability to breathe over a pretty tea dress,  I returned the lovely swan print Dorothy Perkins dress I showed you a couple of days ago, and after a little online browsing, I bought a dress from AX Paris instead.

I'd been admiring this fish print dress for some time, and when I discovered it had gone on sale, it didn't take me long to make it mine.

Although, I was worried that it wouldn't be a good dress for me; that the shape wouldn't suit me, and that it wouldn't be long enough (as I'm not comfortable with showing much thigh), but, as I love the print, I thought it was worth the risk.

And it was.

The dress was delivered this morning. I have to say AX Paris provide such fast and reasonably priced delivery compared to most. They charge £2.95 for standard delivery, and each time I've ordered from them, the parcel has arrived within two days. I wish every brand was so efficient!

I love the way the dress sits. I sized up to make sure that the zip sat properly and didn't want to 'gape'. The fabric is thinner than I was expecting; but it's so comfortable and soft, and glides nicely over my curves without clinging. I'm also happy with the length, as it's just about long enough for me to wear confidently, and the fish print makes me smile.

Fish print

Topshop studded slippers, and assorted beaded bracelets

I think this dress will be a fun one to dress up or down. Today I've worn it with black leggings; studded Topshop slippers; and a load of black beaded bracelets to give it a bit of an edge.

Dress: AX Paris
Leggings: New Look
Shoes: Topshop
Silver and black bracelets: Gift from a friend
Grey stone bracelet: Next, a gift from a friend
Assorted black beaded bracelets: Dorothy Perkins (part of a set)

I attempted to cut my own fringe last night, and didn't do a good of it. That's what happens when you've got poor eye sight and an unsteady hand, and attempt it at 2 in the morning. I never like to trim my own fringe, but have had to resort to it a few times as I've not been able to go to the hairdressers in nearly seven months. It's funny that I miss these little pleasures. I also miss wearing make up, so decided to apply a little eye liner and blusher today.

I managed to get my hands on a few magazines yesterday. I bought Look, In Style, and Cosmopolitan.

The July issue of In Style comes with a free mascara or two eye definers from The Body Shop. I went for the eye liners (which are in black and navy and retail at £16 together) as I already have so many mascaras. I'm wearing the black in today's photos.

The August issue of Cosmo has a free Missguided nail polish with it. I came home with the hot pink shade called Misstify (although each copy in the Coop had the same colour, so I didn't get to choose) and applied it to my toe nails last night. It's easy to work with, and the colour sets nicely.

The view from my bedroom window yesterday evening

Oh, and I hear through the grapevine that it's meant to be summer right now... but I don't think England got the message. It poured relentlessly yesterday evening. I haven't seen so much rain since 2007 when there were floods all across the country. (You can tell I'm English as I feel the need to chat about the weather). I actually love rain and listening to it drum against the windows. When it rains like this, I always want to go for a walk, and get soaked.

Surely I'm not the only one?



  1. Oooh there you are, I've missed you :)

    Good idea giving the outfit a bit of an edge, I think it goes really well with the dress. And I agree about the length, it's great on you :)
    Does it have pockets? Looks like it from the second picture... I love pockets ^-^

    1. Aw thank you Nita! I decided to make an effort to straighten my hair and put some make up so thought why not?!

      Well, I listened to your idea from the other week when I was contemplating buying it! It definitely works. Thank you hun :)

      Yes, it has big pockets on the hip. You can just about see my hand in one in the second photo. The dress is seriously comfy with the pockets!

  2. This dress is gorgeous on you and it's good to see your face :) I've never ordered from AX Paris before, I'll have to investigate.

    I know what you mean about this weather, so depressing! I want to emigrate when it's like this.

    Looking good lady xx

    1. I only love the rain when im cosy in bed, but I'm tiring of it now!

    2. Aw thank you so much Linz. I made an effort to sort my hair to take photos haha. There are some lovely clothes on there. You should definitely have a look. This dress was on sale, as are the polka dot dresses I've showed recently.

      I don't actually mind the rain, but I've never seen a summer with this much rain and would like the sunshine back. I keep daydreaming about being in boiling hot New York or on a beach...

      Thanks Linz :).

    3. I love the rain best when I'm curled up in bed with a book! We need the heat back now though!

  3. Such a cute frock and I love the fish pattern.

    Raining a lot her in nz too - but it IS winter, but that doesn't mean I'm not sick of it already!! Rain in summer really is not fair - I hope its not cold as well xoxo

    1. Thank you! I love the print and shape; it's so quirky.

      It would be nice if we all got sunshine all year round, wouldn't it? I've never seen so much here in summer before. Will be Winter here before we know it. It's by no means hot, but it's warm :)

  4. awww u look luuuvly dear! <3 love the fishie print ^^ so cute!
    have a great day!!! MMxoxo

    1. Aw thank you very much :). The print is amazing! Hope you have a lovely night, too :)

  5. Love the fish dress on you I love mine xx

    1. Thanks Rachel :). I'm in love with this dress; it's so comfortable, quirky AND flattering! You look amazing in yours, too :) xx

  6. Love the print in your dress, gorgeous.

    1. Thank you; it's really cute :)

  7. love the dress! you look so good in it - the british weather currently sucks- i agree - i also love getting wet in the rain, love it way too much! x

    1. Aw thank you so much Maria! Yeah it's miserable at the moment but I love it. x

  8. those studded slippers are amazing! xx


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